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Paladin's Pride (Collection) [MultiFormat]
eBook by Angelina Evans

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Science Fiction
eBook Description: VanDai: Legendary warriors. Legendary lovers. They hold their women at all cost... protecting them even if the price is their life. Kai saves Genae's life and finds her life is the one that means everything to him. He will fight League killers, League generals, even the death-dealing machine of the League to save her, but he can't save her from death. For that he must depend on a healer of extraordinary talent. Llaryn, a Mriln healer, is bound by Mriln law--use of her life-force to heal non-Mriln and sex outside her species is forbidden. But she can't let an innocent die and she can't say no when the leader of the VanDai chooses her for his own. Paladin will give his life for hers and she won't live without him. For Kai and Genae, Paladin and Llaryn, love really does conquer all. Note: This collection contains the previously released novellas Out of Sight, His by Rite, Her Forever Knight, Seducing Llaryn, and Binding Llaryn.

eBook Publisher: Changeling Press LLC, Published: 2009, 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2009

18 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Out of Sight is a very original science fiction erotica story. Angelina Evans has done an excellent job of world building with this one. The danger surrounding our hero and heroine is ever present and constantly in their thoughts. The sex is hotter than hot and the hero is every woman's fantasy come to life. I really liked his invisibility. I highly recommend this one to all lovers of hot sex in their science fiction."--Chere Gruver, Sensual Romance Reviews 4.5 Stars! "Started out with a big bang, and I just hope the next one does just the same. The sex was very intense, and very, very hot.... I'd definitely recommend it."--Dani Jacquel, Just Erotic Romance Reviews Praise for His By Rite "Angelina Evans keeps readers on their toes waiting expectantly for the next chapter of Kai and Genae's fascinating, but deadly journey. His By Rite is action-packed and gets the blood pumping. Order your copy today."--Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today "An action packed, sensually enticing story of how one woman is trying to stop an evil act from being perpetrated... I found some of the scenes from this book highly sensual in nature and very pleasing. It is a great book to read and I will be eagerly waiting for the next installment of this series."--Sheryl, Coffee Time Romance Praise for Her Forever Knight "Ms. Evans writes another intriguing layer to her fascinating tales about an alien species of warriors who love their mates fiercely. Pick up a copy of Her Forever Knight today and discover a whole new world."--Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today "This is definitely a story that incorporates danger, tension and outstanding action in a short book. The love affair between them was so tangible you could almost taste it. Ms. Evans has written a series that will entertain a lot of people for years to come and is a must read from me."--Sheryl, eCataRomance reviews Praise for Seducing Llaryn "Angelina Evans creates an interesting world of strong warriors and exceptional healers... I found this to be a good story that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a hot intriguing read. I look forward to reading more in this great series."--Sandra, The Romance Studio "Seducing Llaryn is an "all or nothing" romance that proves the power of love.... Evans will not disappoint you with this passionate pair."--Amethyst Nymph, Literary Nymphs Praise for Binding Llaryn "If you enjoyed reading how this couple began, you will enjoy their continued story even more." 5 Nymphs!--Amethyst Nymph, Literary Nymphs "Angelina Evans is a truly refreshing voice in the Sci-fi Erotic Romance genre. Binding Llaryn was spell-binding...A great read that I highly recommend."--Viscaria, Whipped Cream Review "This was a spicy story of love, possession, and being bound heart and soul to another. I thoroughly enjoyed it... I would highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a hot, action packed story that will keep them on the edge of their seats."--Sandra, The Romance Studio

Laser fire blasted the tail drive of her small interplanetary transport. Metal shrieked as it tore. Her heart pounding in her throat, Genae's fingers flew over the control panel in front of her.

"Critical damage to hull integrity. Life support systems at 80% and falling."

The metallic voice echoed through the control deck as the lights wavered and died. The tiny vessel shook, fighting her every effort to keep it on course.

"Critical damage to hull integrity. Life support systems at 79% and falling." Genae gritted her teeth and concentrated on the readings in front of her. There was only one planet in the immediate vicinity that supported life. She had to reach it.

"Critical dam--"

"Shut up!" She stabbed the shut-off icon on the internal communications grid and immediately turned her attention back to keeping her vessel from disintegrating around her.

Laser fire flashed past her starboard side making her flinch. The hairs on her arms rose, the blast so close to the ship it created static electricity. Another hit would destroy her vessel. She didn't have the luxury of trying to outmaneuver the destroyer class battle ship behind her. She had to get to ground.

She wasn't going to let them kill her. Not yet. Not that easily. With new resolve she concentrated even harder on the controls. Her fingers blurred as she input coordinates for the habitable planet. She needed a perfect trajectory or she'd burn up as she entered the planet's atmosphere.

A light flashed a millisecond before a laser charred the aft port thruster. The ship started spinning. Genae didn't think, she reacted. She fired the starboard thruster to full power, fueling the spin.

The battle ship behind her veered to starboard. She cut the aft thruster and powered the forward braking thrusters. Her heart pounding the air from her lungs, she reversed the entry sequence and locked in the coordinates. Grabbing the mouth-vent, she pulled the tubing from its housing shaft and clamped her mouth around the end. She took a deep breath testing oxygen flow as she wrenched the cover from the emergency panel on the left armrest of the command seat. Her heart raced, one beat indistinguishable from another as she hit the foam release.

Almost clear, gelatinous material rolled out of the vents to flood the deck. Genae closed her eyes and fought to breathe. She'd done everything she could. If the battle ship blasted her from existence, if she burned up in the atmosphere, if the ship disintegrated on impact, there was nothing she could do. Even if she survived there was probably no way off the planet.

None of it mattered. She could die in peace knowing she'd done her best to make up for the horror she'd helped create.

The foam swallowed her and all rational thought fled. It pinned her to her seat, sealed her mouth around the vent, filled her nose, glued her eyes shut and enveloped her head. It was like being entombed.

Genae tried to scream but no sound emerged.

She fought to claw her way free but couldn't.

A rushing roar filled her ears. Heat slammed into her, wave after singeing wave. Her heart felt like it would explode. Her lungs fought for air. Silent screams filled her mind.

Everything went black.

* * * *

A hand closed around her throat.

Genae regained consciousness fighting. She swung one fist as she ripped the vent from her mouth with the other.

The hand released her throat.

Blinking to clear her vision, she fought free of the fast-disintegrating foam. She wouldn't give up without a fight--would fight with every breath left in her body. She'd survived the crash. She'd find a way to deliver the information.

A hand closed around her left calf. Adrenaline surged through her veins. Almost blind from the gel sticking to eyelids and lashes, she started punching.

Genae almost smiled as she heard a grunt. She didn't know what she'd hit but she hoped it hurt.

"I'm helping you." The low, gruff words didn't register except as a target to strike at. She swung, her fist connecting with flesh and bone, jarring her shoulder. She bit back a curse and swung again.

Genae cried out as her fist hit something that felt like stone. Tears filled her eyes and streamed down her face.

Fingers closed around her hand, the grip unbreakable.

"Release me," she demanded, fighting to free herself.

"No. You hit me once. You won't do it again." There wasn't just anger in the gravelly male voice. There was rage.

Genae couldn't help herself, she flinched. Her fist felt tiny trapped in the big paw holding it. He had to be huge. "If you're going to kill me, get it over with," she goaded. "I'm not going to tell you anything."

"If I'd wanted you dead you'd never have woken up."

She opened her mouth to argue but never got the chance. The giant threw her over his shoulder. Her hands slapped into his broad back, barely keeping her head from cracking against him. He was all muscle and a lot of it ... And he was naked.

Blinking hard she reached up and wiped streaming eyes. That couldn't be right. He wouldn't be naked, but dammit that had felt like skin.

Her legs dangled well above the debris-strewn ground. Her flight suit was singed in spots, her left thigh red. The gel saved her life but hadn't been able to completely insulate her from the heat her weakened shields let through on entering the atmosphere.

"Look. If you put me down I can..." Her voice trailed off as what she saw sank in.

"I'll carry you. I'm not chasing you when you try and run." Genae barely heard what he said. All that mattered was what she'd just noticed. Or more to the point what she couldn't see. "My left thigh is burned."

A grunt was his only answer.

"You're carrying me over your shoulder. My head is bouncing against your back and my legs are dangling against your chest, right?"

"So?" His tone was impatient.

Well, tough shit. She wasn't happy about it either. "Either I've lost my wits in the crash or you're invisible." She'd obviously scrambled her brain. The stress of trying to escape with the information and being trapped in the safety-gel had been too much for her.

"I'm invisible."

She closed her eyes and nodded. Sure, whatever. Her brain would say that to trick her. She sighed and relaxed. There was no sense fighting her own mind. If it wanted to conjure up muscle-bound invisible men that was much better than being trapped and helpless.

"Are you all right? Where do you hurt?" The big, invisible man stopped, lifted her off his shoulder and stood her on the ground in front of him. His hands easily circled her waist. Damn, he was big.

"I'd say I'm doing very well for someone who's crazy." She smiled up at where a face should be and patted a forearm roped with high tensile-strength muscle.

"You aren't insane," he growled.

Genae patted his arm again. "Of course I am. How else do you explain being rescued by huge, invisible, naked men on a deserted planet?"

"Not men. Man. One man."

She glowered up at him. "Don't talk to me like I'm brainless."

"Why shouldn't I? You're the one who said you'd lost your mind."

"I hope that's not humor I hear in your voice." She made her own voice as menacing as she could.

"Or what?"

"Or poof, smartass! I'll destroy you, you figment of my imagination. I'll..."

Light streaked from the sky, blinding her. The impact split the earth flinging her into the air. A clap of sound like a thousand thunder booms layered over one another deafened her as she hit the ground with bone jarring force. Another laser blast hit throwing her yards from where she'd landed. Dazed, she felt heat building under her left hip, thigh and arm where they touched the ground. A burning odor filled her nostrils. Huge hands gripped the neckline of her flight suit ripping it apart. Genae couldn't understand what he was saying as he stripped the material from her arms and down her legs, but she had no doubt it wasn't pretty.

"Who the hell's after you?" he demanded.

"President Galaran's soldiers." Saying the name snapped her back to reality. She started pushing at the hands stripping her as she silently cursed herself. "What are you doing? Leave me alone."

Trying to stop him was like trying to move a mountain by blowing on it. Totally useless. In seconds she was naked, her clothes flying through the air and landing on the ground.

She took a step toward them, intent on picking them up when big hands clamped around her waist.

His skin against hers was hot and intimate. Any thought that he was a figment of her imagination had disappeared with the first laser blast. And now she was naked.

"I want my clothes." She tried to step forward as she pushed his hands away.

"Watch." His rough, low voice was harsh, his grip unbreakable. She watched and even though there was nothing to see, heard the sound of sizzling. Her clothes started to bubble and smoke. Flames leapt into the air and seconds later a pile of white ash lay where her clothes had been.

Her mouth open, all she could do was stare. "What happened?"

"The chemicals in the dirt are highly reactive with almost every synthetic product manufactured."

Incredulous, she shook her head. She'd never heard of anything like it.

"I ... th--"

"Quiet!" He swung her into his arms and started running.


He squeezed her hard, cutting her off.

He dropped her to the ground as he stopped in front of a tree. A split in the trunk started to widen. She heard him grunt as the bark started to pop and groan as it splintered. She couldn't see him, but she didn't have to. She'd seen huge muscles before and his would bulge under the strain of ripping apart a tree trunk.

"Get in." The words were gritted.

She squeezed through the narrow opening in the bark. He'd saved her twice. She wasn't going to argue ... yet. Bark scraped her breast, hip, thigh and buttocks leaving a sharp sting behind. She winced but didn't make a sound. She reached out, testing the boundaries of the hollow trunk as he squeezed in behind her. What hadn't been spacious to start with suddenly became very close quarters. His front, every oversized square inch was pressed tight to her backside.

"What do you--"

"Look." A huge hand clamped over her mouth and she found herself turned until she was looking through a tiny crack in the bark. The air above the debris of her ship had a hazy, heat wave look to it. As she watched seven people materialized on the blast site.

Her breath caught and she shrank back against the big man behind her. Five men and two women dressed in League military uniforms fanned out and began searching the area. Her heart started beating fast and hard. If they were caught neither of them would get the immediate death they begged for.

"Shhh." His breath teased her ear as his arms wrapped around her waist. "They can't find us here. This planet, everything about it, hates modern technology. Their instruments won't work and chances are--"

A scream sounded from somewhere out of sight. All seven crewmembers raced back to the blast site. One of them tore at the sleeve of his flight suit swearing.

"Chances are they'll get hurt looking for you." His voice sounded very satisfied. Unaware she did it, Genae clutched the arms wrapped around her. She'd never wanted anything as much as she wanted the soldiers to transport back to their ship. There had to be a way off this planet and the man behind her would know where it was. There was still a chance. She raised one hand to her heart. It was still beating and as long as it was there was hope.

Outside, the soldiers milled for a moment before one of the women shouted a command. They formed up in a loose triangle. Seconds later the air around them seemed to thicken and they disappeared.

Relief made Genae weak. She slumped back against the giant holding her. His heartbeat was a strong reassuring rhythm under her head. She turned her head until her cheek was pressed against his chest and savored his warmth. They were alive.

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