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Love Medicine [MultiFormat]
eBook by Jane Toombs

eBook Category: Romance/Historical Fiction
eBook Description: Bramwell Sumner, a hot-shot Philadelphia lawyer, travels into the Minnesota Territory to intervene when he believes a con woman is tricking his wealthy stepbrother, Ronald, into marriage. Upon his arrival, however, Bramwell discovers that Ronald has already left his residence, and he fears he is too late. Fueled by indignation and determined to stop the wedding at all costs, he hunts down Ronald's supposed fiancee, Jennara Gray, an attractive and determined frontier doctor. But when Jennara tells him that his stepbrother has fallen in love and run off with her sister instead, Bramwell doesn't believe her, thinking she staged a ruse for his benefit. He also doesn't believe her warning when she claims that the territory is in a midst of a major and dangerous Indian uprising. Bramwell discovers his error, however, when he and Jennara go in pursuit of their wayward relatives. And before he knows it, he is forced to swallow his pride, put his trust in Jennara, and follow the capable young woman's every directive in order to stay alive in the wild and savage frontier... Genres: Romance / Historical Romance

eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, Published: 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2009

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"4 1/2 Stars!...Intriguing historical tidbits and gripping action-packed scenes. Ms. Toombs has written the best dolt-to-hero transformation to come along for quite awhile...A most charming book..."--Romantic Times

"...Jennara is an amazing character...Set in the Civil War era, the [characters] face rebels, Indians and general bad guys in a series of incidents that repeat over the course of the story. Ms Toombs has written an interesting and informative book that will interest any Civil War enthusiast."--Hollie, Coffee Time Romance & More

Jennara clung to Bramwell in the soft summer darkness, his burgeoning beard caressing her face, his lips warm and compelling on hers. Behind them, the camp was quiet, the only night sounds a chorus of frogs from the trees by the stream. Nothing was real to her except his firm back muscles under her fingers, the exciting heat of his body pressed against hers, the urgent pressure of his mouth.

Her lips parted and, as his tongue eased inside, an arrow of fire penetrated deep into her body, spreading flames along its course until she burned with an all-consuming need. She'd never expected to feel an uncontrollable desire for a man, but Bramwell's embrace ignited a passion she didn't know she possessed. She pressed closer to him, desperate for more.

Was this what prompted women to lie with men, this wild chaotic yearning for fulfillment? Always before she'd supposed only men were driven by lust, now her body's increasing demand for assuagement frightened her. Women often claimed they married for love, but what did love have to do with this animal passion? Her need was no different than that of a mare for a stallion and fully as insistent.

In the wild, stallions fought for the right to mate, only the best winning. If he were a stallion, Bramwell would be an unsurpassed leader, king of the stallions--strong and swift, with a heart-stopping dark beauty.

Jennara struggled to think coherently, to regain control, but his touch sapped her will as his hands caressed her breasts. She moaned, her nipples aching and tingling, a moist throbbing warmth spreading inside her pelvis.

She must stop but she didn't want to, must free herself from his arms but she couldn't put her mind to it. Jennara wrenched her mouth from his to cry, "No, stop!" but found herself breathing his name instead.

"Bramwell," she murmured, "oh, Bramwell."

In answer he cupped her buttocks with his hands and brought her hard against him. A spinster she might be, but her doctoring had made her well aware of a man's anatomy and she understood he was showing her how badly he wanted her. The realization added fuel to her own inner fire.

Why should she stop? She'd always listened to and heeded reason, must she go on doing so all her life? Why shouldn't she continue on this exciting journey until she reached the ultimate, unknown but oh-so-desirable destination? Why not yield to this insatiable craving, abandon all control?

Bramwell's ragged breathing rasped in her ear, telling her he, too, was passing beyond reason into the realm of pure sensation.

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