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Dante's Wrath [Blood Brothers 4] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Eve Vaughn

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Fantasy/Fantasy
eBook Description: Series Note: Other related titles with story lines that fall between Romeo Unleashed and Dante's Wrath are Jagger's Woman, part of the Fangs anthology, and Kyriakis Curse. Genre: Multicultural Shape-Shifter/Vampire Paranormal. Dante Grimaldi has traveled the world to track down an elusive rogue vampire and its cohorts who are responsible for the torment of his family. Now, they've crossed the final line by kidnapping the Grimaldi offspring. In a race against time to save his family, Dante will destroy anyone who gets in his way. Even the sexy shape-shifter who has offered to help him in his search, if he has to.

Isis Vasquez fell for Dante at first sight. But there's one problem; she has a past connected to his enemies. It's redemption she's after when she offers assistance to the Grimaldi clan, really. Okay, but being close to Dante is a big added bonus. When they work together, the attraction is instant. The sexual tension threatens to set the world on fire. But can they work out their differences before she's subject to Dante's wrath? Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, dubious consent, fisting, ménage (m/f/m, f/m/f/m with light f/f interaction), spanking, strong violence. Also contains reference to incest between secondary characters.

eBook Publisher: Loose Id, LLC, Published: 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2009

47 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"I've never been in a private jet before." Isis took in the luxury of her surroundings, from the plush, white leather seats to the ridiculous amount of legroom. Though she could have done without the added turbulence, this was definitely the way to travel. Pack Vasquez, before they'd all died at the hands of Hunters, had lived modestly. Her mother's former pack, Patel, had also been wealthy like the Kyriakis and the Grimaldi families, but they'd shunned Mira after she'd run off with Juan Carlos Vasquez against their wishes. So Isis never knew that side of her family.

Paris and Dante seemed to take all these perks, which she was in awe of, for granted.

"The novelty will wear off after a while." Paris yawned, stretching his limbs and closing his eyes.

Dante chuckled. "Says he who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Your grandfather Spyros had made his first billion long before you were a twitch in your father's pants."

Paris's lips curved in a smile, but his eyes remained closed. "But you have been in existence longer than I and if I recall, I don't remember you being destitute when we met."

"That doesn't mean I haven't been. If you'll recall, I wasn't born into money. My wealth was built over time."

"Hmm, as much as I'd love to exchange witty rejoinders with you, I think I'll get some rest before we land." Paris closed the shutter next to him, blocking out the sunlight.

Dante slipped out of his chair and took the seat next to Isis. A warm feeling bubbled within her. Dear Lord, he was good-looking. He was by far one of the best-looking creatures she'd ever laid eyes on. At five-ten, Isis loved a tall man, and Dante towered over her with his broad six-feet-five-inch frame. He was all rock-hard muscle and possessed a masculine beauty that made it hard for her to look away.

With his sexy, cobalt-colored eyes, straight, patrician nose, and full, sensually curved lips, just right for kissing, there wasn't a feature on his face that Isis didn't think was perfect. His nearness made her pussy tingle and her body heat rise. Carnal images of her riding him while he caressed her breasts and touched her all over danced through her mind.

Besides the physical, she knew him to be a vampire with a big heart as demonstrated by how he interacted with his family and friends. He also had that hint of danger she liked in her men. Dante Grimaldi was definitely not one to be crossed. He was the total package, and the more time she spent with him, the harder and deeper in love with him Isis fell.

She'd suspected her feelings for him back at the Kyriakis compound; now she was sure of them. She was almost certain he felt something for her as well. Perhaps this wasn't the right time to explore what those feelings were, but there was no way she'd ignore the opportunity to do just that if it arose.


She jumped in her seat, startled back to reality. She'd been so lost in thought she hadn't realized Dante was speaking. "I'm sorry. What were you saying?"

His lips curled into a heart-melting smile. "Can I go too?"

Nervous laughter trilled from her throat. "What are you talking about?"

"Wherever you were just now, you seemed to be in deep thought about something."

"Oh, I was thinking how nice this plane is. It must be nice to travel this way." As explanations went, it was a pretty lame one, but it was better than admitting the truth. Isis had a feeling Dante wasn't ready to hear her declaration right now, but she was willing to bide her time. He was well worth the wait.

"I find it hard to believe you haven't traveled this way before."

"It's the truth. Don't get me wrong, I've flown, but my flights have always been commercial. The last time I was on a plane, I was stuck between a screaming toddler and a man who used my shoulder as a headrest while he snored in my ear. You know how sensitive a shifter's hearing is. I was in agony."

Dante laughed softly. "You poor baby. Hopefully, this trip will be more pleasant for you."

"I'm sure it will be."

"I believe you told me your mother hailed from Pack Patel. I'm acquainted with the Alpha, Sanjay. He's a man of some means."

"Yes. He's my mother's brother, but remember, I told you they didn't approve of the match between my parents."

"Oh, my apologies. I didn't realize they'd shunned you as well."

Isis released a deep sigh of regret. "As far as they're concerned, my mother died when she chose my father over the wishes of her Alpha. From what I was told, my grandfather wanted her to mate with a distant cousin. It's a little disappointing they wish to maintain their stance even though both my parents are gone, but I've had years to reconcile with the fact."

Dante placed his hand over hers and gave it a squeeze. Her skin tingled beneath his touch. "I admire how you've managed to not turn savage as most lone wolves do."

She bit her bottom lip. Isis might not be completely savage, but she'd certainly done things that could be classified as such. "It wasn't easy. Enough about me, though. What do you plan on doing once the children have been found?"

He hunched his shoulders in a brief shrug. "I honestly haven't thought that far ahead. First of all, I pray they are all still alive and safe, or at least as safe as they can be under the circumstances. After we have them back in the fold, I plan to personally get rid of every single member of the Serpent Gang. They may not be the masterminds behind this plan, but they made the mistake of getting involved. The very fact they hold my nieces and nephews hostage is reason enough for me to kill them. When I'm finished with them, I will hunt down Adonis and gut him."

"Adonis?" She frowned. The name sounded so familiar.

"Il Demonio. I have discovered the vampire behind many of my family's misfortunes is none other than my own brother."

His brother? But all his brothers had been at the meeting, distraught over their missing children. "I'm not sure I follow."

"It's not one of the brothers you've already met. Actually, I wasn't aware I had another brother until recently. I have two more, in fact. One wants the rest of us dead; the other, I don't know where he stands."

Isis noticed Dante's hand still rested over hers, and she returned the squeeze he'd given her earlier. When they were at the Hamptons a few weeks ago, the conversation had been light and superficial, yet she'd enjoyed his company. But now, she was seeing another side of him, a deeper part. And she liked it.

Isis felt closer to him. That he was willing to share such intimate details of his life with her showed Isis he viewed her as someone he could confide in. "How did you find this out?"

"For years I've been chasing the vampire I believe murdered my parents and all I could come up with was the name Il Diavolo."

"I thought you said the name was Il Demonio."

"I did. Turns out, they were two different vampires. All these years I believed we were after Il Diavolo, but he wasn't the one. Recently, they both revealed themselves to us. The one I am certain is the monster we should have been tracking is Adonis. He's our brother, of that I'm sure. I only have to look at him to see my papa. The coloring is different, but he is a Grimaldi."

"And this other brother?" she probed gently.

"I felt the same connection. Even though they may be my brothers, they'll also fall."

"That sounds like a difficult decision you've made."

"Not really. We may share a bloodline, but Marco, Nico, and Ro will always come first. They are the ones who matter to me."

"So are you sure Il Diavolo is one of your brothers?"

"I'm certain of it."

If he was willing to dispatch a blood relation, she was sure he'd have no problem annihilating the Serpent Gang or perhaps everyone who was or had ever been associated with him. A chill ran down her spine. Dante didn't seem kindly disposed to anyone who'd had dealings with rogues and that meant her. What would he say if she were to tell him the truth now? Unable to deal with the guilt that slammed into her like a ton of bricks, she snatched her hand away from his. "Um, I need to go to the lavatory."

She hopped out of her seat and she rushed to the back, not stopping until she was safely in the bathroom. For a moment, just one brief point in time, she might have been able to tell him of her association with the rogue vampire gang in hopes he'd understand, but the adamant way in which he claimed vengeance told her otherwise. No matter what, she'd have to keep her secret and pray no one exposed her.

Isis turned on the faucet and splashed water against her face to calm down. As she patted her skin dry with one of the fluffy hand towels hanging on the wall, a knock on the door shattered her peace. She was taken by surprise to see Dante standing on the other side of the door, concern etched on his face.

"Are you all right?"

She should have known he'd guess something was wrong. "Yes, of course. I guess I'm a little nervous about what's ahead of us."

That penetrating cobalt gaze of his roamed her face, seeming to see all the secrets she desperately tried to keep locked within. A slow smile crossed his face. "I imagine we all are. This is your first mission with us, so I know how things can be a bit daunting at first."

Somehow she managed to return his smile, hating herself for lying to him. "I'm sure I'll be fine once we land."

"Probably." He cupped her chin and ran a thumb along the side of her face. "Not that I'd allow anything to happen to you."

"You almost sound like you mean it."

"I do. We've been skirting around the issue since you showed up at my penthouse, but there's something happening between us, isn't there?"

Isis caught her bottom lip between her teeth to hold back the emphatic yes she wanted to shout. Though she'd already figured he was as attracted to her as she was to him, hearing him admit it sent her pulse racing and her heart fluttering. Unable to trust herself to speak, Isis nodded.

"Do you have any idea what it's done to me to be so close to you without being able to touch you?"

"I have a pretty good idea."

He raised a dark brow. "You never said anything."

"Neither did you. I didn't want you to think I was stalking you. I mean, I felt a connection when we met right away, but I wasn't positive you felt the same."

"I did, but it didn't seem appropriate to bring it up. My head was in a weird place. Even now I wonder about the timing of all this. My family is facing the biggest crisis we've ever dealt with and I can't stop thinking about you. I feel I don't have a right to experience these emotions when there's so much going on around me, but I don't think I can go another second without tasting you."

Before Isis could respond to his passionate entreaty, his lips were on hers, pressing forcefully, urging her lips to part with an insistent, questing tongue. They had shared a kiss before, which probably would have led to a lot more had they not been interrupted, but unlike that other kiss, this one was more powerful, more needy, and more fervent.

Shots of pure flame spread along every single nerve ending of her body, threatening to explode in a fiery inferno. Isis had never wanted anyone as much as she did this man. Twining her arms around his neck, she pressed her body against his and opened her mouth to grant him the access he sought, wanting to be as close to him as she possibly could.

Her pussy tingled like crazy and thoughts of Dante being inside her, fucking her until she couldn't take anymore, filled her mind.

His hands slid down her back and stopped at her ass, cupping and squeezing it. He molded his erection against her pelvis. Damn, he felt even larger than she'd imagined he'd be.

"You're already hot for me," Dante muttered against her mouth. "I can smell your cunt and the scent is driving me wild." With a groan, his tongue shot between her parted lips and explored every inch the warm, wet cavern had to offer. Tentatively, she pushed her tongue forward to meet his, but then she pulled it back. Emboldened by his frantic caresses, Isis did it again, turning up the intensity of their kiss. Their tongues circled around each other in an erotic dance of lust.

Dante tasted so raw, masculine, and tangy Isis couldn't get enough. Threading her fingers through his hair, she held his head to hers, giving as good as she got. He lifted Isis off her feet and placed her on the lavatory sink. The space was small, but they were so close to each other it didn't matter.

He undid the button on her jeans and pulled the zipper down before she could protest; not that she wanted to anyway. Whatever this lusty vampire wanted, she would give it to him wholeheartedly. Grasping the sides of the sink for leverage, she raised her bottom as he yanked her pants down.

Isis's breath caught and a pool of moisture formed between the juncture of her thighs when he kneeled in front of her. "Oh, God. Dante. What are you doing to me?" A moan tore from the back of her throat.

Dante raised his head, his cobalt gaze catching hers. "I believe you already know, but if you need to hear the words, I'm going to feast off your cunt juice and I'm not going to stop until you come. And then"--he grinned to show his descended incisors--"I'm going to fuck you."

"Right here?"

"If you don't want me to, all you have to say is stop, but I have a feeling you don't want me to stop. Do you?"

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