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On the Net [MultiFormat]
eBook by habu

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica
eBook Description: The advent of the computer age-and especially of the Internet-opened up whole new worlds, not the least in the realm of erotica. For the gay male, the Internet has provided access to whole worlds of possibilities and connections. This fourteen-story anthology explores male connecting with male, sometimes with humor and surprise and sometimes poignantly-but always in steamy hot discovery and fulfillment-across the realm of computers and the Internet in all of its variety and complexity.

eBook Publisher: Excessica Publishing
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2009

6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"The talented and flexible author habu has given us another hot anthology with "On the Net." As he says in his introduction, the internet has opened up a whole new realm of access for connections and hook-ups for gay males. In these stories the computer itself is always one of the characters, either as excuse or tool or possibility. The stories explore a variety of angles, but all end up with hot sex in one form or another, sometimes in the imagination, sometimes in person, sometimes both?If you like hot men and sex in all imaginable forms, and if you ever use a computer to look at something a little more racy than your email, you'll love On the Net. " -Carole, Rainbow Reviews, 4/5 STARS!

I waited a few minutes, but no sign of the man who had followed me into the park, although a couple, very much taken with each other did pass by not more than twenty feet from where I was half concealed between the two trunks of the tree. Two young guys had come out onto the grassy area, throwing a Frisbee and being pretty noisy about it. They looked pretty hunky, and my imagination went to what the three of us could be doing out on that grassy lawn.

My mind went into a fantasy of the three of us throwing the Frisbee--all in the nude. People were passing by us on the pathway skirting the irregular oval of parkland we were frolicking in, but they weren't seeing us. It was like we weren't there. The two men were impossibly hung, like this was some sort of a cartoon. One laughed and flew the Frisbee over my head toward a fringe of trees. Both I and one of the young hunks were going after it. Our paths collided at the fringe of the trees, on a little knoll just short of the tree line. We went down in a heap. The guy was under me and somehow I was stretched on top of him, my ass impaled on his hard cock, and he was fucking me. The other young man approached and fell down on the grass at my feet and began sucking my cock. All of the time, people--in Victorian costumes, the women with frilly parasols--were strolling the pathways around the oval, oblivious to the fucking going on just short of the tree line.

I came back into the real world, my hand at my crotch, spot of wetness on my pants where my cock had released some precum.

I was about to leave, when I felt hands on my hips from behind and a deep voice was whispering in my ear. "Hold still. Just hold right there."

I turned my head in shock, just in time to see a mop of black curly hair dipping down at my side. Hands were fumbling at my belt buckle and then my zipper, and my pants and briefs were being slipped down off my hips.

I flinched and moaned as a cool tongue lapped between my butt cheeks, seeking out my asshole, and a hand encased my dick. I was confused. Was I slipping into another fantasy or was this real. It seemed quite real, though. I should have pulled away then and stumbled out of the park, but the lust filled me immediately and I was going very hard. The reality was even more arousing than the photos on the public fucking Web site were.

I gave in to it--just as I had for the professor. I stood, leaning into the crotch of the tree, my legs spread out behind me, locked and in a wider stance so the dark guy could kneel between them. I was depicting as fully clothed for anyone spying me from the park path or out on the grassy area, but I was revealed from the rear as naked from the waist down, with, first a tongue, and then fingers, digging into my ass canal and a big, calloused hand pulling at my engorged cock.

I came almost immediately, as an older couple was passing by on the pathway. The woman glanced around at me in slight surprise of seeing someone there. But it didn't seem to register with her that I was spilling seed against the tree trunk with the callused pad of a finger rubbing my prostate. I found that thrilling.

"Come with me to the tearoom," A deep voice was whispering in my ear as my pants were being pulled back over my hips.

"The tearoom?" I responded in a confused voice.

"Yeah. The public toilet. Tearoom, as in the letter 'T'--standing for toilet room. You know, like in the name of the Web site you were looking at in the library. Tearoom trade fucking--TRtrade.com. You like being fucked in public, don't you? I want to fuck you in the tearoom."

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