Bedside Manner [MultiFormat]
by Sean Michael, Jane Davitt, Lee Benoit
Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance

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Who needs a little TLC? Who doesn't? The doctor is in, and he's got just the prescription you need. Open wide and say ahhhh. In Haven, by Lee Benoit, there's no risk too big, no chance too small and no risk not worth taking, Haven serves double duty as a picaresque rogue and a clever, rule-breaking male nurse who takes a chance on love at first sight with a new father who needs Haven's help to protect his son. Set against a backdrop of the 1970's, Haven proves with his quick wit and stubborn courage that he's more than just a pretty face and a white coat. In House Call, by Jane Davitt Dr. Paul Jackson is a gentle doctor with a passion for his work, but can't stop thinking about the one chance he took on a one-night stand. The last place he expects to see that mystery man again is during a life-or-death emergency. All Paul wants is to wash his hands of the charismatic Steve, but while they're working together that's not going to happen. Finally, In Sickness and Health by Sean Michael brings The Jarheads back in new adventure--a journey through sickness and health with Rock, Rig and Dick, who stand by their man come what may, no matter what they come down with. Colds and flu are no match for the Jarheads, who know that cold medicine's great in its place, but the one sure cure for what ails them is good old sexual healing.