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America's Hero [MultiFormat]
eBook by Regan Taylor

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: Following a daring rescue after being shot down, United States Marine Corps Major Cass Winters just wants to get back to flying. When Hollywood actor, Austin Quinn, aka America's Hero arrives to film Cass' story not even the jet blast deflectors will cool the flames. But when a surface to air missile tails Cass' F/A-18 fighter jet only the most decisive maneuvers will save their lives?even if they do land in the middle of the Trojan War.

eBook Publisher: Champagne Books, Published: 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2009

4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

That did it. She was back to wanting to pop him. "Right. And did you decide on whether you are going to be a man playing a woman or a cross-dressing male, which would only work in a kinky fantasy. No way is the Corps going to put up with a cross-dresser."

"Nope. Just me, a guy playing a pilot who gets shot down and is part of an awesome rescue."

"My God man, what the hell is wrong with you? Do you not get it that my WSO almost died?"

"I got it. And for your information, it is a story that needs to be told. What you did out there needs to be told. You kept your partner alive. You kept yourself alive. And it wasn't just from the crash, it was because the bad guys almost found you, what was it, twice?"

"Something like that. Look, it's over, it's what we do. Can't you just let it go?"

"No. It's an awesome story and it's going to be told. By me."

"Then why can't you just ... what you do you movie types call it? Produce it? You know, you be the guy behind the camera and have one of those bimbos you hang around with star in it."

"The guy behind the camera is the director."


"And I don't hang around with bimbos. I don't know--"

"Everything good here, Major? Mr. Quinn?"

Cass spun around and snapped off a smart salute. "Affirm Captain. Everything is A-ok."

"Just fine, Captain. Creative differences and all that."

"I see."

Cass felt herself flush as her commanding officer looked at her, the message in his eyes clear--make sure the actor got what he needed and went back with good things to say about the GW. "Well then keep it down, both of you. Don't need another war, especially on my ship."

"Aye, aye, Captain." Cass stood a moment, lips drawn into her mouth as if she was trying to secretly bite them as she watched him leave.

"Sorry, Snow."

"Yeah, whatever." Hands on her hips she sighed and looked up to the canopy of the jet. "Let's get you up in there so I can get off."

"It would be my pleasure to get you off."

"That is not what I meant! Flying CAP we need to launch on time."

"Really, I'm sorry."

"Sure. Forget it."

She was surprised when all he said was, "Done." The man could motor mouth with the best of them. And the questions! Didn't they ever stop?

"Follow me up, but don't touch anything and I'll show you where you'll sit."

Cass quickly realized what she had told him to do was one heck of a big mistake. He came up close, an arm on either side so she was encased by his body. She glanced down at his hands, holding on to the rungs, mesmerized. They weren't soft like she expected, but strong, clean, appearing work hardened. An image of his hands massaging her breasts shot through her mind, causing her stomach to clench in a way she honestly couldn't remember it had before. His one thumb rubbed across the pole of the ladder making Cass want to know how it would feel if he caressed her nipple in the same slow and easy stroke. Common sense worked itself in and she started to shift forward, except he'd pinned her to the ladder. When she slid slightly to the side Quinn's sharp intake of breath rewarded her, making her aware of some thing solid and hard pressing into her back. She quickly dismissed any possibility that it was a pole from another ladder or other non-human object.

"Um, could you..."


"No? Why no?"

"Because if I do you won't be the only one who knows I'm turned on by being up close and personal with you."

"Oh. Re--"

"Really," he whispered in her ear, the caress of his breath making her want to turn around and see what it felt like front to front.

"Well just so you know. I'm not."


"No, excited by being close to you."


"M.r Quinn, do you want to get up or not?"

"Ms. White, I am up."

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