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Savvy Business Skills for Writers: Nuts and Bolts [MultiFormat]
eBook by Renee Knowles

eBook Category: Reference/General Nonfiction
eBook Description: This is the first book in a series on developing business skills to grow and thrive in the challenging publishing industry. Make no doubt about it, to agents and editors, writing is first and foremost a business. Publishing generates billions of dollars every year. How can a writer find their slice of the pie? That's what this book will help you accomplish. Of course, having a salable project and great writing ability is ultimately what will sell your book or article and keep your readers coming back. Yet, in this competitive time, you need more. You need an extra edge. Building your business skills will make you shine to editors and agents and help you build an audience. This is what will set you apart from all the other writers who haven't been savvy enough to learn the business end of writing. Ms. Knowles discusses how to creating a dynamic career plan, networking and promoting on a budget, shining at a writers' conference, time management, and no fear public speaking. The second book in the series will provide in-depth information on branding and promotion. Are you ready to take your writing career to the next level?

eBook Publisher: Wild Child Publishing/Wild Child Publishing, Published: 2009, 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2009

"Savvy Business Skills for Writers: Nuts and Bolts is a book that every writer MUST have! Not only is Ms. Knowles' material extremely helpful, the way she writes made me feel like she was sitting right beside me. She really drew me in, captured my attention, and got me moving on the right track. Being a writer, I don't always find myself excelling on the business end of things, but with this book, I feel a lot more confindent. Not only does Ms. Knowles present a great wealth of knowledge, she makes learning fun!"--Eliza Knight, historical romance author and owner of the History Undressed blog. "Ms. Knowles' common sense approach to mapping out a thorough business plan is a must have for every successful author!"--Juliet Burns, Harlequin and Red Sage author.


Super Charge Your Career!
Five Steps to Creating a Dynamic Career Plan

Famous Yankees manager Yogi Berra once said, "If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up someplace else." Now, Yogi may have an interesting way of saying things, but he makes a good point. Do you have a plan?

You might have mastered the art of dialogue and can recite the rules about point of view in your sleep. And, Heaven knows, the grammar gods have nothing on you. But do you have a career guide? Have you figured out where you're going?

All successful small businesses must plan ahead. Some reasons planning is essential are:

+ It is a guide to keep you moving forward

+ Without one, it's difficult to measure your success

+ There are many eventualities that should be accounted for

+ It keeps you on track

Consider the subject of cash flow. If you don't have any idea of what expenses you need to cover, you might come out on the short end. If you're a self-employed writer, insurance and self-employment tax are two things that can seriously sidestep you financially.

Many writers keep a full or part-time job while they are building their writing career. Others find they need to branch out into more than one type of writing if they're going to make the income they need in order to survive on their own.

Knowing where your career is heading forces you to take steps in that direction. You'll be surprised at how it can energize your writing as well, giving it more purpose and sometimes a whole new direction.

What's the best way to plan? For our purposes, I've taken a formal small business plan and revised it to make it more relevant to the needs of writers. I've also broken it down into five simple steps with exercises to help you get started. But remember that this is your plan. So, play with it and make it work for you.

Also, as you move along in your career, keep track of your successes. Whether it's a sale, a great review, or even a wonderful reader e-mail, keeping them together in a binder or folder will give you something to refer to when things get tough or a difficult rejection rolls in. This business is hard enough. Finding a way to celebrate--even the smallest victories--will help keep you sane.

We will start building our career plan by defining our goals. We actually spend a lot of time on goals, because determining them will be the foundation for the whole plan. We're going to dig deep and uncover your true dreams and desires.

If you're ready, let's get started.

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