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Calendar Boys December: First And Always [MultiFormat]
eBook by Jamie Craig

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
eBook Description: What would you do if all your dreams came true on Christmas morning? Michael Pappas has been dating football superstar Tre Griffin on the sly for nearly a year. Unfortunately, the demands of Tre's career often keep them separated and alone. But Tre has a plan to change all that, and showing up unannounced in Miami on Christmas Day is just the beginning of his surprises... Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Sports / Athletes / Interracial / Multicultural / Series

eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, Published: 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2009

35 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"4.5 STARS!...A fitting end to this series...I loved this book and the way Jamie Craig brought their relationship full circle at Christmas and gave our lovers a well deserved HEA. The sex between this couple was really loving as they made up for lost time and demonstrated what they meant to each other...I love this series and I will be very sorry to see it end....Great work ladies on this wonderful series!"--Jessewave, Reviews By Jessewave

"4 Nymphs!...The last release in Jamie Craig's year-long Calendar Boys series, and re-visiting Michael and Tre is the perfect way to bring this enjoyable group of books to a satisfying close. Our guys are still as crazy about each other as ever, their passion always simmering under the surface, ready to burst into flame. Yet, at the same time, it's a tender and caring tale of two men deeply in love. This heart-warming short is full of love and hope for the future, and is just what your heart needs for this holiday season."--Mystical Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

"5 Angels!...The end of the year brings the last installment of the Calendar Boys series. Jamie Craig rolls the series around right back to where it started with Tre and Michael's story. I can't help but love finishing the series with the continuation of January's installment...Even though I am sad to see the end of this series, First And Always ties everything up nicely!"--April, Fallen Angel Reviews

"4.5 Stars!...The sparks do fly between Tre and Michael, but there's as much sweet as there is heat, and it's a fitting end to the Calendar Boys series...While this is a sequel to the January story, it stands just fine on its own..."--Scribbler, Rainbow Reviews

"Joyfully Recommended!...Solid gold! This story picks up almost a year after the two main characters met and fell in love. There is a wealth of emotion, poignancy and a few surprises...Multi-talented author Jamie Craig gives readers a fast-paced, dialogue-packed treat to enjoy."--Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

Michael tried not to fidget. He had no idea what his father was talking about. He'd picked up a few pieces here and there on the game--inevitable, considering how much time he and Tre had spent together after they'd first met--but much of it still went right over his head. If it didn't involve Tre, he had a tendency not to notice it. And he hadn't even watched Tre's games in the beginning because he didn't want to be reminded they weren't together.

"I don't think they've said anything about it yet. Who's New York playing again?"

George's lips twitched. "New York played yesterday afternoon. You were sitting here when Geary was injured, and they were forced to rely on the running game."

His face flushed. Now that George mentioned it, he remembered. He had been so focused on Tre, he hadn't even made the connection.

"I'm still learning, okay? Be glad I'm not bugging you about why the team's uniforms change colors in between games anymore."

"It was my fondest hope that my brilliant son would one day learn the difference between home games and away games." George took a long swallow of his Coke, then reached for the bag of peanuts he always kept on the side of his chair. "How many rushing yards did Griffin have yesterday?"

"A hundred and thirty-seven with ten receptions." Michael sipped his drink before adding, "And seventy-four passing yards."

"I see. Was that his first hundred-yard plus game this year?"

"Tenth, actually. He would've had eleven if he hadn't been injured in the New England game."

"Yeah, he probably would have. He was lucky it was just a sprain, or else he might have missed more games. You talk to him at all since the season started?"

"Every once in a while."

Not as often as Michael would have liked. And he didn't dare tell his dad the truth about their relationship. George thought they were just friends, and had ever since Michael had brought him to the family reunion the January before. Though Michael was out in his day-to-day life, his parents didn't know the truth, and Tre was deep in the closet due to his career. For Tre's sake, they kept it as discreet as they possibly could. Michael didn't care. All that mattered was the time he got to spend with Tre. If the world wanted to see them as only friends, it didn't change a thing about his feelings for the man.

"Uh huh. Son..." George muted the television and trained thoughtful eyes on Michael. Though he was getting older, and had all the aches and pains to prove it, his mind was still as sharp as it had ever been. "Are you and Tre Griffin more than just friends?"

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