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Lost Your Job? Now What! [MultiFormat]
eBook by Terry Kohl

eBook Category: Self Improvement
eBook Description: Terry Kohl belives that while losing one's job is most definitely life-changing, she believes it can be viewed as a gift, a second chance, and a life-altering opportunity. Using her own experience of past job loss and her unique and exciting methods for dispelling fears, Kohl's book is a lodestar to a new future that puts you at the helm--and that is exactly where you belong.

eBook Publisher: SynergEbooks, Published: SynergEbooks, 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2009

"Terry Kohl provides an entertaining yet practical roadmap for anyone seeking to make the right career move after the loss of a job. Lost Your Job? Now What! will keep you grounded, motivated, and clear-headed as you lay the foundation for your new future."

~ Steven J. Schaefer, Esq. Human Resource Management and Employment Law Adjunct Professor Edgewood College, Madison


We live in a world where things change. It has always been that way but never as fast and furiously as today. There was a time when job security referred to maintaining a job as the result of possessing special skills and seniority. One was pretty much assured of retiring from a job that lasted twenty or thirty years. Not only has that description of job security faded from our vocabulary, but jobs themselves appear to be disappearing at an alarming rate.

Have you experienced any of the following:

* company downsizing?

* losing your job because of company relocation?

* losing your quality of life because of someone else's decision?

* discovering your income level has reached its max?

* feelings of being stuck, unsatisfied and unhappy in work that does not allow you to be all that you know you can be?

If you said "yes" to any of these questions, you are not alone.

Like others, you are possibly afraid of what the future holds. You may be worrying yourself into an illness, carrying that stress over into your family life, and losing relationships due to the strain. You may be asking questions that appear to have no answers.

This book is about to change your life more than you could possibly imagine. As of today, you are through with dead-end jobs, not being in control of your future, and being fearful that someone else's decisions will leave you stranded with no income.

With the tools in this book as your guide you will follow a revolutionary new path, one that will provide a wealth of opportunity you have never before imagined. You will be introduced to practical results-driven job-search strategies. You will also tap into secrets no one has told you about until now.

The control of your amazing transformation has been handed to you, and that is exactly where it belongs.

"You have to give up the life you have to get to the life that is waiting for you."

~ James Hillman

In his bestseller "The Soul's Code," James Hillman offers the suggestion that our calling in life is inborn and that it's up to us to discover our real mission. He calls it the "acorn theory." We arrive here on earth complete with all we need to accomplish our destiny.

You already have the power to become great, just like the mighty oak whose destiny is contained in the tiny acorn.

This book will provide you with:

* powerful, thought-changing habits guaranteed to help you find your perfect job

* easy, effective techniques giving you the skills to achieve the seemingly impossible desires in all areas of your life

* tools to change your life to one of uncompromising happiness and wealth

* 17 rewarding recipes to celebrate your success

With this book as your acorn, there are no limits to:

* the job you can have

* the happiness you can create

* the abundance that you can achieve

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