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Miss Grey's Anatomy [Submissive in Training #1] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Valentine Adams

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: To Get a Job She had to Learn to Submit! Valentine Adam's mesmerizing new serial gives a peak into the studies of young women at the Blue Leaf Academy where girls of a certain type are "finished" in a manner to be pleasing to wealthy gentlemen with discriminating, if somewhat kinky tastes. They desire their women to be submissive and yet informed, intelligent and beyond all else sexy. If they come pre-equipped with a few genetic kinks, then all the better. Miss Grey, or Charli as she is known, is from good stock but, owing to a rascal of a father, with little or no future until Ezra Dove IV is kind enough to make her an offer that is difficult if not down right impossible to refuse. Learn to be a kept women and in exchange, she is guaranteed employment for a five year contract with a great golden parachute at its completion. But first, she must be trained to accommodate every little perversion needed to make a gentleman of means happy. And the best part of this story is that it doesn't end with Charli. The very successful Blue Leaf Academy is host to many young ladies on their way to similar situations.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2009

25 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


Being a very good student in high school didn't help much because my mom didn't have the money to send me to college. Even though Mom had come from a rich family, she was disowned for marrying my dad. And that sorry bastard ran off before I was born. That sure did give the grandparents all the proof they wanted that what they had done to Mom was justified.

She only had a little trust fund that her granddad had left her, but that didn't last long and her parents told her that she would never get anything from them. Within weeks, Dad got her pregnant and to add insult to injury, he took what was left of the inheritance money and booked. I never saw him. You'd think that I'd hate men, but I don't. Neither did my Mom and she was the one who really got dumped on. She always said that he was just immature and didn't mean any harm.

Mom died two years ago. I should feel guilty about it, but I don't even miss her. I never really felt like I needed her after I turned about seven or eight. In fact, I most often felt that I was more mature than she was. And I've been taking care of myself for a long time.

I started working in my sophomore year of high school and have always managed on my own. I've bought my own clothes and earned my own spending money. I've worked as a car washer, a waitress, a short order cook and a sales clerk. There has never been any thought in my mind about something being below me or about anyone owing me anything. My first priority is survival. And there's no shame in doing whatever it takes to survive.

In spite of my past, I like men. I've known a lot of dirty old men, but some alright ones as well. I've come to realize, I prefer men who are a lot older than me, like forty plus. I'm only just legal now and still some of the things I enjoy aren't legal in many places, and some not any place at all.

Last spring while I was waiting tables at a resort in the Poconos, I met this old man, Charleston Dove. Well ... I guess he isn't all that old. I mean his hair isn't white or anything like that. He's maybe, forty-two or three or maybe even five. Mr. Dove stayed at the inn for almost two weeks. He'd had some sort of surgery and was relaxing as he recovered.

I noticed the way he dressed and the gold bracelet he wore along with two expensive rings. That and the prices at the inn told me he had some serious money. I mean, that place gets as much as five hundred a night for a room. So I made good and sure that he had no desire that wasn't answered in seconds or at worst minutes. I was playing for a huge tip. And I guess that what I did get was a tip of sorts.

He offered me a job. With nothing holding me anchored to any place, I went to work for him right away. He is an incredibly kind man who has spent a great deal of time talking with me about my likes and dislikes and what I wanted to do with my life. He asked so many questions about things I'd never thought about. It was the cause of my spending many hours thinking about those things that were important to me.

Then one day, just a few weeks ago, he offered me a deal to return to school. He explained that the school to which he was willing to send me was geared to young women who wanted to learn to be lady companions to gentlemen. My immediate thought was that he might be the gentleman in question. But it doesn't matter because that would be okay with me. He has always treated me with respect, never even made a pass at me. But it seems that the major reason a gentleman would want a lady is for sex. I don't know how sex would be with him, but I'd be willing to try. He is very handsome for his age. He also has a lot of money.

We were living at his very nice estate in western Connecticut. I had lived there for several months when he told me about this school. I could hardly stand it and I made no attempt to cover up the way I felt. I'd wanted to go to some kind of school every since I finished high school. And this seemed like the perfect opportunity. He said that he would pay all the expenses for school.

"So what's the catch?"

"Charli, you're a smart young woman. And that was the perfect question. You understand that there is always a cost. Nothing in life is free. And that is true of this offer as well."

He settled back in his overstuffed oxblood leather armchair and crossed his left leg over the right, resting the left ankle on the right knee. He looked squarely into my eyes and didn't flinch as he told me exactly what he wanted in exchange.

"In addition to providing you with all your school expenses, the program is about two years. I will furnish your wardrobe, accessories, a spending allowance and anything else you will require to complete your studies there. Upon satisfactory completion of the course of study, I will both provide and require employment for you for a period of five years. This will be done through a contract that will be signed before you begin classes. The contract will include very specific expectations of your responsibilities and a specific salary and terms of your employment. At the expiration of the first term of the contract, there is a possibility that we will negotiate a second term or we may agree to terminate. Either way, you will be provided for with a handsome retirement plan at the termination of services. During the time you're in school, you will visit here a total of four times and upon graduation, you will live here as a primary home."

"So what are the terms of this contract?"

"Well, that's what you and I have to decide. Would you like to pursue that now?"

"Sure. Why not."

"Then this is what I will offer to you."

From his inside jacket pocket, he with drew a business-sized envelope. I saw as he handed it to me that it was sealed and rather fat with pages inside. I slipped a finger under the edge of the flap and slid it across the top, bursting the paper open there. From inside, I pulled several sheets of printed paper. Once I had them jogged together so that they were straight, I started to read.

"I Charleston Ezra Dove IV, hereinafter referred to as "The Master" do hereby offer to you Charlotte Abigail Grey, hereinafter referred to as "the subject," a full scholarship. This scholarship is to cover all tuition and any other related charges for the complete program of study at Blue Leaf Conservatory for the session beginning August 6 of this year. The program is intended to be a finishing program for a Gentleman's lady. Upon satisfactory completion of the term of study, the subject will enter the employ of The Master for a period of 1,826 days, twenty-four hours per day, providing any and all services demanded, requested or otherwise required by The Master. The Master, by virtue of this contract, is granted the freedom to punish the subject for any infraction of the rules set forth by The Master.

In compensation for this employment, the subject will be provided health and dental care, clothing, meals, entertainment, transportation, housing and other necessities and rewards. A salary of $18,000 per year during employment will be paid on a monthly basis in equal $1,500 installments. At the end of the term of this contract, the subject will be allowed to take with her any and all items provided for her use over the term of the contract, including jewelry, automobiles, clothing and personal items. She will also be provided with a $1,000,000 mutual funded trust, the earnings from which will be paid to the subject on a monthly basis for the rest of her natural life. Should an extension of this offer be made at the end of the initial contract period, the terms can be no less than those included here."

As I finished reading it for the second time, I finally understood that what I had thought the first time through was exactly what the offer amounted too. He was basically sending me to a finishing school to learn to be a slave and then he was offering me a contract to be his slave for five years. So what was my take going to be? I mean, at twenty-one and a few days, I'd never even considered where I might be in even one year. But, if I took his offer, I'd know what the next seven years would be like. And I had to admit that I'd never earned $18,000 in any one year so far. I know it's not all that much money, but consider that I'd be living on the estate and eating the same food he eats and probably traveling and I would get medical and dental and clothes and room and board and still get the eighteen thousand. But the real clincher was that million-dollar trust fund at the end. And if I understood it correctly and I was pretty sure I did, if the contract was extended another five years, I'd get at least two million in the trust fund. And where else did I have to turn? And to whom? I had no family. I really didn't even have any friends. Seemed like a dream deal to me.

I'd also been living here for several months and everything had been going along smoothly. I know it was a big house and there didn't seem to be much help here. I'd thought that was kind of strange. The gardener didn't speak English and never came to the main house, let alone inside it. There was a cook, but she never came out of the kitchen. And one maid did everything else. And she was almost never visible. I figured he just valued his privacy.

"Look Mr. Dove, I'm not well educated and you are. This seems like an incredible deal to me. What would you advise me to do?"

"You trust me that much? Even after what your dad did to your mom? I'm truly flattered. I hope you will take the deal. I'll promise that I'll never cause you any permanent harm. I will care for you. But you must understand that the very purpose of this contract is that it will allow me to take advantage of you, to use you. You do understand that I hope."

"I know that it means seven years of commitment and that for practical purposes, I'll be your sex slave for five years. I'm not so worried about that I guess. I mean you're handsome. And you've been very kind to me."

"I might not always be so kind to you. The contract does allow me to punish you."

"Well, I guess I should learn to follow the rules."

"But sometimes ... punishing you will be for pleasure. Do you understand?"

I thought about that for a minute or two.

"I think so. I mean, I dated this guy when I was only seventeen. He always wanted to handcuff my hands behind my back and make out. I let him. It wasn't bad. In fact, I kinda got off on it."

"Then I think we see eye to eye. I like handcuffs too. And rope and other things of that sort."

I'd heard all of that, but still I couldn't see any downside. So I nodded my answer.

"Where do I sign?"

And the rest, as they say, is history, but maybe not just yet. You'll want to hear the story as it develops. So stay with me and I'll do my best to recall all the juicy bits.

* * * *

Let me give you my first impression of the place where I'm attending school. Are you ready? It's really simple. Holy Shit! I've never seen anything like it. No description is ever going to be enough to give the real impact of the place the first time you see it. Words like grand and enormous and elegant don't even come close. If you take your shoes off because of respect and to keep the carpets clean, then with this place, you should be naked before you go in. Even the name is powerful; Blue Leaf Conservatory.

When we arrived, that's right, he brought me as if I were entering kindergarten, I waited in the ... I'm not even sure what to call it. I guess from its location, it must be the entrance hall, or may even lobby is correct. Mr. Dove went to take care of the business part of it as he said. While I waited, I found some entertainment in a brochure lying on a mahogany table near my seat. Here's what it said:

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