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What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor [MultiFormat]
eBook by P. Andrews

eBook Category: Erotica
eBook Description: When studly villain Circuit-Breaker spills about their trysts to a gossip reporter, Grasshopper goes to a local bar to blow off some steam. But when her boy toy won't leave her alone, she hatches a sexy plan to put Circuit-Breaker in his place, and just maybe treat herself to a night that she will never forget.

eBook Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2009

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

The gravel crunched under my feet as I landed next to a posh BMW. I came out of my crouch and waited for the adrenaline to stop pumping. A good long jump usually made me feel alive, but tonight was different. Even the whooshing night breeze on my face wasn't enough to warm over my sullen mood. I breathed in deep to let the cool air sting my lungs. Normally I'd sigh and enjoy the ambience, but now it smelled wrong. I was outside the city in the middle of nowhere. It was way too clean and ... grassy. Which was ironic, considering my namesake.

Besides, I was angry. Angry and horny. Because I was so angry, I hadn't had any proper sex in days. And that just made me angrier.

After the night breeze cooled me down a little, I took my first step towards the Rooftop Bar & Grill. The Rooftop was a safe haven for supes--heroes and villains alike. The patrons were kept in check by the owner, a very powerful telepath who called himself "Mind Fuck."

He was also my roommate in college.

He didn't get his name in the papers very often, for obvious reasons. But also because he didn't do much vigilante work. He claimed he refused to "suit up" because he hated an unfair fight and no one was at his level--he'd probably shift the balance of good and evil no matter which side he joined. But I think he just honestly didn't care. Who better to tend bar than an apathetic telepath?

I would have taken a second step towards the Rooftop, but a hand in a dark and shiny sleeve shot out in front of me, hindering my movement. I turned to look at its owner and was not surprised when I saw the black leather outfit with yellow lightning bolts. The reason for my anger had found me.

"Circuit-Breaker." I scowled.

"You haven't come out to play in over a week." He seemed almost ... sad.

"You did an interview." I moved around him towards the bar.

"I can explain."

"With that Calista whore from the GPZ." I didn't look at him as I left him in my dust.

"Wait." He grabbed my shoulder and stopped me in my tracks.

I turned towards him. "Okay, you have one min--"

He kissed me. His lips were so moist, and his breath smelled like peppermint. Heavy cologne wafted off of his shoulders. He used it to cover the burnt electronics smell that followed him around. I let my tongue slip past his and melted into his arms.

No! Wait! Grasshopper angry! I was supposed to be MAD, dammit!

I pulled away and slapped him. "No! No being sexy when I'm mad at you! It's not fair!"

"Hopper, if you'd just let me explain." It was Grasshopper, actually. Wasn't hard to guess what my powers were.

"Your explanations always involve tongues and nakedness and ... and fleshy appendages."

He smirked at me and then leaned into my ear. "You've never complained before."

I was gone, but not without one final protest. "You know.... "I gasped at his lips on my ear. "You know I hate that rag...."

GPZ stood for "Gifted Persons Zone." They were government-approved test sites for super-vigilantism back during the early days of heroing. The zones had long since been dissolved, but the name lived on as the most popular trashy hero rumor and gossip site on the web.

I hated it with a passion.

Though, apparently, not enough to keep Circuit-Breaker from reaching down behind me and grabbing hold of the crotch zipper on my dark green latex cat suit. It went from the top of my butt all the way down and around up my front, to the very bottom of my black leather corset. A necessity for any heroine in latex who can't hold her bladder all night long. But it also had a few other advantages.

"You shaved."

I looked down at the smooth skin staring up at CB through my zipper hole. "Yeah. I liked the look of the landing strip, but I got tired of it ruining too many good moments when I got clumsy with the zipper."

He reached in and rubbed my smooth crotch. "I like it."

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