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Menage [MultiFormat]
eBook by habu

eBook Category: Erotica/Bisexual Erotica
eBook Description: To a bisexual sex is sex is sex. The sex of the partner or partners is not as important as that they arouse in a way that can lead to sex. Stories that appeal to these folks are not as easy to find in the literature as those targeted to readers with straight-or even gay/lesbian-preferences. This seventeen-work anthology brings together, for the convenience of interested readers, the combined mix-and-match sexual partner stories and themes of prolific eXcessica author habu under one title. Included herein are separate stories of varied couplings along with extracted scenes of bisexual encounters from various habu published novels.

eBook Publisher: Excessica Publishing
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2009

21 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Are you interested in menage? Does the idea of more than one sexual partner titillate you? Does reading explicit sex leave you hot under the collar? In that case, habu has done you a great favor in collecting this grouping of stories, all of which explore multiple-partner sex. This is flat-out erotica ~ the purpose of the stories is the sexual episode ~ but habu draws on his previous writings and on his own experiences to place each episode in a different and interesting setting.

Habu is the kind of author that is not afraid to reach out into forbidden areas, into unusual combinations of partners, and this anthology is no exception. We have two men and a woman, two women and a man, two couples, and more. If you like reading about hot, explicit, no holes barred sex (pun intended), you can't miss with habu." -Carole, Rainbow Reviews

"Strawberry, Mrs. Wilson?" Lord Thomas asked, offering me the porcelain bowl filled with the reddest, ripest strawberry's I'd ever seen.

"Yes, thank you, My Lord," I responded with my eyes cast down. When I lifted them to take the strawberry, Lord Thomas held my hand for a few seconds longer than necessary in the exchange of a plump berry. Then, as I watched, he took one himself and worked it slowly between his lips in a sensuous movement that sent my heart palpitating. All the time his eyes were watching mine, and he was undressing me with them--as slowly as he disrobed me before laying with me on those few occasions when he wasn't in such high heat that he took me, like a dog, on the stairs to my bed chamber.

I turned and looked at Lady Emma, hoping beyond all hope that she was not seeing the possessing look Lord Thomas was giving me--but her eyes were on mine as well, and they had the same look of ownership and domination that her husband's had. Then she looked away and I also looked back at Lord Thomas.

He was holding a strawberry in his mouth and Emma turned her face to him. She brought her lips to his, and they lustily shared the fruit, the red pulp dripping down their chins. I cast my eyes down, not wishing to intrude on this intimate moment between husband and wife, and I saw that Thomas had pushed Emma's bodice off her breasts and he was cupping one of her pointed orbs in his hand.

I gave a little involuntary cry and lowered my eyes to my hands as they lay in my lap.

"Oh Constance. Sweet, sweet Constance," Emma murmured, and she moved around to one side of where I was sitting on the picnic cloth and Thomas moved in closer to me on the other side. It was only now that I noticed that Thomas's breeches had been unbuttoned and Emma's hand was just now pulling away from his freed and aroused cock.

Emma turned my face to hers with a delicate hand cupped under my chin, and she gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. I felt a hand at the straps to my summer frock and my bodice being lowered to my waist and a hand--Thomas's hand--was cupping my breast. His thumb and a finger closed on my nipple, and I moaned.

"Oh, Lord Thomas! Lady Emma! I don't think..."

"Hush, hush, my dear," Thomas whispered in my ear. "No need for pretense. I know you and Emma have been lovers. I have known since before I took you myself. We are able to share and share alike, we are."

"Oh," I moaned. Lady Emma was working on the lacings at my back, freeing me of the confines of my dress.

Lord Thomas snapped his fingers and muttered, "Champagne," and a handsome young footman stepped forward with a chilled open bottle of the liquid. As he stood there, smiling down at me, in ready attendance, Thomas's hands were working under my skirts and petticoats, pulling away my undergarments. I nearly swooned as his strong hands cupped my now-bare mound and I felt a finger enter me in search of my secret treasure.

I fell back into Lady Emma's arms in a near faint, as Lord Thomas called for the champagne.

But he did not drink the cool liquid; instead, he tippled the bottle over my chest and let the champagne cascade down on my bare breasts.

And then both Thomas and Emma, one at each breast, were drinking of the champagne off my heaving orbs and nipples. I was shuddering and moaning and, yes, sighing at the lips nibbling at my breasts and at the working of Lord Thomas's meaty finger inside me, which had found the prize it was seeking.

Emma left Thomas to his devices for a moment, which were to raise me up and completely disrobe me and then to pull my back into his chest and bring me down into his lap, positioning my rear channel onto the great rosy bulb of his member. And I cried out and groaned as he slowly descended me on the full link of his mighty cock and impaled me to the quick.

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