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It's Only Make-Believe [MultiFormat]
eBook by Shawn Lane

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: Sebastian Kincaid has wanted Melody Jenks since he started in her law firm. Unfortunately, Melody thinks she loves Luther, an eligible bachelor who uses Melody to keep away money-grubbing women. Melody asks Sebastian to date her, hoping to make Luther jealous so he realizes that he really loves her. When Sebastian tells Melody he wants a woman who isn't interested in him, either, she thinks it's the perfect arrangement for both of them. From the first date, however, their attraction for each other cannot be denied, and Melody forgets her original plans. Now, can she convince Sebastian what they have is no longer make-believe? Genres: Contemporary / Interracial / Multicultural / Exhibitionism / Public Places

eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, Published: 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2009

16 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Sebastian clicked the automatic locks on the Lexus and tried to resist the urge to run to Melody's front door. She'd gone in ahead of him while he parked.

Approaching the door, it occurred to him rather belatedly he had no condoms with him. Lord, he prayed Melody did.

Of course he knew she was only using him because she couldn't have Luther. Sebastian knew he should say it wasn't a good idea and go home. Hell, it could ruin their relationship, and he might even have to leave the firm if things between them soured too much.

But he was also a guy, and he knew very well he was going into the house to have sex with Melody.

He tapped lightly on the partially open front door. "Hello?"

"Come in, Sebastian."

Maybe it was because his cock was hard and stabbing against his briefs, but to his ears, her tone sounded low and sultry and made his balls tighten. Swallowing heavily, he stepped into the house, then closed the door behind him.

"Lock it, will you? Want a beer?"

Her voice came from what he guessed was the direction of the kitchen. He was standing in a large cozy living room with dark hardwood floors and an oversized brown leather couch. Across the room was an archway.

"No, thanks." He walked through the archway and into the kitchen. Melody was bending down to place a dish of cat food in front of a large orange tabby.

She straightened and smiled. "Sorry, Ginger has to have her dinner first."

"Of course."

She opened the refrigerator and returned the can of cat food. "Are you sure you don't want something to drink?"


Melody held out one of her manicured hands, and he clasped it. She tugged him through a second doorway in the kitchen and down a hall that led past a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom, then to the last room on the right.

"I ... um ... don't have any condoms," he admitted. He glanced at the queen-sized bed beckoning in the middle of the room. If she didn't have any, he would offer to drive to the drugstore and buy a package.

Melody linked her arms around his neck and pressed her full, round breasts against him. "Don't worry, Sebastian. I've got two full boxes."

Though he was glad to hear it, he briefly wondered if she'd been stocking up in anticipation of taking Luther to her bed.

He was losing it. Did he really care why she had them?

"Sebastian?" She yanked just a little on a hunk of his hair.

"Hmm?" He gazed down into her chocolate eyes.

"Kiss me."

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