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Charming Lucy [MultiFormat]
eBook by Lissa Matthews

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: Kasper Griffin is in love with two people: his business partner and lover, Tony and their business manager, Lucy. Kasper and Lucy have been involved in a sexual affair for the past few months and he's decided that it's time to bring Lucy into his relationship with Tony, making them a permanent threesome. Having talked with Tony at length and knowing that the man is eager to explore Lucy himself, Kasper is still uncertain how Lucy will react to his proposition. During a recent trip to Egypt, Kasper learns of a turquoise stone rumored to lower one's inhibitions. It's the perfect gift for Lucy, a way to introduce her to the idea of a complete partnership with him and Tony. He does not tell Lucy of the charm, but after he gifts the stone to her in a most provocative way, sexual desire besieges her at every turn, opening her to ideas she'd previously not considered. With some charm and coaxing from Tony and Kasper, and a heart to heart with her brother, Lucy realizes that love and the hot sex to which she's become accustomed is what she desires more than anything and she wants to share it all with both men.

eBook Publisher: Phaze, Published: 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2009

33 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Lucy Barnes rolled over and stretched out her arm. He was gone. She knew he would be. Kasper never spent the night and while it didn't usually bother her, this morning it did. She wanted him here, in her bed, naked and fucking her. Again.

She sighed and pushed back the covers, sliding her legs over the side of the bed and stood. She ached everywhere, pleasantly so. They fucked, had sex, made love, and fucked again until all hours of the night. Oddly enough the turquoise stone, a gift he'd brought her from his recent business trip, had been part of, central to, every sexual act between them. Everywhere it touched her she burned with lust and need.

She turned and searched through the sheets for the stone wondering what had become of it. She couldn't remember after their last time and now couldn't find it. Had Kasper taken it with him?

She shrugged and turned toward the bathroom. Her sex felt heavy and hot as she walked and her breasts felt swollen. There was no soreness and she knew there should have been. She was just horny. Damned horny when she should be well sated. What the hell was wrong with her?

Turning on the water, she stepped under the spray without adjusting the temperature. Even the cold water was not enough to cool the heat in her. With hands that shook, Lucy washed herself, careful not to stoke the already kindled fires that coursed through her veins. Her movements were efficient and within moments she was done.

From the closet, she pulled out jeans, a long sleeved tee shirt, and sneakers. She would be the only one in the club for a while anyway, so it wasn't as if she needed to impress anyone and her meeting with Anthony ... well, it didn't matter what she wore to talk to him, he was only the accountant.

Her pussy tingled at the mere thought of the tall, dark Italian. "Yes, yes, he's a very sexy accountant," she murmured in irritation to her body's reaction. What the hell? Now she was lusting after Tony?

Dressed, her hair still damp from her shower, she walked out the door. If this arousal didn't go away, diminish or something, it was going to be a very long damn day.

In the car, she called Kasper from her cell.

"Hey, baby."

Her stomach flipped over at the sound of his voice. Did it sound deeper and sexier than normal? "Hi."

"How are you feeling today? Sore?"

I'm feeling fucking horny. I need sex. Lots of it. And then more of it. What did you do to me? You've turned me into a little whore. "Not a bit sore, oddly enough. Hey, ummm, did you take the turquoise with you when you left?" Her voice picked up a sensual tone, flirty. "Maybe to have a piece of it made into that clit ring that you mentioned last night?

"He laughed. "No, why?"

"I can't find it. It's not in the sheets or under the bed."

"Hmmm ... I don't know, baby."

"Okay, just thought I would ask." Lucy tried to hide her disappointment. It was a gift from him. She wanted to touch it, hold it, keep it close to her.

"I'm sure it'll turn up. Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Your voice is a little husky. Kind of like when you're feeling needy."

Damn. "No, I'm okay. I'm still a little tired, I think." Not to mention feeling things that I'm starting to get a freaked out about.

"Really? Well, if you're sure. I have a bit of a surprise for you tonight. You are free still, aren't you?"

Still free? For him? Oh god, yes. "Oh. What kind of surprise?" "No, no, baby, I'm not going to spoil it. It will be well worth the wait, I promise."

"How very mean, Kas." But the laughter in her voice dispelled any harshness that the comment itself might have inflicted.


Their conversation ended as she pulled into the parking lot of the club. Rocking a little in her seat to try and relieve some of the sexual tension in her body brought on an orgasm that shocked her. The seam of her jeans rubbed against her clit at just the right angle and she gripped the steering wheel with trembling hands until the tremors inside her body subsided.

"Holy shit," she whispered. On shaky legs, Lucy slid out of the car and walked toward the back entrance of the club. "Oh, yes, a very long damn day."

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