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Witchy Woes Trilogy Megabook Volume 1 [MultiFormat]
eBook by Michelle Hasker

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
eBook Description: THREE COMPLETE NOVELS, ONE MEGABOOK SERIES LOW PRICE! The first three novels of sexy witches and erotic spells in the sensual paranormal series from Bestselling author Michelle Hasker, including: Witchy Woes Tamara: Tamara is a witch and proud of it, but when an innocent spell goes horribly wrong, she ends up in the hospital. Again With death rearing its ugly head once more, Tamara knows she should ignore the handsome firefighter who seems captivated by her magical burns. Though she wants to forget about him and that fateful night, Dante is persistent, and soon she doesn't know which of them is teaching the other about magic. Tamara puts up a good fight against the strong attraction she feels for Dante, but it's a losing battle as she finds herself falling head over heels in love. The only problem? She's dying and doesn't want to leave behind anyone to mourn her. Witchy Woes Candace: When a spell to undo harm goes awry, six witches find themselves knocked out by a powerful spell cast by the newest member of their coven, and things start to go terribly wrong for everyone. Candace wakes on the beach staring at the man of her dreams. The problem? He hates witches and thinks that if he can convince her to give up her magic, the world would be a safer place. Too bad she's so hot for him it's hard to keep her hands to herself. Witchy Woes Allison: When a spell to undo harm goes awry, six witches find themselves knocked out by a powerful spell cast by the newest member of their coven. At first, everything falls apart, but then Allison watches as first Tamara and then Candace fall in love. While she wants that same thing for herself, the guy she's in love with doesn't even realize she's a woman. The solution to her dilemma? A makeover. (Contains adult content, language, and graphic sex)

eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, Published: 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2009

7 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"This [Witchy Woes: Tamara] is a very interesting beginning to a series. The love the characters share leaps off the pages."_Crystal, Fallen Angel Reviews

"The scenes between the two are beyond decadent in some instances. I definitely recommend Witchy Woes: Candace to everyone who read the first installment and certainly to anyone just interested in a great book."_Given an Outstanding Read from Simply Romance Reviews

"This third book in the series is another grand and sexy romp with characters you can't help but adore. Add in the rich scene building and you have another story to steal your heart. You won't want to miss any of these tales as the lives of this group of friends unfolds."_4.5 Hearts from Samantha, Night Owl Romance


Michelle Hasker
* * * *

Chapter 1

Tamara shivered and rubbed her arms as Sandra helped Camryn set her tools in the center of the circle. Camryn not only looked very nervous, but also gave off bad vibes. Although Tamara preferred not to use her Sight, she was highly tempted. It had to be obvious to everyone that something really, really bad was going to happen.

A strong wind began to blow, and she wondered, not for the first time, if the beach had been the best idea. It was a waning moon, and the intensity and number of spells was going to be high, but one of their homes would have been sufficient. Then again Camryn was casting tonight.

As soon as Camryn finished laying out the altar items, Sandra handed her the broom. Usually Sandra was the one to sweep, since she was their High Priestess, but tonight was Camryn's turn since she was casting the spells.

Why did we all have to come?

Tamara sighed and rubbed the tattoo on the inside of her right wrist. The flames were burning as her power yearned to be free. Judging by how restless the others were, their power begged for the same thing. While her power was fire, and Sandra was their High Priestess, Allison had the power of air, Candace had earth, and Macy's was water. Camryn had yet to discover her talent. It wouldn't be a surprise if Camryn lost her powers because of misuse. It had been known to happen to some. Everything came back times three, good or bad. A lesson Tamara would never forget.

"As I sweep, may the Besom..."

Tamara tuned Camryn out as she focused on her power. Tonight it really struggled to free itself. Usually she had better control than this. A stray leaf at her feet burst into flames and she quickly stomped it out.

"I call upon light and earth at the north to illuminate and strengthen the circle." Candace's voice rang out loud and clear, bringing Tamara's focus back on the task at hand.

The sand beneath her bare feet sent a surge of strength to her, which she gratefully received. She needed it tonight.

"I call upon light and air at the east to illuminate and enliven the circle," Allison said as a gust of wind blew around the circle.

"I call upon light and fire at the south to illuminate and warm the circle," Tamara said as a burst of warmth filled her.

"I call upon light and water at the west to illuminate and cleanse the circle," Macy said.

As the next wave crashed on the shore, Tamara felt her negativity lift, and her mind clear.

Sandra lifted her athame and stepped forward. She stopped in front of the altar and said, "I draw this circle in the presence of the Lady and the Lord, that They may aid and bless us in our work."

As Sandra walked around the circle, Tamara watched flames dance along the line Sandra made. They weren't normally this bright. She never knew if the others saw them, but tonight they were bright enough they could have been seen from the highway. I wonder why.

She continued with the ritual, saying the words Tamara knew by heart, words designed to protect them while they cast tonight's spells. Sandra moved back to the altar and blessed the salt which she then sprinkled in a circle around them. As it touched the flames, the color turned bright white, and rose, wrapping over them until they were sealed inside the circle.

Again, they went around the circle, starting with Candace. "I call upon you, Guardians of the North, Element Earth, to guard this circle. By the body and strength that is ours, we ask you to attend this rite."

Before she finished speaking, a loud rumble sounded underneath them. Candace smiled and looked at Allison.

"I call upon you, Guardians of the East, Element Air, to guard this circle. By our breath and thoughts, we ask you to attend this rite." Another strong gust of wind whirled around the outside of the circle. With a smile, Allison turned to Tamara.

"I call upon you, Guardians of the South, Element Fire, to guard this circle. By our energy and consumption of life, we ask you attend this rite." As Tamara finished, flames leapt up surrounding the circle, reaching high and wide, like a protective shield. Tamara turned to Macy with a smile.

"I call upon you, Guardians of the West, Element Water, to guard this circle. By our emotions and blood in our veins, we ask you to attend this rite," Macy said.

A light rain drizzled down upon them, then ceased as Sandra lifted her arms up in the air, holding her athame up high. "Hail to the elements! Welcome to the Lady and Lord! We stand between the worlds surrounded by light, love and power."

Sandra poured wine onto the ground for the Lady and Lord, and turned to face Camryn.

"I know we've done spells before, but the power you five hold is amazing." Camryn looked around the circle with a smile.

Tamara winced and shook her head. The woman would never learn.

"Are you ready to begin, Camryn?" Sandra asked gently.

"I'm not sure where to start. I did spells for love, money, health, a job and looks."

"Did you follow my instructions?"

"Yes, I did. But--"

"No buts. Get your spells in order, dear. Job, looks, health, love, money. Please start when you are ready."

Camryn nodded, but looked nervously around the circle. Tamara fought to keep her impatience in check. Once she was no longer in the coven they would need someone to take her place. At least with Camryn she didn't have to worry that they'd be missing a corner.

Sandra piled some small oak twigs inside the cast iron cauldron. Tamara held her breath while Camryn rifled through her papers until she produced the one she wanted. After Camryn read the paper, she reached for the frankincense candle and lit it as she said, "Please cleanse me, as I reverse the spells I cast in ignorance."

The flame flickered, but held strong, and Tamara bit back a sigh of relief. Camryn looked down at the sheet and repeated the spell, hopefully word for word. The flame stayed strong and true. When she finished, she dropped the paper in the cauldron. It burned with a brilliant flash of light.

Camryn moved onto the next spells with more confidence, and was finished in no time. She dropped the last paper into the cauldron and a huge flame leapt out of the cauldron and split into five separate flames. One shot at each corner, and the last at Sandra as she stood next to the altar.

Red hot pain seared Tamara's chest and she cried out as she clawed at her shirt. Cries from her sisters filled her ears, but she couldn't see them through the blinding flames licking at her chest.

"Shit, shit, shit!" She howled as tears ran down her face. The pain from the flames sent her to her knees before she thought to stop, drop and roll. As she fell on her back and rolled over to smother the flames, she tried to focus on them and draw their power into her so they would shrink. But unlike real flames, the magical ones stayed steady and strong.

"My Lady!" Tamara begged through gasps for air. "Please help your daughters."

As if in answer to her prayer, a beckoning darkness yawned before her, and she stumbled into it with open arms.

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