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A Good Night's Whipping [MultiFormat]
eBook by Anonymous

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Gay Fiction
eBook Description: An ocean voyage turns into an initiation into violent and perverted sex for one young woman. Exposed to forced sex, bondage, and lesbianism, she discovers there is pleasure as well as pain during her amorous encounters. From the text: "Some woman!" I murmured thoughtfully. "You know, I had an experience with Gordon Williams yesterday that was the direct opposite. God, he's fierce with the rod! It seems that Lois Gibson is somewhat of a displaced person in a lesbian role, when only a few cabins away from hers there is a man... Darling, it occurs to me that we might be able to do her a big favor and at the same time, save myself a few smarting behinds during this trip. Supposing we could bring the pair of them together. Does she drink?"

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2009

3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

"Look here, Dennis, the sort of morality you consider is right went out with the Victorians ... It's so different these days." The young man held out the glass for it to be re-filled with the martini. Barry Shane smiled at the shocked expression on his friend's face as they enjoyed this cocktail together. Dennis Rangeman always considered himself broad-minded. He knew, of course, that nowadays there were clubs where married couples could indulge in activities that he and his wife Linda never discussed, even. But it had come as a shock to hear that one of their friends, Barry Shane, and his wife Freda, actually knew of one of these clubs ... and what was more, belonged to it. "You really serious, Barry?" he asked. "Or are you pulling my leg? Are you having me on for a laugh?"

The other young man laughed. "No, of course I'm not pulling your leg, Dennis. No man these days should be tied to one woman and not get any kicks from life. It's not the way to live at all."

"Does your wife think the same, then?" Dennis asked. "Does Freda agree with your outlook?" His companion laughed. "Of course she does," he retorted. "She gets her kicks as well. She can go her way. She lets me go my way. That's the way a marriage should be."

"I'm sure Linda would never agree that was the way our marriage should be," Dennis replied. "You know what she's like. Old-fashioned in things like this." Barry shrugged his shoulders. "You mention it to her," Barry told him. "I think you will be surprised. She knows more than a bit about this club already. She and Freda have discussed it."

"You mean my wife didn't throw a fit at the mere mention of a wife-swapping club?" Dennis was confounded. "No, she didn't," replied Barry. "I think your wife is far more sexy than you think, Dennis. I bet she's alright in bed, eh? Wouldn't mind giving her a roll myself."

Dennis felt his stomach knotting. He knew that Linda was a very attractive woman. He knew that a lot of men had their eyes on her, but this was the first time any man had been so blatant as to make mention of the fact that she was desirable. "My wife's good on her back, too, I can tell you, Dennis," Barry was going on. "She likes you, Dennis. Why don't you get together with her some time?"

"You mean ... your wife wants me to ... to make love to-her. And you don't mind?" It seemed incredible that such a situation should be possible. "Of course I don't mind, Dennis. I like you. You and Linda are our best friends." Barry came out with the answer so pat. Dennis was shocked to think his wife had even listened to talk about wife-swapping. To hear that she had not been shocked, had been in favor of what this friend had suggested, if what he said was true ... but it was unbelievable.

"Tell you what, Dennis. You and Linda have a talk about it. If you want to come over to us this evening, we can have a happy get-together and then we can take you to the club at the next meeting. I'm sure you will find Linda will surprise you." The two men left the bar. Barry went towards his own car for the short drive to his house where Freda his wife was preparing a meal. Dennis Rangeman was deep in thought as he walked slowly towards where he lived ... surely this was not true ... surely Linda had been joking when she said she would agree to go to this swapping club?

* * * *

They had decided to take the invitation from Barry Shane and later that evening Dennis and his wife Linda were driving towards the nice house where Barry and Freda lived. Barry glanced at his pretty wife sitting in the car beside him. He was surprised at the eager expression on her face. She seemed as willing and anxious to make love with Mr. Shane as he was with Mrs. Shane. The Shanes were pleased to see them. They were going to talk about joining the club, and when cocktails had been poured the foursome split up into two pairs. Freda sat beside Dennis on the couch, so close that her thigh touched his leg. He felt the radiant warmth of her body. He felt excited. She wore a low cut gown of green and it gave him an unobstructed view of her partly brassiered breasts. He wanted to grab her right then and there ... but he hesitated ... it was not so easy when her husband was right there across the room.

Dennis looked across at Barry. His jaw dropped. Their host was not having the same reservations about Linda. They were kissing in a passionate embrace ... Dennis saw his wife having her breast stroked through her dress by the agitating palm and fingers of Barry Shane. Dennis fought down, the jealous pang that made him angry. He was being foolish ... he knew it was going to be like this ... why be upset now? And yet for all that ... it was not an easy thing to sit there and watch another man kissing Linda. From that moment he was less prudish with Freda, he was drawing her to his body, kissing her with the same sort of impatient passion that Linda and Barry were getting.

Freda liked the sudden passion of this young man. She groped down and felt for that bulge at his loins. An electric shock went through him as he felt her fingers clasp him through his trousers and when she began to massage him in as bold a way as possible, he thought he could come in his trousers if she was not more gentle and careful. "Come on, darling," she muttered. "1 can tell you are ready for me. Your wife and husband have already gone to a bedroom. You come up to my bedroom, Dennis darling."

Dennis looked round quickly. There was no sign of Linda and Barry. He followed Freda up to her room, enjoying the swaying and the wriggle of her hips and bottom as she went up the stairs. The moment they were in her bedroom with the door closed, she started to peel off her gown. He could not take his eyes from the wife of his best friend as she let the gown drop to the floor. She wore a matching pantie and bra set in white with a black patterning. She waited until he was naked and then turned so that he could undo the catch of her bra for her. He swayed her round to face him so that he could see the lolling white breasts drop free from the bra-cups. He saw her pinkish aureoles were centred with a stiff peak of red nipple ... she too was aroused for sex, just as he was.

His fingers trembled as he started to slither her panties down. He gazed at her naked beauty, unlike his wife who was a brunette on top and at her cunt, this Freda Shane was a redhead. The curled profusion of reddish brown hair at the base of her belly was a beautiful change for him.

"Come on, Dennis darling," she coaxed. "Do what you like to me ... anything ... I want to have you do just what you want to me." She fell back on the bed as he gripped her hips and pushed, he was down with her, his face in the soft superb fleshiness of her breasts. He felt her hands on the back of his head, her fingers dragging his face harder to her teats. His mouth opened, grasping at the soft pliable flesh, and then he found the hard little nipple, drawing it between his teeth, stabbing at its tip with his tongue. Freda arched her body ... she writhed in sensual torment ... a pained sob came from her throat ... "Dennis ... Dennis darling ... I love that ... I love that..." she whined. "Kiss me more ... kiss me some more."

Her hands gripped his head, she was pushing him downward ... he knew the direction she wanted his mouth to travel ... down her soft belly ... down to the perfect centre of her lovely body. His eyes feasted on her opened thighs and the inflamed cuntlips that nestled amid the curled hair. Her hands on his head tightened their grip ... she lifted her buttocks from the bed, her loins arching up closer to his face ... with a stifled gasp he plunged his head to her cunt ... she gave a little scream ... held him tighter ... "Darling ... oooohheeeoooo ... that's nice ... it's very naughty but it's paradise ... it's wonderful Dennis darlingggg."

He clung to her hot moist cunt with his open mouth. He wondered if her husband was doing the same to Linda? The thought of his own wife having a man to kiss her between her thighs made him even more urgently randy, he drove his tongue to and fro in her frothing cunthole until she was whimpering with joyous pleasure. She shoved her straining thighs up at his face, her core of womanhood his to suck and lick ... then she was clutching at him, trying to pull him up from her. "Do it to me now ... fuck me darling," she murmured. "I need you to fuck me now."

He saw her pulling a pillow down to slide under her bottom, she opened her thighs wide and with outstretched arms welcomed him to her cuntal haven. Clinging with arms and legs they moulded as one ... her lovely legs scissored up around his waist clamping him so tightly they squeezed the breath from him. They rocked and tossed on her bed like two demented animals. She sobbed and bit and scratched at him, her long fingernails dug furrows in his back. He looked down into her staring eyes and tortured face ... he knew that his own wife would be like this under the body of Barry ... "Fuck me ... harder ... fuck me baby-honey ... fuck me." Surely Linda would not be driven to use such obscene urgings to her lover though ... surely she would show more restraint ... he saw Freda rolling her head on the mattress, tossing the lovely long hair in her delirium ... he lunged at her time and time again as if to show her that he was a better man than her husband ... he knew that Barry would be trying to prove the same sex lesson to Linda ... that a lover is always better than a husband.

Dennis felt a muscular tightening and then slow release ... her cunt muscles seemed to be working and sucking at his cock from tip to base of the stem ... her body was up jerking with a sort of urgent mechanical rhythm and then he knew she was there ... she convulsed ... she screamed ... she lifted up from the pillow she had pushed under her bottom ... she ground at his loins with a savage fury and then went taut and rigid ... he knew she was getting her completion at this moment ... he felt his own orgasm build to bursting peak and then with savage lunges at her stiff and still body he began to spurt to her. The spunk burnt his pipe as it gushed up from his aching balls and spilt to her welcoming sucking cunthole. He was stunned by the amount of hot fluid that came from him to nestle inside her belly ... she was so horribly hot and wet down there ... it was a magnificent fucking ... he knew that if Linda's had only been half as good it would be better than she had ever had before.

Freda was puffing and panting but covering his perspiring face with her hot passionate kisses. She was happy, she knew this young couple Dennis and Linda Rangeman were now in their swapping net ... no young couple once ensnared are ever allowed to get free ... not now one comes to mention it that many wanted to return to normal marital bliss with one sole partner after a bout with Freda or Barry Shane.

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