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Alexandria and Captivity [Submissive in Training #4] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Valentine Adams

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: Alexandria Morgan is selected during the Spring Showcase Ball by a French Canadian hunk in this Episode 4 of Submissive in Training. And after the Ball, she is his guest on a private island off the coast of Maine, in a castle of sorts. It does have a dungeon. Still, with all that attention, she returns to the Blue Leaf Academy wanting something more to keep the experience fresh in her mind. She is recruited by her across the hall neighbor, Tory to participate in a night raid that will probably end with them both being in prison. But before that can occur, the two young women will teach the teacher some of their own tricks about captivity and sex.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2009

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


DATE: January 29

DAY: Tuesday

TIME: 1:00 pm

NAME: Alexandra Brooke Morgan


WEARING: I am wearing a grey tweed wool suit skirt, which is about two inches above my knees, but with a buttoned vent up the back for about twelve inches. Eight of the ten buttons are open. I have on a white silk shirt, grey seamed stockings, and dark grey suede pumps.

RE: MEN: I am absolutely nuts for one!

RE: SEX: I fear that if I don't soon have some hetero variety, I may have a breakdown.

DIARY: I've just returned from lunch. It was nice to have a real meal for a change! I ate gruel for so long I thought I might give up eating altogether. I went by the clinic just before lunch for my weekly weighing. I'm down to 94! Of course, after all the physical activity I've had in the past week and the lack of anything good to eat, its no wonder. If anyone had told me six months ago, that I would have had done to me all the things that were done to me in the last seven days and I wouldn't be trying to get someone arrested, I would never have believed them. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the whole adventure is that I think that I actually enjoyed it! I've got to talk with Tory. She won't believe it either.

* * * *

The whole adventure began last Monday night when Tory and I worked together to beat the system again. We weren't faced with much in the way of options. Basically we could opt for ten days of solitary confinement and another seven of other punishment of just seven days of solitary and another seven days of punishment. Simple choice, right! Well, I was hauled out of Tory's room about ten last Monday night in sad shape. After we had finished our "therapy session", Tory and I had been released. I was already exhausted. It was a hell of a session. Well, all I was thinking about was going back to my room and getting a shower and a good night's sleep. Well, no dice there! I was wearing only a pair of black seamed stockings and a lace garter belt at that point. I walked over to pick up my black robe which had been thrown into a corner earlier. When I turned back toward the center of the room and started to put on the robe, Lucy, one of the training assistants, shook her head to indicate no and reached out her hand for the robe. I just shrugged and handed it to her. Instead of just taking the robe, she reached further and grasped my left wrist and pulled me toward her and in the same motion, she spun me around. As tired as I was, I offered no resistance. As I stood passively, she pulled my hands together behind my back and put a pair of handcuffs on my wrists. Then she covered my eyes with a blindfold which was followed by a gag with a huge knot which was forced into my mouth. Finally, I felt hands wrapping chains around my ankles and I heard the sound of locks being closed. My legs were restricted to about a ten inch separation, by several strands of heavy chain looped from ankle to ankle. Then I felt my robe being draped over my shoulders and then the zipper was pulled up the front and I was hustled out with one of the assistants at each of my arms, almost carrying me. I was taken outside. It was a cold evening and even though we were on a sidewalk, my feet still got cold and wet. They hustled me along quickly, holding me up and half dragging me, for about five minutes. Then we abruptly stopped. I heard a door being opened and then we were inside again, though it wasn't much warmer. We then went up a flight of stairs. They had to drag me over each one, since my chained ankles wouldn't allow my feet to reach each next step. Finally, we stopped, apparently at another door. I heard it being opened and I was shuffled into what I would find out later was to be my cell for the week. I could feel a wooden floor under my stockinged feet and it was a little warmer here. I was dropped roughly on a bed. The more appropriate name for it was a cot.

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