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365 Affirmations for Hopeful Living [Secure eReader]
eBook by Patricia D. Brown

eBook Category: Spiritual/Religion
eBook Description: Daily meditations that offer comfort and spiritual guidance for those who seek God's healing presence. Each uplifting message begins with Scripture and ends with an affirmation for reflection and prayer, encouraging deep self-examination on topics such as relationships, courage, trust, self-acceptance, fear, change, and love.

eBook Publisher: United Methodist Publishing House/Abingdon Press, Published: 2002
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2002

1 Reader Ratings:
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Affirmations for hopeful living are a personal "YES! NOW!" to God's movement in our lives. They are powerful, positive statements that declare how we want to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. When we allow ourselves to say "YES!" to the work of the Holy Spirit, we then are able to change and move on. Whatever our circumstance, we all are in need of God's grace. God's grace, and our efforts to acknowledge and employ that grace, are what affirmations are all about.

As we read or write affirmations, we establish a dialogue with self, God, and others. We ask, "What is it that is emerging from within me?" We search our lifelong dreams, our intuitions, and our deepest desires to build affirmations about our lives as disciples. Through these emerging affirmations we go to God with a new attitude of prayer. We are ready to listen and act. We are open in new ways to God's purposeful work in our lives.

This book is written for those who want to replace their critical inner dialogue and prayer with positive, life-giving language. The messages we give ourselves and the conversations we pray are crucial in determining our attitude, outlook, behavior, and path. There are parts of ourselves we dislike. We can begin to change those parts by conversing, praying, and living in new ways. There are other parts of ourselves we'd like to enhance. These, too, need to be lifted up in prayer and presented to God, who will strengthen us and use our gifts. Setting aside time each day to form images of ourselves behaving as Christian disciples is an important beginning.

Using affirmations as guides, we pray to change old messages and reverse patterns that no longer fit as we accept God's unconditional love and forgiveness. Along with our love for God and neighbor, we also seek to love ourselves. This love of self is not to be mistaken as narcissistic or selfish. Instead, it is a genuine concern for ourselves which enables us to extend our love to God and others. We begin to draw a new self-portrait revealing a member of God's community who is healthy, whole, and Christ-centered.

Here are a few practical guidelines for using the affirmations in this book:

  • Remember that affirmations are communicated in the present tense. They are positive statements written and spoken in the first person singular. Never say "I can" but "I am."
  • If you are not already part of a Christian community, seek a fellowship of believers in which you can share when appropriate. A Christian community provides you with a place for support and reflection as you work to put your affirmations into action. Remember, no one grows in isolation.
  • To use these affirmations effectively, read each message aloud. You may need to repeat it several times. Reflect on its meaning and then form it into a prayer. Beware of negative thoughts which try to take over or statements which negate your value, worth, or esteem as a person of God.
  • Recognize that some affirmations will not catch your attention or seem to fit, because they are not relevant to your life now. Also, remember that no one affirmation can be complete in and of itself. Each touches only a small part of your total. Everything about your specific situation cannot be covered in one daily affirmation.
  • For use in Bible study or fellowship groups, choose one or more affirmations and read aloud to the entire group. Each person can then reflect on its meaning and how it speaks to her or his life. These are not to be sessions that dwell on the intense past of despair and pain. Instead, they are opportunities for sustaining power, new hope, and energy for the discipleship walk in community.

My hope is that this book will be a catalyst for all followers of Christ who are on the road of discipleship. May it be a new beginning for those who are called of God and ready to accept the peace, joy, and light offered in Jesus.

Copyright © 1992 by Patricia D. Brown

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