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Pool [MultiFormat]
eBook by Robin Beaudette

eBook Category: Suspense/Thriller
eBook Description: Sometimes people get lucky. And sometimes those people are cold-blooded killers. Like the killer who left a body in Kyle Mercer's backyard swimming pool. Was it the stranger who kept watching her from the woods behind her house? Or was it her husband, a surgeon who worked long hours, covering up an affair gone wrong? When the remains are discovered, everyone looks to Kyle for answers about the woman's identity. An attorney and a policeman both come to her aid, yet only one wants to uncover the truth. She must choose which one to trust, but if she chooses wrong, she may be the next victim. Help comes from an unlikely source--two young, petty criminals unwittingly trip up the clever murderer. But can they figure out his identity in time to save Kyle?

eBook Publisher: L&L Dreamspell/L&L Dreamspell, Published: Spring, Texas, 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2009

4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Ice pushed at the sides of the pool like an iceberg. The thick crust spread across the top, but underneath the frigid water remained slow and loose. Only the very top of the water of in-ground pools actually freezes. The freeform design of the cement hole allows for the unique curves that mirror a deformed, bloated kidney. The decking around the area is barren of any decoration. All outdoor furniture is stored away. The new high-tech cover is green mesh, much like a large trampoline, and is harnessed to the concrete with cables. Water seeps through, but leaves and debris do not. Neither do elephants, according to the advertisements.

Most pools in the Northeast are closed by the end of September. Even with heaters, autumn is an endless battle. The lines are drained, equipment turned off in time to brace for harsh winters. The pool is neatly dormant. The remains of a body scattered on the bottom will remain undisturbed until the warm sun returns. Right now three feet of snow sinks into the green cover. The tomb sleeps.

* * * *

Six months earlier...

* * * *

Kyle Mercer recited her list of errands: grocery store, dry cleaner, and the vet's office to pick up eye medicine for Maggie, the family dog, the only other "girl" in the house. Kyle picked her out of a litter of rambunctious, chocolate, little heads chewing each other. Her buddy. Kyle rocked her to sleep as a pup, in a blanket, and now rarely left her side without giving the canine an explanation. And a milk bone.

"Will the excitement never end?" If she hurried she'd be home in time to start dinner. With one motion, she grabbed her keys and patted the Lab, who sat dutifully by the door. Maggie's big brown eyes widened. She'd listen to any complaints if she could go for a ride in the car.

"Come on, Maggie. Let's go." Kyle opened the door and headed for the car. Maggie got there first, as usual, tail wagging. Just as Kyle lifted the handle, the dog snapped her head toward the woods, pointed her tail and growled. One hand reaching for the collar, Kyle turned her attention in that direction. She scanned the edge of the back yard along the grass line and then moved her eyes into the dense trees. With several acres of untouched greenery behind the house, it was a haven for animals, small and not so small. On more than one occasion, deer, porcupine and wild turkey emerged. Maggie's interest today was probably focused on something in the rodent family.

"I don't have time for chasing squirrels today." Kyle gripped Maggie's collar and dragged her into the back of the silver late model Explorer. The dog groaned and barked. "Lie down! Or you're going to find your way back to obedience class."

Squatting low, a young male watched as the sparkling clean SUV drove away. He stood and leaned against a thick pine tree; the rough bark stuck into his back. His dark clothes melted into the background. Military boots squashed the mud under his feet. Days of record rain for New Hampshire had put him behind schedule. He pulled out a pack of Marlboro cigarettes and lit one up with his Bic lighter. Putting the lighter away, he reached for his small notepad and noted:

* * * *

# 12 Bowen St yellow house

brown dog, Maggie, responds to commands

* * * *

He also scratched in the day and time. He looked around, crushed his cigarette into the small pile of butts and retraced his steps, but first kicked some leaves over the pile of litter. From the slight elevation, the pool and patio were completely exposed. He fixed his gaze, studying the scene. A dog door on the back of the house led out to the fenced-in area around the pool, and a far gate opened to the forest. Neat rows of split wood sat piled in an intersecting stack outside the fence. A large axe shined in the sunlight. He smirked. Why don't they just leave me a key? He turned to the woods and moved on.

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