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Knave [MultiFormat]
eBook by Piers Anthony

eBook Category: Erotica
eBook Description: Jack, an innocent college man on summer break, answers an ad for a Knave. Little does he realize that this means amazing erotic "interviews" by the four Queens of playing cards, or that the position of Knave means sex of a kind he never imagined. Jack's first interview is with the Queen of Clubs, on her golf links of course, with sexual use of golf balls. The other Queens have other ideas. But they all warn him that the Queen of Hearts will be a greater challenge. And she is.

eBook Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2009

13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Jack stared at the ad. All it said was KNAVE WANTED, with a picture of the Queen of Hearts card and a phone number. She was stylized, with a lovely face and ornate robe merging into the inverted image below.

But when he moved his head, the image shifted, and the queen's nether section manifested. The robe was cinched at the waist to show off her silhouette, which was phenomenal. She would make an hourglass clog its sand in shame.

He refocused, and lo, it was a three dimensional image with a different scene beneath. The queen was nude. She was even more breathtaking that way, perfectly formed, her glorious red hair descending almost to her luscious breasts, her waist slender, her hips tantalizingly rounded. In fact she was the most beautiful woman Jack had ever seen or even imagined.

In another moment he saw her gentle breathing, which enhanced her marvelous, full breasts further. She looked at him, smiled, and made a subtle beckoning gesture.

Jack blinked, and suddenly the ad was back to the original stylized card, clothed and still. He must have imagined it or suffered spot eye fatigue from staring. Three dimensional pictures existed, and ones with several spot variations, but this was beyond that. Her gaze had met his.

Well, it was enough to verify. He refocused and saw the wasp-waisted figure. Then the nude.

She caught his gaze and mouthed a word. "Come."

Jack shut his eyes, and the picture reverted again. Was he losing his mind? Jack was twenty, in good health, two years in college with the summer break starting, no specific future yet in mind, and horny as hell. To that extent, normal. But his face was politely described as homely, and he was no athlete, so his romantic life was nil. He was probably letting his rampant hormones affect his vision in a wish-fulfilling manner. No real woman of such splendor would give him a second look, let alone desire him. He was fantasying about a playing card.

Maybe he should just enjoy it. What else offered, after all?

He focused again, and got the nude Queen of Hearts. This time she spread her arms and made an impassioned kissing gesture. "I want you," she mouthed. And was gone again as he reacted.

"I'm a fool," he told himself. He dialed the number.

It was of course a mechanized application form, establishing his name, age, health, marital status, availability and so on. He gave the information, curious just what position they were offering. What did a knave do, aside from being next down in the deck from the queen? Why couldn't they draw a card that fit the role? And why did they run the ad with such a luscious creature?

This was suspicious. There were a thousand reasons to be wary of such an oblique come-on. Maybe it was a trap, setting him up for identity theft. Good luck on that; he had no bank account to swindle, no identity worth stealing. Still, he should break off the contact, lest they be out for something more devious, like live body parts.

"Your application has been cleared," the phone voice said. "Your boarding pass is awaiting you at Gate Four. Five-thirty-one flight. Be prompt. Travel light. Your needs will be provided."

Huh? "But I haven't even--"

He stopped, because the connection was dead.

He looked at the ad again. The queen met his gaze and gave a slow nod. She expected to see him soon in person.

Maybe it was a trap. But it would have been easier to mug him in an alley. Why go to this much trouble, for so indifferent a prospect? And that Queen of Hearts--he was already smitten with her. Just thinking of her made him stiff. He had to find out, even if it was destined to be a severe disappointment. It wasn't as if he had anything better to do this summer.

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