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How to Ruin Easter for a Werewolf [MultiFormat]
eBook by Dahlia Rose & Crymsyn Hart

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: On the prowl for a delicious white rabbit, werewolves Demona and Sebastian rush down the wrong hole...into a clandestine New York club for furry fetishists. While the sexually-charged atmosphere inspires new levels of hunger for the couple, they must curb their appetites in order to protect their hides. This is no ordinary club, they soon discover when the rabbit shifts from prey to hunter.

eBook Publisher: Phaze, Published: 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2009

10 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Sebastian groaned when Demona hauled him off to find that blasted white rabbit. He had no idea what it was she smelled in the rabbit to make her desire to eat it. Brushing past all the mortals dressed up as animals was seriously creepy. Although, it did give him some ideas on what he wanted to have for dinner next week. He could already imagine the squealing pork and the very rare steak still mooing. He loved sinking his teeth into anything nice and juicy. It had been a long time since they had hunted a cow farm. It was risky because the farmers had guns and other precautions. If the farmers fed the steer full of steroids it made the meat extremely chewy and gave him indigestion for a week. It was best to go all natural when they dined on steak. If Demona was truly pregnant, he didn't want his kids eating the byproducts.

Sebastian shivered at the thought. He was going to be a father! How could that happen? Well, he knew how it happened. His lips curled into a smile when he recalled the many times it had happened with Demona's supple body beneath him.

Her skin shimmered under the strobe lights of the club. It looked as though she was being kissed by starlight with rainbows reflecting off her skin. Staring at her, he let himself imagine her with a belly bulging with life, from his children. They wouldn't be able to roam as free as they had been for years. They would have to lay roots down somewhere with lots of land. They would need large hunting grounds. Acres and acres of fields to roam and forests to hunt in. In the old days, there used to be ample land for his kind to rove. He didn't have to worry about defending his territory and he would rarely run into any other werewolves. However, finding acres of open land today was scarce and humans would be bordering it. They needed to find something near a state park. That would provide them enough land to amble across.

Even while he wove through the club, his mind was still on the children. It was rare that werewolf children were conceived. If they were going to be having more than one, he wasn't sure if they would be girls or boys or how to raise them.

"Sebastian, did you hear what I said?" Demona asked.

He blinked and focused back on his beloved. A surge of love rolled through his heart. God, she was beautiful. Her eyes ringed with gold made him think the sun was caught behind them. Without thinking, he swept her up in his arms and brought his lips down to hers. It took her a moment to respond when the surprise melted away from her muscles. His fingers crept down and cupped her ass. He gave it a strong squeeze. A moan escaped her throat when he dug into her flesh. Demona liked it rough. It was why he loved her and she made a good mate. They were both equals and loved many of the same things.

"I want you, right now, Demona." Sebastian whispered in her ear. He nipped the end of it. His free hand slid under her shirt and grabbed her breast. The nipple hardened instantly. He smelled her desire. His cock strained hard against his jeans. He longed to take her right there. He never had been one for public sex, but with the scents in the atmosphere, the sounds of the animal clothed humans, and her beautiful body next to him his control was slipping. If he wasn't careful he would transform into wolf form. If that happened, there would be more than stuffing coming out of people.

Demona put a hand on his chest and pulled away. "Sebastian, I'd love to get frisky, but I seriously need to get something to eat. What brought this on?"

He leaned in for another kiss, but his mate shook her head. Sebastian closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath. "Nothing brought it on. I was just envisioning your sweet body against mine and us chowing down on a few of these freaks. What do you say?"

"So you don't mind going rabbit hunting?"

"No. Just stop calling me daddy."

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