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Young Cruisers [MultiFormat]
eBook by William Maltese

eBook Category: Erotica
eBook Description: YOUNG CRUISERS! Have you ever watched young guys cruising--posing, flirting, watching, and waiting.... They may be young, but they sure know how to pull. In this new collection of first-time adventures, parkland encounters, sleazy confessions, and explicit cruising stories by William Maltese, you find out only too clearly what these randy youngsters get up to when the need for a man drives them out on the hunt! For adults only. Gay erotica at its finest!

eBook Publisher: Wildside Press, Published: USA, 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2009

3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


Sloppy sounds could be sexy sounds. That these weren't, Ty Jackson's rubberized dick doggie-fucking a customer's ass, was a bit disconcerting to Ty who hoped he wasn't bored. A bored hustler was right up there with warm ice cream by way of desirability.

Ty couldn't blame Carr (with two r's) Milder ... or Milner .. or Maxner. Who the hell cared what his name was, since it was probably as play-baloney as they came? Ty always used his real name, but that was only because everyone assumed "Ty" had to be as phony as the next name.

Anyway, Carr wasn't all that bad to look at, especially considering he'd paid for the screw. He was probably in his early forties. He still had a full head of hair, gone only slightly salt-and-pepper ... more likely, salt and cinnamon, since the natural color seemed more brown than black. He had dark-colored eyes. Black, brown, maybe even dark blue. It had been just dark enough when he'd approached Ty that it had been impossible for Ty to tell. He had a regular nose. He had an attractively full-lipped mouth, probably really nice for sucking cock; Ty wasn't into mouths for kissing.

Carr's body wasn't all that shabby, either. Considering its age, it was in damned good shape. Ty had seen younger in far worse condition. Obviously, Carr spent time running, or playing tennis (maybe squash?), or working out in some local gym. It would have been nice to ask him, but customers, like Carr, didn't pay for conversation. Ty didn't usually give out information about himself, either, so why did Ty suddenly want an intelligent conversation, above and beyond fuck or suck, or that's my price, take it or leave it..."

"Ride my ass!" Carr said.

"Sure, stud, sure," Ty said. You didn't get a more meaningful conversation than that. "I'll drip my wick so deep you'll think it's lighting fire to your tonsils." Shit if Ty didn't sound like a porno movie!

Ty made the best of it. It was probably just a phase he was going through. It was probably just because he'd never really planned selling his cock forever and ever, amen. Then, again, it hadn't been forever. Not yet, anyway. All it had been was a year and a half. On the other hand, some of the graduates of the day's most ballyhooed educational institutions couldn't count as high as the number of tricks Ty had turned, in that very park, since he'd first taken money and pulled out his penis. Not too bad a score for a guy whose cock was only a little above average.

"Feel it? Feel it?" Ty asked.

"God, yes," Carr said. "Feels good."

Another reason Ty should be thankful was how Carr wasn't disappointed by how Ty's dick wasn't monster-size. A few of Ty's potential johns had gone so far as to ask for their money back. More than one of those had been given a black eye by Ty, in lieu of any refund. Damned size queens! Didn't anyone read Masters and Johnson, or whomever the hell had said a regular dick was only six inches? Ten inches wasn't normal. Eleven inches wasn't normal. Twelve inches wasn't a cock, it was a goddamned grotesque.

One guy, upon checking out Ty's six-and-a-half inches had said, "What saves you from seeing me walk is your bull-like balls." Ty had showed that prick what an average-sized prick could do. The shit, name of Roger (Ty still remembered his pseudo), had probably walked bull-legged for a good two days after Ty had finished with him. What's more, Ty had blasted so much cum from his impressive bull-like balls that he'd nearly ballooned the nippled tip of his rubber to bursting up Roger's none-too-tight ass.

"How's it feel, stud?" Ty asked Carr. It was voiced as Ty's genuine effort to come back to the here and now. Carr had paid his money, and he deserved Ty's undivided attention.

"Feels good, Ty. Mmmmmm."

"Want me to fist your dick, stud?" Ty didn't usually volunteer anything more than agreed upon in the original contract, but he felt Carr was being cheated. No matter if Carr figured he got the butt-fuck of his life, Ty just wasn't into it.

"No need," Carr said.

Poor bastard probably thought Ty would try to charge him extra. Ty knew some hustlers, in that very part of the park, who probably would have charged extra and probably did.

"Come on," Ty volunteered again. "Let's give your big dick the old heave-ho. On the house." Which sounded as if Ty were about to toss Carr's whanker onto some rooftop.

Ty took hold of Carr's cock without being given leave and, as usual, was a little jealous to hold a dick so obviously larger than his own. Damned, but Ty couldn't even get his hand around it. Did this shit know he could probably pull out his dick and have someone pay for it every time?

Ty palmed Carr's nuts with his other hand. Either Carr's scrotum had done some major scrunching, under the catalyst of the pleasure Ty supplied, via his fuck of Carr's butt, or Carr's balls were far less impressive than his dick. Ty tried to remember just how Carr had looked when his pants had first come down.

Ty remembered Carr's fairly well-muscled and square pecs, Carr's fairly flat belly that still had a few muscled ridges left from better days gone by, an innie navel, a big cock, and an only slightly flabby ass. Ty couldn't remember how Carr's balls had hung in their scrotum, at that moment of their first unveiling.

"See how good that feels," Ty said, jammed his cock up Carr's ass, one more time, and simultaneously rode his hand along the full length of Carr's erection.

Doggie-style was a good fuck position. Carr on all fours. Ty on his knees and hunched over Carr from behind. Ty's cock up Carr's butt. Ty's hands on Carr's big cock and not-so-big balls.

"Jesus, yes!" Carr agreed. "Oh, yes ... oh, yes."

Give the guy a good time, Ty decided. Ty could be a pro's pro if he just concentrated. Ty had a year and a half of fucking to call on here to give Carr a ride the guy wouldn't soon forget. Pull out all the stops. Leave Carr talking about the experience for years to come.

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