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Mr. Right Now [MultiFormat]
eBook by Fae Sutherland & Marguerite Labbe & Eric Arvin

eBook Category: Gay Fiction/Romance
eBook Description:

Do you dream of Mr. Right? Of that magic moment when sparks fly and attraction is undeniable? Let these stories feed those fantasies with Mr. Right Now. Enjoy random encounters like a sizzling hot lunchtime meeting; a tense, passionate clash in a car's back seat; a once-in-a-lifetime sensual opportunity; or a casual encounter of convenience. Whether it lasts a handful of explosive minutes or a heartfelt hour, you never know if Mr. Right Now is going to surprise you and become much more. Give Mr. Right Now a chance--and hold on for a wild ride.

Stories included are:

Snowbound, Lovebound? by Fae Sutherland & Marguerite Labbe
Deacon Decides by Eric Arvin
A Screw and A Stud by Sonja Spencer
Odds Are by Chrissy Munder
A Thorough Workout by Alix Bekins
Know When to Spread 'em by Catt Ford
The Proposition by Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban
Wanna Ride? by Sonja Spencer
Power Struggle by Anais Morten
Special Offer by Clare London

eBook Publisher: Dreamspinner Press/Dreamspinner Press, Published: 2008, 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2009

13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Snowbound, Lovebound?

Fae Sutherland & Margurite Labbe
* * * *

"Fuck you, Tam. I ain't listenin' to goddamn 'choppin' anymore!" Jimmy reached down to fiddle with the radio, ignoring Bryan Tam's huffing.

Tam snorted and smacked Jimmy's hand away from the radio. "It's pronounced 'sho-pan', hillbilly. And you're going to listen to it, because I'm driving. Who knows, maybe it'll rub some class off onto you, though I doubt it."

Jimmy glared at his partner then slouched down in the seat. "Yeah, well, you have twenty more minutes until I take over driving and I don't wanna hear a fuckin' word about my music, got it?" Fucking overbearing, pain in the ass, condescending bastard. Jimmy swore the man must have a fear of drowning every time it rained; his nose was so far in the air.

Tam arched a slim brow imperiously. "Music? Is that what you call it? I brought earplugs for just that occasion, hotshot, not to worry." His tone was smug, and Jimmy wanted to punch him right in his smirking mouth. Fucker.

Jimmy looked around for lack of anything entertaining to do since the batteries on his Game Boy had died two hours earlier and Mr. Prima Donna couldn't be bothered to stop and let Jimmy buy some more. He scowled and sat up, gesturing to the road sign they'd just passed. "Tam, you wanna tell me why the fuck we're 25 miles from Hartford when we're supposed to be in fucking Albany? Connecticut, New York ... kinda not the same fuckin' state, ya know."

Tam frowned and glanced around, then huffed and shook his head. "You must have read the sign wrong, Jimmy, although that doesn't surprise me, reading and writing isn't exactly high on the hill folk list of important things to do, is it? In fact, it's right below 'Marry someone I'm not related to' if I recall correctly."

Jimmy growled. Oh that was just it! He did what he'd wanted to do all day and planted his fist firmly on that elegant jaw. Of course, he didn't take into account the fact that Tam was the one driving and knocking out the driver might not be a good idea. The car lurched to the side and skidded on the icy, slippery road as Tam swore, fighting with the steering wheel. He lost control of the car and they went careening in a spin off the blacktop, down a low incline. Jimmy grabbed the oh shit handle, his heart pounding until they settled firmly with a hiss of deflating tires and a crunch of a fender about twenty feet down from the road itself.

Tam glared at Jimmy and smacked the back of his head hard, though Jimmy figured he wanted to do way more than that. "Are you crazy?! Wait, don't answer that, you clearly are because you just attacked me while I was driving, for God's sake! Christ, you really are simple, Jimmy."

Jimmy was tempted to hit him again just on general principle, but before he could, Tam jerked the driver's door open and got out to check the damage to the car. Jimmy shivered as the icy cold air, along with some snow, came blowing in. He took the opportunity to reach down and shut the radio off with a little childish smirk before he climbed out to join Tam.


Tam's expression was incredulous as he laid his hands on his lean hips. "Well? Well what, jackass? It's dead, no thanks to you, and we're now stuck in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a snowstorm and worse, I'm stuck here with you!"

Jimmy glared, chin tilting. "Well, you're no picnic either, ya know." He deflated and bit the corner of his lip, peering at the crumpled front end of the car. Guilt swept him, though he blustered to hide it. "Well, ya shoulda not said what ya did. It's your fault."

Tam's head snapped up, eyes wide. "Excuse me? My fault? You, Jimmy Murphy, are the most self-absorbed, self-important, egotistical, entitlement happy bastard I have ever met. And I could care less how good you are in the ring, out of it you make me fucking sick!" He stormed back to the car and slammed the door shut, leaving Jimmy staring.

He was annoyed to find that Tam's accusations actually hurt. He was not self-absorbed. Okay, maybe a little, but he was definitely not egotistical. Um ... well, a smidge perhaps. But entitlement happy? He was pretty sure he wasn't that. Only because he wasn't sure what it meant.

Jimmy waded his way through the ankle-deep snow back to the passenger door and tugged it open. He shivered as he climbed in and shut it again. He didn't say a word, just glared and slumped in the seat.

After about ten minutes, Tam sighed. "Oh, stop pouting for God's sake. We need to figure out a plan."

"And you want my input? Oh, but Ah'm jus' a redneck hillbilly from the sticks, what would Ah know 'bout anythin' but screwin' mah cousins?" Jimmy exaggerated his accent with a narrow-eyed glare.

Tam rolled his eyes, which amused Jimmy because it seemed like something the proper Bryan Tam would never do. "Listen, Jimmy, we don't have time for your childish behavior. It's three below out there and still dropping, so unless you want to die with me in a little metal coffin buried in the snow, I suggest you help."

That was enough to jolt Jimmy out of his petulant pout and he sat up straighter. "Gotcha. But don't go thinkin' anything stupid like we're friends now or somethin' just cuz we gotta work together. I still hate yer guts."

Tam sighed and shook his head. "I'm well aware, Jimmy, believe me." So what if maybe Jimmy heard a bit of sadness in his tone; it was gone before he could really notice and the acerbic, prickly Tam he knew and hated was back full force.

God, of all the jackasses to get stuck with. They'd better get out of this and quick or somebody was gonna end up dead, and it damn sure wasn't gonna be Jimmy.

Tam bit the inside of his cheek and pursed his lips, studying the snow swirling down. It wasn't too bad yet, but it was only going to get worse. He took out his cell phone, ignoring the little sting his pride got from having to call for help. Jimmy snickered and he shot the brat a fierce glance. Of all the people to be stuck with, he was with the most spoiled rotten man he'd ever had the privilege to meet.

"Put a cork in it, hotshot," Tam snapped. Christ, Jimmy could provoke him like nobody else. He had perfected the habit of getting under his skin and knowing just how to irritate him. Jimmy probably sensed that Tam liked to keep his emotions on an even keel and went out of his way to turn them inside out.

The cell phone signal was gone and Tam cursed under his breath. There went that idea. It was either the storm or because they were a little off the track from where they were supposed to be. Though he fucking refused to acknowledge that Jimmy may be correct and they might be nowhere near Albany.

"We're just going to have to stay put," Tam announced, putting all the authority he could muster into his voice in the vain hope Jimmy would listen. "The storm will end eventually and someone will be by to clean the roads. We'll keep an eye out for them."

"That's your grand plan?" Jimmy shouted, turning to glare at him. "Just sit back and wait for them to find our bodies?"

Tam glared right back. "Cease your melodrama, Jimmy. This is not the Midwest. The storm can't last for more than a day or two, and we have snacks and water. I'll run the car every once in a while for a few minutes and we'll be fine if we keep our heads straight. Can you manage that?"

Jimmy's cheeks reddened even further and his icy blue eyes flashed pure outrage. Tam was surprised they didn't scorch him into a little pile of ash in his seat. Good God, that boy had a temper. "Fuck you, Tam. I ain't sittin' in here with ya for two days and doing nothing."

Tam watched, incredulous, as Jimmy opened the door and swung his legs out. "What do you think you're doing?" He demanded, grabbing a hold of Jimmy's arm through his jacket.

Jimmy scowled down at his hand and then met his eyes. "Get your hand off my Pats. That exit we passed wasn't too far away. Ah'll go and get help since you're too much of a pansy ass to do anythin' but sit and wait. Ah'll let ya thank me later."

Pats? What the hell was Jimmy talking about now? "Just stop it, hotshot. I'm not letting you walk out there and get yourself killed." Tam had to say something to cover up the note of concern in his voice. "I don't want to have to explain your mistake to the boss."

"My mistake!" Jimmy growled, jerking his arm free from Tam's grip. "Jesus, you do love to pin everything on me, don't you? I guess the great Bryan fucking Tam isn't capable of making mistakes unlike the rest of us?"

For half a second Tam thought Jimmy was going to deck him again and really wished he wouldn't. His jaw was already aching and as much as a good fight would heat up his blood right now, it was counterproductive to their situation. He resisted the impulse to remind Jimmy that he had accosted him while Tam had been driving; there was no need to dig it in, especially when he'd been baiting Jimmy, knowing how his temper worked.

The sound of a slamming car door stunned Tam out of his thoughts. He stared at the empty seat next to him, his heart suddenly hammering. Oh Jesus fucking Christ, Jimmy wasn't. Tam looked in the rearview mirror at Jimmy who was stalking away, his head down against the wind and his hands deep in his pockets. Oh fuck. He was going to get himself killed, leaving Tam stuck with the guilt for the rest of his life.

Tam grabbed the grocery bag of water and snacks and the first aid kit in the back seat before heading out in pursuit. "Jimmy!" he shouted, the wind taking the sound of his voice and carrying it away. Okay, yes, Jimmy drove him fucking nuts, but he didn't want anything to happen to him. On days when Tam hadn't spent too much time in his company, he could even admit, privately to himself, that Jimmy wasn't all bad. He had a good heart even if he was arrogant and cocky and had a temper that would make an Irishman proud.

After several minutes of floundering in the snow, Tam caught up to Jimmy who was now walking along the road. Maybe an emergency vehicle would come along. He had to admit the exercise had warmed him up. Jimmy glanced at him sideways, still fuming, but didn't say a word.

Several things ran through Tam's mind, all of which he wanted to say, but he finally settled on the one he should. "I'm sorry, Jimmy." Jimmy looked over again, surprise replacing fury. "I shouldn't have called you a hillbilly," Tam continued, his face perfectly straight. "Or implied you couldn't read. The hill folk comment was definitely over the top."

Jimmy stopped dead in his tracks and turned towards him. The wind tugged his scarf and the snow settled on his eyelashes in a way that made Tam think things he shouldn't, which was what always irritated him about Jimmy. "However, the jackass and simple remarks were right on the money," Tam finished.

Jimmy couldn't help the snort of laughter. He fucking hated it when Tam would do that. Make him laugh when he wanted to be pissed. Fucker was really good at it, mostly because he'd look at you with that straight face, every inch the serious, proper guy, and Jimmy just knew underneath he was snickering like a junior high schooler.

He started walking again. "Yeah, well, just be glad I didn't say some of the stuff I was thinkin', otherwise I'd maybe be apologizing too. Maybe."

Tam scrambled to catch up to him and laid his hand on Jimmy's shoulder. "Jimmy, we really shouldn't leave the car. I know the exit isn't that far, but it's one of the rules of winter storms, never abandon the vehicle."

Jimmy smirked. "Rules were made ta be broken, Tam. Now you wanna stay and follow your little guide to being a goody two shoes, go right ahead. I plan to be laid up in a nice comfy warm hotel room within the hour ordering delivery and watching some porn."

Tam wrinkled his nose. "Thank you for the visual I didn't need, Jimmy." Tam huffed and glanced back at the car, then at Jimmy, who had started walking again, before seeming to come to a decision. He stomped after Jimmy. Jimmy arched his brows and got a snapped, "Shut the hell up. Not a word," for his trouble.

Jimmy shrugged and buried his hands further into his jacket, shivering as the wind and cold cut right through his heavy New England Patriots jacket and the hoodie underneath. Fuck, it was colder than he'd thought when they were back at the car. He glanced over at Tam and his brow furrowed at how red his nose was and his fancy mid-length leather jacket didn't look nearly as warm as Jimmy's.

"Hey ... you okay? Shouldn't be too far."

Tam gave him a pursed lip glance. "I'm fine, and you had better hope it's not too far. It's coming down harder in case you haven't noticed."

Jimmy tilted his head back, noticing Tam was right. The snow was falling harder and damn, the road was fucking deserted. Where was all the traffic when you needed it? He frowned. He could have sworn the exit was closer than this. How long had it been after he'd seen the sign to when they'd gone off the road? No more than five, ten minutes, right? The way Tam drove that had to mean they weren't but five to ten miles away ... ouch. Five to ten miles. In a snowstorm. Christ, maybe Tam was right and he was simple.

He stopped in his tracks and looked back towards the car almost lost in the haze of snow, then at Tam. He hated the knowing expression on the other man's face, like he was just standing there going "I was right you were wrong," except gloating would probably be deemed below Tam.


Tam cleared his throat and nodded. "Yeah, I'm going to have to put my foot down, Jimmy. We're going back to the car and waiting for help, and don't you dare argue with me."

Jimmy laughed out loud, shoving Tam' shoulder. "Save your salve to my ego, Tam, you were right. Come on, let's get the fuck back there, I'm freezing my nuts off."

They were both silent as they made their way back to the car, and Jimmy had to admit he was grateful to see it, even more grateful when they climbed in and Tam turned it on to get some heat going. The blast of hot air made his icy extremities prick and tingle, but damned if he minded. He held his palms up in front of one of the vents and was just about to moan in pleasure when the car shut off.

He scowled. "Dammit Tam, that wasn't enough to warm up a gnat, turn it back on!"

Tam glared. "I didn't shut it off, brat, it died. Hang on..." Jimmy watched intently as Tam tried again. The engine turned over sluggishly, struggling to catch before finally there was nothing but some clicking. Dammit!

Jimmy shoved his cold hands back in his pockets, refusing to admit that there was a little ball of fear starting to form in his stomach. "Now what do we do?" In all honesty he truly hoped Tam had an answer.

Tam looked over at Jimmy. The worry in the hotshot's eyes was clear and he knew if he tried to reassure him he'd either get a snippy comment or a slap in the back of his head for his effort. He turned towards the backseat, an idea beginning to form in his mind, but in all honesty he'd almost rather freeze than voice it. He could only imagine Jimmy's reaction. He sighed; it was time for the both of them to cease bickering like children and act like adults. "Come on, hotshot," he said, clambering into the back seat. "We've got a blanket back here. If we stay close we'll keep warm."

Jimmy's blue eyes were wide and incredulous, and then he started snickering. "Oh, now I've heard everything. You wanna fucking cuddle? Ya could really use some work on your pick up lines, Tam."

Tam shot him a baleful look, settling down in the back seat and stretching out his long legs. He could feel his ears redden and scowled harder. "Judas Priest, Jimmy, you're an ass. I know you think you're God's gift to wrestling and everybody wants a piece of you, but honestly, I'm not impressed. The wrapping is pretty, but the inside leaves much to be desired." He sighed, already regretting his rude comment, but Jimmy didn't seem to notice it. He was too busy still snickering.

"Sure, whatever ya say, Tam." The brat sounded almost gleeful. "I'd believe you more if you didn't spend so much time pawing at me in the ring."

Tam's jaw tightened. He unhooked the back seat and laid it down, reaching into the trunk for the blanket. Then he settled back and draped it over his legs, tucking in the corners. He was not going to give Jimmy the satisfaction of continuing to argue with him. He dragged the blanket up to his chin and leaned his head back on the seat, closing his eyes. His hands were clenched in the folds of the blanket to keep himself from strangling Jimmy.

"What are you doing?" Jimmy demanded. "Is that the only blanket?"

Tam fought hard to keep the smug smile from his lips and was pretty sure he had succeeded. "I'm going to take a nap for the next hour or so, then you can take your turn." He made his voice as condescending as possible, "Try not to freeze during that time since you're too damned good to be back here with me."

Jimmy swore viciously and Tam heard him climb over the seat. His breath came out in a whoosh of air as Jimmy landed on him. "Move over, damn it," Jimmy snapped, elbowing him in the ribs. "Freaking Prima Donna drama queen," the younger man muttered under his breath. "Can't take a joke."

Tam opened one eye. He fixed Jimmy with a steely look and moved his legs so Jimmy could sit down before promptly placing them right back in his lap, daring Jimmy to say one word. He might just be tempted to plant his heel between Jimmy's thighs. That would take Jimmy's mind off the cold for a little bit. They struggled with the blanket, pulling it back and forth before it was arranged to their satisfaction. Tam knew he was being horribly childish as well, but he put the blame solely on Jimmy. He'd provoke a saint, and Tam was no damned saint.

Their shared heat started warming Tam up, though the tip of his nose and ears still felt raw. He was grateful Jimmy had decided to come back, because if he had gotten frostbite he would've staked Jimmy naked out in the snow. Hmmm, that had definite possibilities and was preferable to think on instead of Jimmy's warmth and his scent. Tam started to drift off to sleep, humming lightly to himself when he felt Jimmy's shoe nudge him hard in the stomach. "What?" he snapped, refusing to open his eyes.

"You can't seriously be thinking about sleeping," Jimmy said, nudging him again. "It's getting dark out there and the snow is coming down worse."

Tam tried to calm his temper, realizing Jimmy was worried. "We don't know how long we're going to be out here, Jimmy. We'll conserve energy this way, and if we take turns we can make sure the other doesn't sleep too deeply or get too cold." He wasn't sure if you could get hypothermia from sleeping, but he wasn't going to risk it. Since there were two of them they could keep an eye on each other.

"Bryan," Jimmy said, with a slight whine in his voice. "Come on. You can sleep later."

Tam's eyes flew open and then narrowed on Jimmy. "What, you need me to hold your hand for you too, hotshot? Would you like me to tell you a bedtime story?" God fucking dammit, he just wanted some peace. Didn't Jimmy realize what his proximity was doing to Tam's self-control? Oh good God, where had that thought come from? It made him reckless and he couldn't stop goading Jimmy. "Why don't I sing you a fucking lullaby while I'm at it?"

When Jimmy's eyes flashed blue fire at him Tam knew he'd gone too far and braced himself for the fallout. Jimmy scrambled and grabbed a hold of him, and they wrestled on the back seat, kicking the blanket off onto the floor, the car rocking as they each tried to get the better of the other. Tam's heart beat faster and he felt his blood start to heat up. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound. If he was going to get his ass kicked, he was going to damn well deserve it and give Jimmy what he'd had coming for a long damned time.

The hotshot let out a startled squeak as Tam dragged him over his lap, anticipation rising higher. Jimmy's thick jacket hampered his struggles as Tam jammed his elbow in the small of Jimmy's back long enough to yank Jimmy's jeans down around his thighs. Jimmy's bellow of outrage was probably heard in Albany. Tam admired the perfection of Jimmy's ass for a split second before bringing his hand down hard three times across both cheeks. They bounced slightly under his touch and damn, it felt so good, even if Tam knew he'd just signed his own damn death warrant. He raised his hand to strike again when Jimmy's roar of unadulterated fury whipped the air between them and the hotshot jerked himself out of his grasp.

Jimmy launched himself at Tam and tackled him back onto the seat, fist slamming into his stomach and snarling, so furious that he hadn't bothered to yank his jeans back up. "Fucking asshole!" He grunted when Tam agilely flipped them over in the cramped space and returned the blow, the two of them struggling for the upper hand. Jimmy's legs came around Tam's waist and tightened, using his powerful leg muscles to squeeze the breath right out of him as he glared up at Tam through the shadows. Tam's fist connected with his temple and Jimmy saw stars.

His grip relaxed and Tam took advantage, grabbing Jimmy's legs and flipping him back over onto his stomach, pinning him there. "Dammit hotshot, calm the fuck down. Then I'll let you go." His words panted in Jimmy's ear and Jimmy tried to ignore the shiver of awareness that ran down his spine, the combination of that and Tam's groin pressed tightly against his naked ass.

Jimmy snarled and swung an elbow back, catching Tam's shoulder. Between the surprise of the blow and his own strength, Jimmy slid out from underneath him and reversed their positions. He pinned Tam to the seat, growling as he reached a hand down and jerked at Tam's finely tailored pants, feeling the shock go through the other man.

"Don't you fucking dare, Jimmy Murphy!" There was a clear threat in Tam's voice. Jimmy snorted with laughter, wrenching Tam's arm up behind his back even more with his other hand.

"Don't what, fucker? Humiliate you in return? I think I will." He heard fabric tear as Tam's pants gave way at the seam and shoved them down despite Tam's frantic wriggling. That turned out to be a mistake on both their parts, though, because when those pants fell away and Jimmy felt bare skin against his cock with Tam writhing like that--spanking that ass was the furthest thing from his mind. Fucking it, however...

"James ... get off..." There was an edge of desperation in Tam's voice, like he had an idea what Jimmy was thinking. Jimmy bent his head and sank his teeth into the other man's shoulder, not hard enough to break the skin, growling.

"That was exactly what I was thinkin', Bryan..." He had no idea what'd come over him. Wasn't like he hadn't at first thought Tam was quite possibly the most fuckable man he'd ever met, but that'd been quelled quick when it had become clear they rubbed each other every way but the right one.

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