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Teaching Anne Victoria [Submissive in Training #3] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Valentine Adams

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: Tory wants to be a rebel, but her all too stuffed shirt British parents are driven by what she thinks are both pompous and unrealistic expectations. The young lady wants to experience life in all its seedy incarnations. And her curiosity about sex and men, and for that matter, women, is a consuming fantasy. So it is that Anne Victoria, British Virgin convinces her parents that a "finishing" school like Blue Leaf Academy is an idea place for her to find her future. Her parents put up the money without knowing just what their little girl is bargaining for. In this Episode 3 of Submissive in Training, sparks will fly for the star as she literally learns the ropes while becoming a kept woman.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2009

4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


DATE: August 6

DAY: Monday TIME: 1:20 pm

NAME: Anne Victoria Berkley-White AGE: 22 DOB: January 6


WEIGHT: 118 lbs.


HAIR COLOR: auburn

LOCATION WHERE THIS IS WRITTEN: This is being written in the library at the Academy. (Then later added to in my new room)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: I am small framed, with small hands and feet. I wear a size 5 shoe. My hair style is plain and is shoulder length and hangs around my face with bangs. I have been told most of my life that my face is pretty. I have nice white teeth and I smile a lot. My breasts are small, 32B and I have a very small waist, 22". My hips are 33". I have nicely shaped thighs, calves, and trim attractive ankles. My legs are my best feature. I have nice hands, but I bite my nails. I am very shy. I blush easily. I know that I am not very strong emotionally. I am too quiet. I am afraid of not being liked. I hate to be embarrassed. I don't like to talk about sex. I would like to be a little flamboyant. I am afraid of never finding a secure marriage. I am college educated. I have a BA degree in history. I know that this reads like a list, but I'm not comfortable with talking about me. I don't really believe anyone will be interested enough to read this anyway.

WEARING: When I arrived this morning for my entrance physical, I was wearing a light blue seersucker skirt, a white knit short sleeved cotton shirt, white bikini briefs, a white bra, and white ballet bow flats. The only jewelry I wear regularly is a gold watch with a black leather band, which I wore today also.

RE: MEN: In general, I don't feel very comfortable around men. I did not date much in high school or college. I have never known a man with whom I could talk. With regard to sex, I am not a virgin. I had a sexual affair with one man while in college, primarily so that I would not be a virgin at graduation. I found the experience both frightening and distasteful, but exciting in a perverse way. The young man with whom I had the liaison was not particularly good at the sex act. At least, not from my experience as compared with what I've heard other girls say. Strong men have never seemed to be interested in me, so the young man was, while not effeminate, not very masculine, or strong. I think that sex would be better with a strong man. I've never had an orgasm except by self stimulation.

RE: SEX: I think that, within reason, anything which two consenting adults desire to experiment with in regards to sexual gratification is acceptable. Excluded from the "within reason" category would be such acts as having sex with farm animals and the like.

GOALS: My primary goal in life is to be on my own away from my parents. My parents are very well-to-do. They have severe expectations of what a young lady of the proper background should be doing with her life. I would like to have a warm and passionate relationship with a strong man, which might hopefully lead to marriage and a family. It is my hope that I will learn to be more social and outgoing in the Academy program. I feel that I am a stuffed shirt at present, and I would like to learn to be more casual. I also want to be more attractive to stronger men. That is my first 90 day goal in the Academy.


(EMOTIONAL): I guess that I'm like a good many other people. My major emotional fear is being rejected. So often, I don't try because that's preferable to failure. I also don't want to be alone.

(PHYSICAL): I have a great fear of not being in control. And yet, I sometimes think that I want a relationship with a man who does all the controlling. I also have a fear of having my eyes covered. When I was a child, I would avoid going to my friends' birthday parties, because I didn't want to be put in the position of having to explain why I didn't want to play pin the tail on the donkey. It was simply that I feared being blindfolded.

DIARY: The physical was very thorough. I have passed with flying colors. The only thing negative about the physical is my weight. The doctor told me that I had to lose ten pounds. He said that I was two pounds over the maximum weight for my height and ten over my ideal! I was given one week to lose the two and sixty days to lose the ten. Until I am at ideal weight, I must be on a special diet and exercise program, and I must weigh every other day at the clinic. They didn't say what would happen if I didn't lose the weight. And I didn't have the courage to ask! I am to dine tonight at the welcoming dinner at 6:00 pm. I have been told that there are three new students (actually we are called candidates) entering the Academy today and there will be a fourth starting the entrance in the morning. She will also be at the dinner tonight. After dinner, we have orientation scheduled at 8:00. I have been told that we will have all our questions about the school answered then. I have been told how to dress for dinner. Actually that isn't true. I was just given the clothes in a suit box and told that "this is what you wear to dinner tonight." I could hardly wait until I got back to the dormitory room to have a look in the box. All of the clothes I brought with me except for what I am wearing (the same as I arrived in this morning) have been packed for shipping back home. I am told that I will get an entirely new wardrobe as part of the training here. I so hope that they don't expect us to wear a uniform. Of course, the dinner outfit they provided for me to wear tonight is anything but a uniform! It is a black unstructured silk dress with a cowl neckline and a small waist leading to a rather slim skirt which comes down just to the tops of my knees. The skirt is slit up the back to about mid thigh. The underwear is outrageously slinky. There is a black silk camisole with matching tap pants. There are very sheer black pantyhose. There is a pair of black suede pumps with 2 inch heels. They also included a yellow gold bracelet, a watch with a gold band which matches the bracelet and gold teardrop shaped earrings which clip on. (I was told today that my ears are to be pierced tomorrow afternoon.) My question at the moment is what I'm going to wear to the orientation. I don't know if we will have time to come back here to change. But I hardly think that the black dress with stockings and heels is appropriate for an orientation meeting. I could just have seen me dressed like that for a class in college!

Oh damn! It's a quarter of three and I have to be in the main building at 3:00 for room assignment. I have more to report, but it will have to wait until I return.

* * * *

Holy cow! I'm in my new room. As I said earlier, my parents are well-to-do, and I grew up in rather good style and surroundings, but this place is out of this world. In a word, opulent is almost adequate! It's larger than the living room in the house where I grew up. The walls are a very pale grey/mauve with white trim. The ceiling, which is at least twelve feet up, has beams about every four feet plus crown moldings all painted white. There is a sitting area with beautiful bookcases floor to ceiling and on either side of the fireplace which is in the center French doors open onto a terrace. In the sitting area there is a camel backed settee which is covered in striped silk of grey, plum and white stripes, dark wood tables, a pair of gray damask wing back chairs. Scattered about the room are cut lead crystal lamps with white silk shades, pairs of silver candlesticks covered by crystal hurricane chimneys, inside each is a plum colored candle. On a small chest between the wing chairs is a small silver matchbox and a silver snuffer. Under all this fine furniture is a matched pair Persian rugs that are mostly blues, plums and grays. In short, everything the well-heeled young mistress could require.

In the other end of the room, there is a queen sized bed with four massive carved posts that are at least seven feet tall, holding up a flat topped canopy frame which is covered by a mauve silk canopy. And of course there is a dressing room and bath worthy of a five star hotel. The mirrored doors, eight of them in all, that open to reveal four closets. One is filled with formal clothes, including a fur shawl and a waist length fur jacket. Another has sports clothes like jodhpurs, tennis dresses, and exercise clothing. On one side of this closet there are square storage cubes containing tennis shoes, riding boots and the like, as well as sweaters, leg warmers, you name it. In the third are what look like dress clothes one might wear in a professional environment. There are dresses, skirts, suits, blazers, blouses, and at one side, more of those small storage cubes holding sweaters and shirts. The fourth is filled with storage cubes and drawers. In the cubes are shoes. Thirty one pairs, flats in white, navy, red, periwinkle, teal, plum and taupe, relatively simple pumps with one to two inch heels in an array of colors bone, white, black, red, dark green, navy, royal blue, grey, purple, teal, pale pink, bright pink, taupe, periwinkle, and peach in suede, Kidd and patent. There has to be thousands of dollars worth here! I'll never be able to wear all of them on just two feet! In the drawers are belts, scarves, gloves (dress and cold weather, wrist and elbow length) in a variety of subtle colors, sashes, socks and stockings. (There are two dozen pairs of pantyhose and another dozen pairs of regular stockings! For someone who very seldom wears hose, and has never worn real stockings, these will last me for a decade!) While I'm on the clothes, let me say that the lingerie chest in the bedroom is filled with all sorts of elegant and sexy things like tap pants, full slips, camisoles, teddies, a dozen pairs of panties, and six garter belts (which I don't expect to use hell, I don't even know how!) but surprisingly only a few braziers. I've never had this much underwear in my life at one time and it's all new! As yet, I haven't found any casual clothes like jeans or even pants for that matter. I kind of wish I had kept some of the stuff I brought with me. The bath has electric heat in the tile floor! And just beside the door there is a closet filled with thick and soft towels. There are two huge white terry robes hanging on the towel warmer with a full set of towels. Yes, I did say a towel warmer!

I have to stop again. Its nearly 5:00 and I have to bathe and dress for dinner. I'm sort of excited about getting all dressed up for dinner. More later!

* * * *

It is 10:35, and I just got back from orientation. And I did go just as I was dressed for dinner. That "ain't" all either. One of the things I learned there is that there is a very strict dress code here. A major part of that code is that candidates have to dress in dresses almost all the time. In fact there are very strict rules about everything. I was given a handbook with all the rules, and there will be unannounced quizzes covering the rules and regulations. I must get to bed. Tomorrow starts early. We have breakfast from 6:30 until 7:30.

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