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His She-Wolf Warrior [MultiFormat]
eBook by Marisa Chenery

eBook Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica
eBook Description: Eli vowed he would never tie himself to one woman. But when he sees a lone werewolf female at Wulf's Den with six large male werewolves at her back, he finds himself instantly attracted to her. Saskia and her brothers-in-arms have come to Wulf's Den in search of the foretold one, the one they have trained most of their long lives to protect. What she didn't expect was to have one of her visions while there. Or to see that she and the male mortal who looks at her with hunger in his eyes will eventually end up in bed together. As Eli and Saskia try to sort through the feelings of an unexpected mating, a new enemy rises to threaten Roxie in her position as the foretold one. An enemy that could end their mating prematurely.

eBook Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books, Published: 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2009

272 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

"How about that one? She looks pretty hot."

Eli York looked over at the woman his sister, Billie, had pointed out from the crowd inside Wulf's Den. Yes, he found her more than pretty, but that would be a given since the woman in question was a werewolf. The species as a whole were known for their exceptional good looks.

He shook his head. "No. Not interested."

Billie narrowed her eyes at him. "Why do I get the impression you're just saying that to blow me off? You've said no to every woman Jocelyn and I have pointed out, werewolf and mortal alike."

Finn, who sat next to Eli, chuckled. "That's because he is trying to blow you off, Billie. Eli is still holding strong to his decision not to be tied to any one woman."

"Traitor," Eli said to Finn. "I thought you, of all people, would at least back me up." Seeing as how Finn and he were identical twins, they were extremely close. They looked so much alike they were mirror images of each other with their matching grey-blue eyes, longish straight black hair and muscular build. Personality wise, they were the same as well. The only difference between them now was Finn had chosen to become a werewolf after he had taken Jocelyn, a female werewolf, as his mate.

"You know I'll back you up anytime you need me to, but in this case, I have to side with Billie and Jocelyn. It's about time you settled down." Finn sat back in his chair and wrapped his arm around Jocelyn's shoulders who sat in the chair next to his. "Being mated does have its benefits, if you know what I mean."

From the heated look Finn gave Jocelyn, Eli knew exactly what his twin meant. The sex was frequent and mind-blowing, or so Finn had told him more than once. Eli turned to look at Royce, Billie's mate. "What about you, Royce? Do you think I should shackle myself to one woman?"

Royce smiled. "All I can say is nothing compares to being mated. To find that someone who makes you feel whole, complete. Your sister does that for me. I can't begrudge her that if she wants the same for you."

Eli shook his head. "Man, I have to stop hanging around you guys. If I don't watch it I'll start spouting that romantic crap as well. Ow!" He reached down to rub the shin Billie's foot had connected with under the table.

Billie glared at him. "Watch it, buster. There's nothing wrong with a man being able to express how he feels." She turned to Royce and brought his head down for a quick kiss. "It makes me hot when Royce talks like that."

Eli pretended to heave. "I think I just threw up in my mouth. Can you please keep comments like that to yourself? I really don't need to know what turns my baby sister on." Billie flipped him off. "Nice."

As she stood up, Jocelyn shook her head and laughed. "Poor, Eli. They do like to pick on you. Break time is over. I'd better get back to work."

Finn got up and kissed her soundly before she left to take an order from one of the tables she served drinks to earlier. Eli had to wonder how much longer Finn would want Jocelyn working at Wulf's Den serving tables. He knew it drove his twin nuts just thinking about his mate being around all the single male werewolves that frequented the nightclub.

Eli sometimes found it hard being around the two mated werewolf couples. The hot looks they at times gave each other made him feel as if he bordered on voyeurism. Thankfully, he didn't live with any of them. Finn had moved out of the apartment they had shared shortly after he had taken Jocelyn as his mate. Listening while Finn had hot monkey sex, or in his twin's case hot wolf sex, all night long, Eli could easily live without ever experiencing again.

Picking up his beer, Eli took a swig from the bottle then just about choked on it two seconds later when he spotted the small group near the bar. "Holy shit."

"What?" Billie asked.

"Over by the bar. Those guys have to be werewolves. They're huge."

Billie gave him a knowing smile after she glanced over at the newcomers. "I don't think it's just the men that have snagged your attention, Eli. I think the woman with them has made a part of you stand up and take notice. Your scent just gave you away."

Damn werewolves and their damn sense of smell. He could no longer hide how he felt from Finn and Billie. Of course Billie would have to be the one to point out that he'd gotten an instant hard-on the moment his eyes had landed on the woman who stood with the six very large, very muscular men.

Unable to tear his eyes away, Eli let his gaze take in the woman's long, straight, almost white blonde hair and slim build. Even though she was tall, she had to be five foot eleven, the men dwarfed her. He sucked in a sharp breath as she turned and looked directly at him. His cock jerked as their gazes locked. The rest of the world seemed to disappear.

The sound of Finn loudly clearing his throat brought Eli back to his surroundings. "Hmm, don't look now, but I think they're headed this way."

Royce sat up straighter in his chair. "Where the hell is Beowulf? They're most definitely werewolves. I have no idea who they are. They're not from any packs I know."

Eli ignored the others and Royce as his brother-in-law craned his neck around to search the nightclub. With eyes only for the female werewolf that walked closer to the table where he sat, Eli felt his heart beat faster in anticipation.

* * * *

Saskia paused near the bar as she did a quick scan of Wulf's Den. She couldn't see the one she sought. The men stood stiffly at her back. Most of them weren't comfortable in a setting such as this. Generally they made it a practice not to have any interactions with mortals when at all possible. Having to come to a place where mortals and werewolves rubbed elbows made most of them a bit edgy.

Dirk nudged her. "Are you sure this is the place?"

Saskia nodded. "Yes. She's here."

Jager snorted. "The big question is where exactly."

"This place is jam-packed," Kye said in a disgusted tone. "How are we supposed to find her in this crowd when we don't even know her name?"

"And it's not as if I want to spend the rest of the night here looking for her," Skylar added.

Leif, the only one of them that didn't mind being this close to mortals, chuckled. "Quit your complaining. Look at it as an opportunity. With all these females around, I'm sure one of you can find a woman to make the night more enjoyable."

"Unlike you," said Jager, "we don't use our dicks to do most of our thinking."

Saskia rolled her eyes. Most of the time she could take the men's good natured ribbing of one another, but they were here for a purpose. "Knock it off. Focus."

She looked around the crowded nightclub. As her gaze swept the occupied tables, she found her eyes drawn to one table in particular where a couple and two identical looking men sat. When one of the twins looked in her direction, Saskia stiffened as a vision slammed into her. She gasped as images of the two of them naked in bed as he rode her filled her head.

Pulled to him because of her vision, Saskia slowly made her way to the man's table. Her men followed behind. As she wound her way around the other tables, she kept her gaze on the man. She definitely liked what she saw. His grey-blue eyes followed her, sweeping up and down her body as she walked. When his gaze landed on her breasts, she felt her nipples pebble beneath her long sleeved t-shirt. He wanted her. She could see the look of longing in his eyes even from this distance.

Just before she reached his table, Saskia took a deep breath. The smell of aroused male filled her nostrils with each breath she took. Her pussy clenched in response. An ache began to build as wetness pooled between her legs. She took another deep breath. Her brows drew together in confusion. Now that she had reached the man's table his scent was stronger. Feeling even more confused, Saskia looked from the man who would be her lover to the man who sat next to him. They were identical twins, but their scents didn't match. The man from her vision smelled like a mortal while his twin smelled like a werewolf. How was that possible? It also made her question her vision, something she rarely did. She'd never taken a mortal as a lover before. Not that she didn't like them, she just preferred to sleep with the males of her species.

Saskia looked at the others who sat at the table as her men moved to stand on either side of her. The male werewolf that sat next to the only female werewolf at the table stood up. This was no young male, but a man in his prime.

"We're looking for a woman." As she spoke, Saskia watched the mortal out of the corner of her eye. He still gazed at her with longing as his scent washed over her--a heady mix of man and desire. She had to lick her suddenly dry lips.

"You'll have to be a little more specific than that. As you can see, there's quite a few here." The male's gaze flicked over her men before he looked back at her. "I'm Royce. You would be?"

She could tell her men made Royce uneasy as he moved to stand closer to his mate. Six unmated male werewolves tended to make any mated male leery. "I'm Saskia," she pointed to her men, "and these are my brothers."

Royce's mate chuckled. "And here I thought I had it bad having to grow up with four older brothers. I feel for you. I'm Billie by the way. And these two over here are my brothers. Just so you can tell them apart, Finn is sitting next to me and next to him is Eli."

Saskia let her gaze settle on Eli before she focused back on Billie. She could see the family resemblance between the three siblings. She still found it confusing that two of them were werewolves and one wasn't. "Actually they aren't my real brothers. They're my brothers-in-arms--Dirk, Leif, Kye, Roan, Skylar and Jagar." Each man nodded when she said their name.

"Now that we have the introductions over," Royce broke in, "why don't you tell us who you're looking for?"

"We don't know her name. We just know she is the foretold one. The one who rules over all the packs. Do you know her?"

He knew her all right. Royce went on the defensive as his upper lip pulled back and he growled low in his throat. "What do you want with my granddaughter?"

Saskia held up her hand to keep her men back as they crowded closer. She looked around the nightclub. Their exchange had started to draw the stares of the others around them. "I must speak with her. Away from prying eyes."

* * * *

Eli looked from Saskia to Royce and back to her again. The tension in the air was thick enough to cut with a knife. He still had a lot to learn about werewolf society, but it didn't take much guessing on his part to realize that Saskia asking to talk to Roxie privately with six large male werewolves at her back would raise more than one hackle. Christ, he wouldn't want to be the focus of attention of any of those guys. They each stood an inch or two taller than Royce, who already stood more than a few inches taller than himself.

He studied each of Saskia's brothers-in-arms as they and Royce sized each other up. Dirk, who stood on Saskia's right, had dark brown hair with blonde highlights running through it and fell past his shoulders. His dark green eyes were locked on Royce. Leif, who stood next to him, had short auburn hair and blue eyes, which flicked back and forth between Royce and the women around him. Kye, who stood on Saskia's other side, had dark blond hair that just touched the tops of his shoulders. His brown eyes didn't seem to miss anything as his gaze settled on each of them. Roan, Skylar and Jagar looked similar enough to be brothers. They each had light brown hair and light blue eyes that verged on the color of turquoise. Roan wore his hair shoulder length whereas Skylar and Jagar had their long hair pulled back into ponytails. Their overall impression left Eli with one thought--you sure as hell didn't want to get on their bad side if you wanted to keep breathing. Surprisingly, even though she was much smaller than them, Saskia was able to keep them in line with just a flick of her hand.

Royce shook his head. "If you want to talk to Roxie, you'll have to clear it with her mate, Beowulf, first. He's our pack leader and is very protective of Roxie."

"Which is to be expected. We're not here to do her harm. We're here to look out for her safety as well."

"I'll see what Beowulf says."

Royce grabbed Billie's arm and pulled her to stand next to him. Billie gave Saskia an apologetic look then glared daggers at Royce as he forced her to leave with him. Finn shot to his feet and without a word left the table to stand near his mate. Well, aren't I the special one? Eli wouldn't have minded being left alone if he just had Saskia to worry about. Obviously the others thought his being mortal would somehow keep him under the radar of the six male werewolves who had now zeroed in on him. Just what he didn't want.

Deciding to ignore the men, Eli focused his attention on Saskia. He pulled out the chair next to his. "Why don't you take a seat until Beowulf comes?"

He sucked in a sharp breath as Saskia turned her violet-eyed gaze his way. The tip of her tongue came out to wet her lips. Eli resisted the urge to reach down and adjust the front of his pants to make room for his erection. As if she knew what it did to him, she licked her lips once more. He bit back a moan as he thought of how it would feel to have her use her tongue on the part of him that throbbed, begging for attention. Before Saskia could answer, Beowulf arrived.

"Royce tells me you wish to see Roxie."

Saskia turned to face Beowulf. "Yes."

"Well, this isn't the time or place. We like to keep pack business out of the nightclub."

"Then where can we meet?"

Beowulf handed Saskia a piece of paper. "Here's my cell phone number. Call tomorrow afternoon and we'll arrange a time for you to talk to Roxie."

Saskia nodded. "Fine."

Eli watched as Beowulf walked away while Saskia and her brothers-in-arms made their way to the nightclub's exit. He wasn't ready to let Saskia leave. He wanted a chance to get to know her better, but with the six men at her back, he didn't know if they would let him anywhere near her. Deciding he would be an idiot to just let her walk away, Eli got up and rushed after Saskia.

Outside, he spotted her walking down the sidewalk toward the nightclub's parking lot. He called out to her. "Saskia, wait."

She stopped and signaled for her men to go on without her. Eli quickened his pace until he stood in front of her. Her violet eyes swept down his body, lingering on the bulge in his pants before she looked him in the eyes. "Do you want something?"

Oh, he wanted something all right. He wanted her naked beneath him as he sank his aching cock in her wet pussy. He wanted to taste and stroke every inch of her. "I was wondering if you had some free time, if you'd like to go out for dinner sometime."

Saskia gave him a half smile. "Are you asking me out on a date?"

"Yes. Isn't that how it's usually done when a man wants to get to know a woman better?"

"Not where I come from. No offense, but I don't usually go out on dates with mortal males."

"Why not?"

"Because I just don't."

Eli took a step closer to Saskia. Her eyes dilated as she drew in a deep breath of air. "What kind of answer is that? You have to have some reason. We're really no different from a male werewolf." He shifted even closer so they stood toe-to-toe. Saskia's eyes glowed mutedly, telling him more than anything else would that she could be more than a little interested in him.

Saskia swallowed. "I find I'm not attracted to mortals."

"Well, maybe you just haven't met the right mortal."

"Let me guess. You think you're the mortal to help change my mind?"

"Of course." Eli focused on her lips. Her tongue came out to wet them. His cock jerked at the sight of her pink tongue running along her kissable lips. With a groan, he said, "The hell with it."

Taking a page out of Billie's book, Eli pulled Saskia to him as he took her lips in a kiss. Threading his fingers through the hair at the back of her head, he angled his mouth against hers. Much to his pleasure Saskia didn't push him away. Instead she opened her mouth and sucked his tongue inside. Eli moaned as he dragged her closer and ground his erection against her hip. A second later he gasped as Saskia threaded her fingers through his hair and pushed him until his back slammed up against a brick wall. She then started to kiss him for all she was worth. Lost in a sexual haze, Eli forgot where they were until a deep voice called Saskia's name. Reluctantly they pulled apart.

Jagar stood a foot away with his arms crossed over his broad chest. He shook his head. "Saskia, if you're done checking the mortal's tonsils, we'd like to leave."

Stepping out of Eli's embrace, Saskia nodded. "I'm coming."

Jagar snorted. "Yeah, I could see you were well on your way."

Saskia glared at him before she turned back to Eli. "I have to go."

As she moved to walk away, Eli stopped her. "When can I see you again?"

"I don't know."

"Can I at least have your phone number?" When she hesitated, he said, "Okay, I won't push, but if you change your mind, you can find me most days at my family's gym, York Fitness."

"See you around, Eli." With that, Saskia disappeared around the corner.

Eli blew out a deep breath. That had gone well. Not. He'd sounded like a desperate teenager begging the girl he liked to go out with him. He usually didn't make such an ass of himself around women. Pulling the ends of his dress shirt out of his slacks to try and hide the raging hard-on he sported, Eli turned to go back inside Wulf's Den. He needed a couple more drinks before the night was through if he planned on getting any sleep. With the taste of Saskia still in his mouth, he doubted he'd be able to sleep without her filling his dreams.

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