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Island of Eros [MultiFormat]
eBook by C. K. Ralston

eBook Category: Erotica/Bisexual Erotica
eBook Description: Rachael Hunter finds herself suddenly alone; her husband of eighteen years having been killed in a plane. She decides to spend a week at Caribe Imperiale, a posh resort geared to the discrete and wealthy nestled on its own island in the Caribbean. There, amid the tropical palms and tropical men's arms, she discovers a whole new, sexy, risk-taking Rachael lying dormant within her normally shy, reserved personality! For Caribe Imperiale is a place where a girl like Rachael can revive her diminished libido and re-stoke her sexual fires! Soon finds herself in hot ménage a trois with her gorgeous "host," Todd, and even more shocking situations. To her everlasting surprise, Rachel finds that she loves all of it! She discovers deeply buried, ignored facets to herself that she never suspected, and becomes a brand new Rachael with a sexy new girlfriend, a billionaire hedonist for a boyfriend, and a chance for a whole new life! Will she have the nerve to take it?

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2009

9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


"You can stop badgering me anytime now!" Rachael Hunter said with an exasperated sigh, after enduring a solid five minutes of her friend Margo's relentless prodding. "The reason I wanted to meet today was to tell you I've made up my mind. I'm definitely going to do it!"

"Hallelujah, it's about damned time!" Margo toasted her with the Manhattan she was sipping. "When?"

Rachael sat back in the booth, aimlessly moving her half-empty stem glass of champagne cocktail around the table. The two of them had met for drinks twenty minutes earlier. Margo was just finishing her second round while Rachael was still nursing her first. Everything had been cordial enough at first -- small talk about mutual friends, Margo's detailed description of a recent shopping foray into Chicago for an entire day, gossip about what was happening at the country club they both belonged to. Then Margo had brought up the topic of Rachael's proposed vacation and Margo's ceaseless nagging had begun.

"Well ... I haven't actually confirmed my reservations yet, but I was thinking about going down sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas," Rachael hedged. "I mean ... I have pretty much made up my mind to go ... but it's just such a lot of money! I'm committed to the idea, but I just can't seem to get past the part where I have to write a check that large just for a vacation, you know?"

"God! There are times when I don't know why I bother with you at all!" Margo, at thirty-nine, was three years older than Rachael. She gave the younger woman an irritated headshake along with her peeved reply. "You behave like such a hopeless, middle-class, drone sometimes, Rach! When are you going to embrace the fact that you have money, and that it's all right to spend a little once in while enjoying life? Honestly, you act as though you were some penniless widow-woman who's one false step away from having to retire on Social Security, for God's sake!"

Rachael smiled nervously, enduring her friend's rant and sipping her drink. "That's easy for you to say Margo. You've been rich since you were born. Your parents were wealthy then you married into even more money! Jimmy and I worked hard for what we had together. And if he hadn't been so conscientious about our finances, I'd probably be waiting tables in a place just like this right now, trying to make the house payments!"

The older woman shook her short, dark, perfectly coifed mane again dismissively. "But that's my point, Rach! Jimmy, God rest his soul, had solid investments up the wazoo, and mortgage insurance that paid off the house when he was killed. And because he also had not just one but two separate million dollar life insurance policies -- the one he bought on his own and one courtesy of the company -- you now have a couple million in the bank, plus all that investment income, and hardly any bills!"

She squirmed uncomfortably in her seat. She hated talking about money with Margo. Her older, more confident friend always seemed able to make her feel like a penny-pinching little idiot. Hiding once again behind her champagne glass, she gulped down the rest of her sweet cocktail.

"It's ... it's an adjustment!" she finally offered defensively. "Everything you say is true, but you have to realize that having all this money is a big change for me! When Jimmy and I first got married, we didn't have a spare dime to our names. We both worked at all kinds of crappy jobs, trying to get him through college so we could make a better life for ourselves."

"Yeah, yeah," Margo sneered, cutting her off. "Then Jimmy graduates at the top of his engineering class, lands the big research and development job of his dreams and scores all those juicy, money-making patents for his company. And that earns him all of those big promotions and bonuses. I've heard the whole inspiring tale a dozen times before, Rach!"

The cocktail waitress stopped in front of their booth just at that moment, giving Rachael a temporary reprieve. Grateful for the interruption and anxious to change the subject, she ordered an uncharacteristic second drink while her friend opted for a third round.

"In any case," Margo went on as soon as the waitress left, unwilling to give her favorite topic of late a rest. "You need to do this for yourself. Trust me! Your makeover has gone great so far, but this trip to the island will do wonders for your self-confidence, kiddo! A week of hot sex every day down there in the tropics is just what you need as a tune-up for the dating game!"

Rachael had tawny red hair that reached her shoulders and a redhead's typical coloring -- pale skin with a light dusting of freckles. When she blushed it was readily noticeable to everyone around her. Right now, she felt the color creeping up from her slender neck and onto her face at Margo's blithe mention of "hot sex every day".

"Keep your voice down!" she hissed. "If I decide to go down to the island, I'm not exactly going to put an announcement in the local paper, you know?"

Margo laughed and made a dismissive gesture with her hand. "Oh, you care far too much what people in this one-horse town think, dear!"

"And you don't care enough!" Rachael shot back, her reply just above a whisper but still delivered with a good deal of heat.

A long sigh escaped Margo's professionally plumped lips. "Just listen to yourself, darling! All flustered about what some bunch of nobodies in this dreary little tavern might overhear. You really must learn to let go a bit, sweetie! Try spreading your wings a little. You might enjoy it!"

Rachael started to answer Margo with another defensive retort, but stopped herself. This is exactly what she's like! You knew that when you agreed to get together for drinks and discuss the island, so why engage in this game of verbal tennis with her? Why not just take her advice and book the trip? After all, she's been pretty much right about everything else over the past year!

Reflexively, Rachael reached up and ran a finger along her new, extremely cute, turned-up nose as if she were rubbing a good luck charm.

"Stop touching your nose!" Margo sniped immediately. "That just calls attention to it! If you want people to notice what a pert little button nose you have now and not remember that ugly hooter you had before, stop fiddling with it all the time!"

The drinks came and Margo took a quick break from upbraiding Rachael to sip at hers and then plunged right back in. "Besides, the work is perfect! If you'd quit pawing at it constantly, no one would ever give it a second look! The plastic surgeon I recommended is the absolute best money can buy and he did a superb job on your nose ... as well as the rest of that lumpy, shapeless bod that you used to schlump around in!"

Rachael sat up straight and reached for her own drink. It took all her willpower, now that Margo was talking about the work she had had done, not to reassure herself by touching her newly reduced, reshaped breasts or running a finger down her side, over the love handles that weren't there anymore, courtesy of Dr. Fillion's expert liposuction operation last spring.

"I really fail to see what's so different about spending twenty or thirty thousand dollars for a week's vacation as opposed to spending even larger amounts for tummy tucks, boob reductions, ass reshaping, and rhinoplasty, sweetie!" Margo smiled cattily. "And, God knows, you certainly plunked your money down for those quickly enough!"

Cringing, she gulped down some of her drink, glaring at Margo again.

"Why don't you just carry one of those megaphone thingies around with you?" she asked. "I don't think the people at the very back of the bar could hear you clearly!"

Margo laughed. "There you go again! Really, darling! Simply everyone has work done nowadays. I don't know why you're so sensitive about it! Why, there's barely a square inch of my own luscious frame that hasn't been lifted or augmented or reduced, and I look fabulous, now don't I?"

Rachael had to admit that for a woman pushing forty, her dark-haired friend/mentor did look very attractive. Of course, the fact that she spent money like a drunken sailor when it came to clothes, jewelry, plastic surgery, personal trainers, spas, and beauty treatments was certainly a big part of that. Absolutely nothing was too expensive for Margo to consider when it came to her own personal grooming or appearance!

"Now, what's really making you hesitate when it comes to the island?" she leaned across the table conspiratorially, taking Rachael's silence for an affirmative response to her question.

"From what you've told me, you haven't had any sex in the year since Jimmy died -- except for the good old vibrator variety, of course, which simply everyone engages in, even if they do have a man around -- and, from what you've shared with me, even when dear Jimmy was still with us, he was no ball of fire in the rack! So, why on earth wouldn't you take advantage of the opportunity to head down to the island and let your innermost desires be totally and, darling ... I do mean totally ... fulfilled?"

Fidgeting in the booth as if her new, surgically sculpted bottom were sitting atop a hot griddle, Rachael looked down at the table. She picked up her drink again and took another big, comforting swallow before answering.

"I'm just trying to do what they advised in those books I read about what to do when you suddenly inherit a lot of money, Margo. They all said not to make any really big changes during the first year ... just live your life as close to normal as possible. Then decide whether or not you really need or want to spend big chunks of money on new things, especially on stuff you've never spent it on before ... like vacations that cost a small fortune!"

"Good advice, I'm sure!" Margo's tone was even more dismissive. "But you've seen fit to make a great many changes during the last year that were definitely for the better. Witness your much-improved body and that absolutely stunning, extremely expensive pantsuit you're wearing today that I helped you pick out last month!"

She gave Rachael her best version of a winning smile. "Take my advice on this too, dear, won't you? Just make the reservation and go! You won't be sorry, I promise! It will totally revive your libido and help you brush up on some of the sexual skills you'll need in today's very competitive dating scene. Remember that old saw about a girl your age standing a better chance of being struck by lightning than finding an eligible, desirable man to hook up with? Well, every little trick you learn to please a man in bed and keep him coming back for more puts you a step ahead of the pack when it comes to the dating scene!"

Glancing down at her exquisite, sinfully expensive Patek wristwatch, Margo picked up her drink and inhaled the rest of it. "I have to fly, darling! I'm supposed to meet dear George and some of his stuffy business friends at the club for drinks in fifteen minutes. I can just make it if I leave right now!"

Margo stood and adjusted her large, silicone-augmented breasts under her blue blazer and used the mirrored beer sign hanging on the booth's rear wall to made sure her hair and makeup were just so. She turned back toward her friend.

"When I see you next, I want to hear that you've made those reservations!" she told Rachael with mock sternness. "Or, better yet, I want to hear that you've already taken the trip. I want to revel in all of the juicy details of your stay on the island! Ciao, sweetie! I really must dash!"

Rachael sat quietly and finished her drink, relishing the sudden feeling of calm that always seemed to settle over her after the force of nature named Margo had departed. She noticed that, as usual, her friend hadn't left any money for her half of the bar tab. Shaking her head at that little foible, she told herself for what had to have been the twentieth time over the years that one of the reasons Margo had so much money was that she rarely spent any if she didn't have to!

After taking two twenties and a five out of her wallet and leaving them on the table for the drinks and a nice tip, Rachael stood. Not being much of a drinker, she felt the two cocktails immediately.

I may as well get some good out of this buzz, she found herself thinking. They say alcohol gives you false courage. Well, I'm going to take advantage of that when I get home and make those damned reservations before I have a chance to think about it anymore! Margo's right! I've been a good girl ... dieted, exercised, jogged, gotten my boobies lifted and my nose fixed! I deserve a chance to put all this hard work and expensive surgery to good use!

* * * *

The pilot announced over the public address system that their destination was only a few miles ahead just as Rachael felt the small plane dip slightly. She nervously finished the third cocktail she'd consumed on the relatively short hop from the private airstrip in Miami, and dropped the empty plastic glass into a trash bag the flight attendant was carrying up the narrow aisle.

She had never enjoyed flying much to start with, especially on small planes like this twenty-seater. Since her current destination also happened to be the island -- a place she both desperately wanted to go to and, at the same time, was extremely nervous about going to -- she had been uncharacteristically downing drinks like a sponge soaks up water almost since the aircraft's wheels had become airborne.

And then, of course, there was the Jimmy factor as well!

Her husband of eighteen years had died a little over a year ago when a chartered plane just a bit smaller than this one had crashed on a routine business trip. The unexpected loss had hit her with the force of a wrecking ball smashing into the side of a building. It had also reduced her already-shaky confidence in air travel to near zero.

Dear Jimmy! After all of the alcohol she had just consumed, it was all Rachael could do to keep from tearing up as her thoughts turned toward him and their life together...

* * * *

"Well, why won't you go out with me?" Jimmy had demanded indignantly on that long ago afternoon. "We've known each other since grade school! Why not give me a chance?"

It had been near the end of their junior year in high school and Rachael and Jimmy had found themselves walking home from school together on that particular day, unaccompanied by the two or three other classmates that usually trudged along with them. Thinking about it later, Rachael was sure it was the absence of the others and finding himself suddenly alone with her that had given the normally shy and somewhat nerdy Jimmy Hunter the courage to "make his move" and ask her out.

"Jimmy, if I told my daddy that I was going out with you he'd blow a gasket!" Rachael had answered truthfully, trying to soften the sting of her rejection by giving him a good reason for her refusal.

"I'm not as smart in school as you are, Jimmy. My daddy's always going on and on about how the only thing I've got going for me is my looks and how I'd better use 'em to grab myself a guy who's going somewhere in life if I can. You live six houses down the street from me and your family is as poor as mine. I doubt Daddy would be thrilled to see the likes of you standing on our front porch with a bouquet of flowers any time soon!"

A stricken look had crossed Jimmy's boyish face. He had stopped walking and grabbed her elbow.

"I know I'm not from a wealthy family, like Paul Dumont or Ron Harris, or any of those other stuck up football players you go out with," he had stammered desperately. "But I get straight A's, Rach! I'm gonna' get into a top engineering school on a full-ride scholarship! I'm ... I'm gonna' be somebody pretty soon, just you wait and see!"

Something about the pure intensity of his stare had touched Rachael at that moment. She had instinctively reached out and lightly caressed his cheek.

"I bet you will, Jimmy," she had assured him, giving him a wistful smile. "But I gotta' get home now. I've got a ton of homework tonight and it's not a snap for me like it is for you."

"I could come over and help you with it!" Jimmy had blurted out as she pulled away from him and started for home.

She had just grinned at his eagerness and rolled her eyes.

"Aw, don't be that way, Rachael!" he'd pleaded, trotting a few steps to catch up with her. "Give me a chance, please? Those other guys don't care about you the way I do! They just want to ... you know..."

Jimmy's voice had trailed off. Rachael's patient smile had slowly morphed into a glare.

"No, I don't know!" she had replied icily. "Just what do you think it is those other guys want from me, Jimmy?"

"Well ... uh ... you know," he had stammered apologetically. "I've heard stuff around school ... it seems like those guys just want to get you in ... in the back seats of their fancy cars!"

Rachael had felt her face turning bright red but she had been too angry at that moment to give in to her embarrassment. She had stopped walking and had gotten right up into Jimmy's face.

"Well, you just listen to me, buster!" she remembered telling him heatedly, her right index finger poking into his bony chest with every other word for added emphasis. "I'm a good girl and I don't climb into any back seats with Paul or Ron or anybody else! Have you got that?"

"Y-You bet!" Jimmy had managed to sputter.

Storming off, Rachael had halted momentarily and glowered briefly back at him over her shoulder. "Oh, and one more thing, Jimmy. I'm sure as hell never likely to end up in a back seat with you, you little shit!"

* * * *

She leaned back in her airplane seat and smiled fondly at that memory. It had taken Jimmy two solid months of groveling and apologizing before she had finally relented and gone on an informal movie date with him.

They'd met in front of the theater one Saturday afternoon, just before school had resumed in the fall of their senior year, and she had let him buy her ticket and escort her into the theater. It had taken dozens of dates and nearly the whole school year before he finally managed to charm his way into her heart and she actually had found herself in the back seat of the Hunter family's old sedan with him for the first time...

"We'll be landing in less than five minutes, Ms. Hunter," the cabin attendant stopped for a moment beside her seat on her way up to the front of the cabin. "It's a perfect day. No wind, calm weather. You'll be relaxing in your room in twenty minutes or less."

Well, I guess she can tell a nervous flyer when she sees one! Rachael was jolted out of her reverie as she watched the attendant make her way back up front and belt herself into the jump seat.

The plane made a long, slow turn to the left, squared up and began descending more rapidly. She craned her neck and saw a strip of sand and a few palm trees up ahead as she peered out the window. In seconds, she felt the bump of the wheels hitting the ground and heard the slight squeak of tires making contact with tarmac.

The plane braked and the palm trees flashing by the window gradually slowed. She let out a big breath, which she realized she had been nervously holding, and sat back in her seat.

The plane finally came to a stop next to a row of bright-white, brand new golf carts, the resort's brightly colored logo displayed prominently on the front panel of each. The perky flight attendant unbuckled her seatbelt and stood then crossed the aisle to the cabin door and cracked it open.

"Caribe Imperiale!" she announced enthusiastically, swinging the door open wide and locking it into place. "Please watch your step going down the stairs and enjoy your stay at the most beautiful, most sensual island resort in the world!"

Rachael undid her seatbelt, grabbed her carry on bag from under the seat and got to her feet. There were only a handful of other passengers on the small plane and within a few minutes everyone had deplaned and stood milling about on the tarmac in the bright sunlight.

Even though she was dressed for it, in a lightweight pullover top, shorts and sandals, the tropical heat hit her like a steamy slap to the head, greatly intensifying the effects of the three drinks she had nervously gulped down on the short flight. She shaded her eyes against the brilliant Caribbean sun and struggled to keep from wobbling as she took in her lush new surroundings.

A tall, statuesque, strikingly beautiful blonde woman with a clipboard stepped out from the shade of a huge palm tree at the edge of the airstrip and called out, "Mr. Miller? Mr. William W. Miller?"

"Here!" a short, balding fellow in a loud tropical shirt and Bermuda shorts answered.

"Right this way," the blonde goddess smiled at him, pointing to the row of golf carts.

"My bags?"

"They'll be delivered to your room within five minutes after check-in, Mr. Miller, guaranteed!" the tall woman assured him. She pointed back toward the plane where a crew of crisply uniformed baggage handlers was off-loading the last of the luggage from the cargo hold onto a bigger version of the golf cart. Miller joined the blonde in one of the bright-white vehicles and off they sped toward the two-story, island-themed hotel building poking up through the palm trees a few hundred yards away.

More passengers' names were called by other resort employees and they and their golf carts soon disappeared down the same path toward the main lobby entrance. She noted the female guests were all matched up with very handsome, buffed-looking male escorts while a second male guest was met by a redhead who was every bit as tall, curvy and stunning as the blonde Amazon who had shuttled William W. Miller away to the registration desk.

"Rachael Hunter?" a male voice suddenly broke into her thoughts. "Ms. Rachael Hunter?"

Turning slightly, Rachael saw a very tall, broad-shouldered young man with long flaxen hair step forward, apparently looking for her. He was absolutely gorgeous, with a narrow waist and beautifully tanned skin and flashing blue eyes! Dressed in a tight polo shirt with the Caribe Imperiale logo stitched above his impressive right pectoral, he also wore a pair of baggy, khaki-colored shorts that showed off his equally well-tanned, muscular thighs and calves. A pair of stylish sandals completed the outfit.

"Uh ... I'm Rachael Hunter," she answered the young man, immediately feeling foolish as she held up her hand like a grade school child answering a roll call.

"Hi, I'm Todd!" her host beamed, showing two rows of perfectly straight, dazzlingly white teeth as he strode over to meet her. "Here, let me take that. We'll have you checked into your suite in just a few minutes, Ms. Hunter!"

The towering Adonis took her carry on bag and motioned her toward the pair of remaining golf carts. She made her way over to the one nearest them and got into the passenger's seat as Todd stowed her small bag on the seat behind them and slid into the driver's side.

"So, is this your first trip to paradise, Ms.Hunter?" Todd asked, turning the silent cart onto the smoothly paved path leading through the lavishly landscaped, palm tree-dotted grounds to the main lodge.

"Yes," she admitted nervously. "My very first time here."

"You're going to love it!" the young man assured her with another of his warm, heat-inducing smiles. "I'm going to make sure of that! You see...I'll be your personal host while you're staying with us. It's my job to make sure everything is exactly the way you want it to be."

"Oh, how nice!" she blurted uneasily, growing more nervous by the second at that bit of information.

God, now I wish Margo hadn't shared so much detail with me about her past visits to this place! She felt the color rising in her cheeks as she remembered Margo's descriptions of her own "personal hosts" on the several vacation trips she had made to the island. Each one of the "hosts" had been, in reality, Margo's personal sex slave, at her beck and call for any and all sorts of sexual activities whenever she felt a yen for satisfaction.

Was this charming, beautiful young man expecting to "service" Rachael in the same lascivious fashion? What have I gotten myself into here? She felt frantic as she glanced at Todd out of the corner of her eye.

He's just a baby! She primly admonished herself. He was absolutely beautiful, it was true, but he couldn't be a day over twenty-five, if that. She was thirty-six. It was utterly scandalous to think she would ever ... do anything sexual with a boy so young!

"Ah, here we are," her escort was saying at that moment as he braked to a halt in front of the spectacular Caribbean-themed lodge. "Let's go inside and get you all checked in, then I'll show you to your private villa and make sure your luggage has arrived intact."

Todd retrieved the carry on bag and escorted Rachael through the glass double doors leading into the elaborately palm-frond-and-bamboo-motifed lobby. A small indoor faux brook trickled invitingly through the large room. They crossed it via a rustic-looking wooden footbridge, stopping in front of a reservation counter faced with thatched palm leaves.

"This is Ms. Rachael Hunter, Dale," the handsome young host told the desk clerk. "She's here for a full week on the deluxe exploration-package."

"Ah! An excellent choice!" the clerk smiled enthusiastically. "I'll just need your passport for a moment, Ms. Hunter. We received your labs by secure computer link a few days ago, so we're ready to check you in."

She felt her face coloring slightly at the mention of the lab results. The Caribe Imperiale was the only resort she'd ever heard of that required a prospective guest to submit to a full blood panel work-up before a reservation could be accepted but -- because of the sexual liaisons that were a large part of the mystique of the Imperiale experience -- it was mandatory that all staff and guests were certified disease-free on a weekly basis.

He took a small hand-held pad from under the desk and placed it on top of the counter in front of her. Indicating a glowing touch-screen, he motioned for her to touch it.

"Just your right thumbprint, please, Ms. Hunter. From now on, whenever you order food, a drink, room service, a round of golf, or book a scuba session, all you have to do is press your thumb to the screen presented to you and everything will be credited against your villa number. There will, of course, be no additional charges -- your pre-paid package rate covers anything and everything you might wish to order or to do while you're staying with us -- but for accounting purposes, we like to know which guest booked the helicopter tour of the island and which one only ordered the extra dry martini. I'm sure you understand?"

She nodded and smiled. The clerk made a few keystrokes on the pad to log her name and guest number under her print then put away the device.

"Very good," he said, returning her passport. "Now, if you would just sign here, I will present you with the electronic key to Villa Tahiti, your lavish little home-away-from-home for the next seven nights!"

She signed and accepted the rectangular, credit card-sized "key". She smiled at the clerk and accompanied Todd back over the footbridge and out to the cart.

"It's just around here," he told her with another heart flutter-causing smile as he drove them down the winding path. "The Tahiti suite is one of my favorites. It features every amenity you could ever want, plus a terrific view of the grounds and the ocean from one window, and a great view of the pool area and spa from another."

Todd parked the cart in front of the door and picked up the carryon bag. He pointed at the slot just above the door handle and the electronic touch-pad just above it.

"Slip your key in the door then right-thumb the pad," he urged her. "It's part of the safety protocols. If another guest or a prowler happened to somehow get hold of your card, he still couldn't access your room without your thumbprint. You're perfectly safe at all times when you're our guest, Ms. Hunter, or may I call you Rachael?"

"Uh ... Rachael is fine ... Todd," she answered him nervously.

If I'm so safe, then why is my tummy doing flip-flops right now? She stepped into the lush suite with the movie star-handsome host right behind her. She heard him lock the door then he swept past her and across the spacious living room area, opening the twin doors into a huge bedroom suite that featured more of the opulent island theme. There was a king size four-poster bed with a full canopy and two large nightstands. Everything was done in white rattan. A wet bar with four stools matching the rest of the furniture stood in one corner of the room.

"Bathroom's right through there, and here ... are your bags." Todd smiled at her and opened the closet door to reveal both her suitcases neatly placed next to one another on the floor.

He sat the carryon bag next to them and shut the door again, stepping over to the nightstand where he removed a formidable looking remote and aimed it back into the room as he said, "Curtains."

With a press of a button, the curtains at the other end of the room parted to reveal a sliding glass door and patio. Beyond was a breathtaking view of the palm-dotted lawn leading out to the sugar-white sandy beach. He punched the button again and the curtains closed.

"Television," he offered, hitting another button that remotely opened the doors of a towering rattan armoire where the sixty-five inch flat screen could be easily seen from the bed. "Two-hundred and twelve channels in all, with eight adult feeds, plus a few special interest channels that usually manage to satisfy the proclivities of all our guests, no matter how special their interests might prove to be!"

The confident young man clicked on the large screen and hit a few buttons. The high-resolution, sharp-as-crystal picture lit up the surface immediately, treating Rachael and her host to an intimate view of a beautiful young brunette girl, naked and on her back in the middle of a large bed, an equally stunning nude young man kneeling between her widespread legs. There was a quick close-up of an enormous erection piercing a bikini-waxed vagina, then a cutaway shot to a position behind the young couple where the cameraman caught the couple's rhythmic movements as their two sleek, sensual bodies bonded together repeatedly in Nature's oldest dance.

"Nice looking couple, aren't they?" he asked as he changed the channel, his voice as casual as if he were inquiring about how she liked the tropical color scheme used in the room's floor-length drapes.

Another couple came into view. Two women this time, as young and just as gorgeously naked as the girl in the first film, were sprawled out together on a bed. They were kissing each other with so much tongue-action and unabashed enthusiasm that Rachael found herself thinking if these girls weren't actually lesbians, their acting skills deserved serious Oscar consideration.

"And there's a couple of these too," Todd commented sourly, switching the channel just as one of the girls moved her head downward and began passionately kissing the other's nipples.

The new channel featured two naked men. One was beefy and muscular, obviously a body builder. The other was slender and lean-muscled like a dancer. Both were quite handsome in their own way and each displayed huge penises that jutted out in front of them, both as stiff as the proverbial board. The slimmer fellow quickly dropped to his knees and engulfed the muscleman's huge staff between his eager lips as easily as a child might suck a candy cane into its mouth.

"I don't really care much for the man-on-man stuff myself," her host confided, switching the set off and walking over to the bar. "But some women seem to really get turned on by watching two good looking guys getting it on together. I don't know why."

He stepped behind the rattan bar, set the remote down, and smiled at her. "So, would you care for a drink? I make a mean daiquiri!"

Rachael's heart was pounding. A few months after Jimmy's death, she had somehow plucked up the courage to order an adult channel from the local cable company back home. The naughty movies on that softcore channel, a vibrator she had purchased on the Internet, and her imagination had been her only sexual outlet for the better part of a year now.

But none of the movies she'd watched at home had ever been this adult! The experience of seeing such ... explicit sex scenes in the presence of a gorgeous young man like Todd -- and with him being almost a total stranger as well -- had her senses positively reeling!

After a few more seconds of stunned silence, she realized Todd was still staring expectantly at her from behind the bar, awaiting her answer about the offered cocktail. "Uh ... yes. That would be nice. A daiquiri would be lovely, thank you!"

This is crazy! She told herself, panic suddenly rising once again and threatening to overcome her. Here I am in a posh island bungalow with a fantastically sexy younger man who's casually flipping through porno movies as if they were something from Disney. He makes me a cocktail when I'm already half-tipsy from all of those drinks on the plane! I've got to talk to him before this goes any further! I've got to explain that when I decided to come here ... for sex ... that I might have made a mistake! Whatever was I thinking? This is just...

"Here we go," he came around the bar carrying two frosty glasses. "Tasty and refreshing but oh, so potent! The secret's in the rum; I use three kinds, Puerto Rican, dark, and one-fifty-one proof. Oh, and fresh limes for the juice, of course ... and I don't use a blender. I make them in a tall glass with a long-handled spoon, the way they made 'em back in Havana where they were first invented back in the twenties. Cheers!"

With an uncertain, polite smile, she put the cold glass to her lips and sipped. It was delicious. And it helped brighten her mood immediately.

All she had to do, she reassured herself, was to sit and drink one of these wonderful, fruity-tasting concoctions with her handsome young host then casually explain to him that while she found him charming and cute and super-attractive, she was just too much of a conservative, middleclass Midwestern girl at heart to have anything to do with him sexually.

I'll let him down easy, she said to herself. I'll make sure he isn't offended or hurt when I tell him I'm going to need to be assigned a more ... mature partner, someone closer to my own age, during my stay on the island.

"So, shall we sit at the bar and enjoy these?" the young man suggested, coming around to join her.

She nodded and the two of them sat so close together on a pair of the tall, plushly upholstered rattan bar chairs arranged in front of the small bar that their knees were nearly touching. Her escort smiled contentedly at her and took a large sip of his drink.

"You know, I'm really lucky," he told her.

"Oh? How so?"

"Well, in this job, you have to be ... nice to whomever you're assigned," Todd began, still smiling broadly. "But sometimes that can prove to be quite a challenge. I mean, did you see that fellow Erica met out at the landing strip today?"

He shook his head and had another big drink, as did Rachael. He went on to explain. "Erica was the tall, gorgeous blonde hostess, the one who met the first guest. Under normal circumstances, can you see a stunner like her spending her time entertaining a guy like ... what was his name? Mr. Miller?"

Nervously gulping down the rest of her drink, she shook her head "no". He immediately slid off the stool and went behind the bar to make them two more, continuing his story as he worked on the drinks.

"Some weeks, way too many weeks, actually ... I get stuck with some middle-aged lady who is the female equivalent of Mr. Miller," he confided with a little wink, rapidly mixing the two drinks and stirring them vigorously for a moment. "I'm a professional. I try to treat those ladies to a wonderful time and make it as great for them as I possibly can, but sometimes that's not an easy thing to do."

Coming back around the bar, he handed her the fresh drink and again sat next to her, leaning in even closer this time. He flashed her another heart-revving smile.

"That's why I said I'm really lucky this week," he whispered.

She gulped then downed half her powerful drink in two big swallows. Her heart was hammering again as the boy leaned in so close to her their bodies were less than an inch apart.

"W-Why is that?" she finally managed to stammer.

"Because this week isn't going seem like work at all," he told her, his gaze holding hers. "This week is going to be a pure pleasure for both of us!"

Todd took Rachael's drink from her and put it on the bar along with his. He then put his left hand at the back of her head and pressed his lips against hers, his right hand moving down to encircle her waist as he gathered her into his hot embrace. After what seemed like an incredible, heart-pounding eternity, he pulled his lips away from hers and smiled.

"You're exactly the type of woman I close my eyes and fantasize about being with when I find myself assigned to gal who's not so ... attractive!" he whispered to her. "This is the kind of week you dream about when you sign on for this job ... a week of enjoying the company of an absolutely gorgeous woman, alone in paradise ... with management actually paying you for the privilege!"

The handsome young host shook his head as if he couldn't believe his good fortune then pulled her in even tighter, her breasts pressing into his muscular chest as his lips found hers once again. Before her alcohol-befuddled brain could even register what was happening, she found his hot tongue slipping between her lips to caress hers.

A jolt of pleasure shot through her the instant she felt the forbidden thrill of this gorgeous, way-too-young-for-her stranger's tongue sliding into her mouth. Jimmy had kissed her like this back in high school, when they'd first started dating and through the first few years of their marriage, but she had to admit, it had been years since she had been kissed this intensely, this passionately! And truthfully, short, boyishly cute, slightly nerdy Jimmy's kisses had never felt like this ... not even back when they had both been horny, inexperienced teenagers. Never in her entire life had Rachael been kissed like this!

At that moment, the sexy young man gave a throaty little growl and ground his chest harder against her breasts, swirling his tongue hungrily around hers. His hands stole down her back to cup the top of her ass cheeks. He squeezed her buns expertly as his tongue went wild inside her relatively inexperienced mouth.

"Mmmmmmm!" she moaned helplessly, unable to stop herself from hungrily pressing her butt backward against his hot touch.

Her nipples had swollen to absolute fullness as they rubbed against the taut muscles of his massive chest, and now she could feel her nether lips growing more slippery than they'd been in years. The sweet taste and feel of this gorgeous young man's tongue gliding against hers was driving her absolutely crazy with desire!

Todd tore his mouth from hers, panting with excitement, his beautiful blue eyes alive with his own need. He stood up from the bar chair and put one hand on her back and slid the other under her knees, lifting her easily from the stool and into his strong arms.

"I can't wait another second to see you ... to touch you ... to taste you!" he whispered urgently, crossing to the bedroom in three long strides.

Before she could manage another coherent thought, the muscular young host was placing her gently in the middle of the big bed and sitting next to her. He bent and showered her with light, adoring kisses, stopping only briefly to pull her top up then off over her head. It flew across the room and landed on the carpet in front of the bar.

"God, you're a beauty!" he sighed, reaching under her and deftly unsnapping her bra with one hand. "I've wanted to see these, to feel them in my hands ever since I saw you getting off the plane!"

He impatiently tugged the loose bra free of her arms and it followed her top across the room in a high arc. His mouth was on her left nipple before the garment even hit the floor, sucking and licking, his perfect teeth nipping lightly at the sensitive bud of pink flesh.

A nagging voice inside her head kept screaming that she should call a halt to this, before it went any further ... but it had been so ... long! She knew she should force this gorgeous young man away from her throbbing nipples before it was too late, but then he was sucking them again and nipping her tender flesh so lightly ... so wonderfully!

"Oh! Oh, God! So gooood!" Rachael closed her eyes and moaned helplessly, her fingers stealing up to entangle themselves in the beautiful mane of golden-blond hair. "Oh ... it's been so long! Oh, oh, yes, do that! Bite them for me! I love it when you tease my nippies with your sharp teeth, you sweet boy!"

Her eager lover switched breasts, devouring her right mound as eagerly as he had the left. He nipped at her tender nub just the way she liked it as he suckled, and the heat generated by his practiced mouth and tongue soon had her head rolling from side to side on the pillow, her hips involuntarily coming up off the bed in a gentle, rolling motion.

"Hmmmm, mustn't ignore this sweet little thing a moment longer," he whispered mischievously, eying the way her butt was undulating up off the mattress. He reached down with his left hand and unsnapped Rachael's khaki shorts as his lips returned to her left breast tip.

Rachael nearly sobbed with pure lust as the wonderful suction began again on her sensitive nipple and she felt him part her zipper at the same time. His hand immediately slipped below the waistband of her panties to steal down across her mons. He sucked harder on her throbbing nipple and bit it lightly, his middle finger gliding across the small patch of closely-trimmed, sopping wet pubic hair to slither teasingly down into her juicy folds.

A long, breathy moan of unbridled ecstasy escaped her lips as the boy's questing finger slid down over her engorged clit and disappeared into her liquid depths. She hunched her hips up off the bed and yanked lightly at his hair.

"Do that!" she begged him. "Oh, do me with your finger! Oh, God, I need it so bad!"

He flashed her a roguish smile as he changed breasts once again, his finger never missing a beat as it sluiced in and out of her slickness. He caressed her ready-to-explode clitoris in a hot, hungry rhythm that had her immediately quivering on the edge of release. He continued to tease her jutting nipples expertly with his lips, tongue and teeth, as his finger played her lower body like a guitar virtuoso plucks a set of strings.

"So close!" she hissed after a few more moments, writhing on the bed under his maddeningly delicious stroking. "Oh, Todd, I'm so close!"

He released his mouth-hold on her breast and slid his finger slowly out of her. Gleaming with a thick coat of her glistening lube, he brought it up to his lips and proceeded to lick it clean with tantalizing slowness as she watched.

"I can't let you come yet!" he continued in a low, teasing tone. "That little pink slit of yours is so sweet and tasty! I've got to get my mouth on it for a little while before I make you come, my beautiful Rachael!"

She groaned and absolutely shivered with anticipation on the bed, lewdly imaging how exquisite that would feel! She'd experienced oral sex many times before -- her husband had used his mouth on her when they were kids, and into the first few years of their marriage -- but she had always sensed he was never really that into it. Over the years, they had slowly given up on that kind of sex and, truthfully, she had to admit she hadn't missed it that much due to poor Jimmy's lack of oral skills.

But she could tell just by looking at him that this breathtakingly handsome man was a different sort of animal. She had witnessed a wildness in his eyes as he licked her hot oil from his fingers ... an absolute hunger to taste her innermost depths. She could also see it in the urgency with which he now stripped off her shorts and panties then quickly skimmed off her shoes and socks, leaving her totally naked before his admiring gaze. She sensed she was about to get the tonguing of her life!

Kneeling on the bed, between her open legs, he smiled down at her.

"You have gorgeous legs, Rachael," he said softly, slipping a hand under the right one and lifting it off the bed's surface. "And such pretty feet. And the cutest little toes!"

With that, he unexpectedly licked the bottom of her toes, sending a shiver of excitement up her spine. She had never had anyone play with her feet before ... not like this!

"Ohhhh! Oh, my!" she sighed as he sucked her little toe completely into his hot mouth.

He nursed on it and basted it in his hot spittle as his tongue circled around and around. A torrid spasm shot through her body, her clit jerking wildly as her young lover released that toe and sucked the one next to it into his talented mouth.

"Oh, God! Oh, what are you doooooooing?" she moaned delightedly, her pussy gushing lubricant again.

He didn't answer right away, instead working his way up her foot, sucking and licking sensually at each of her toes in turn until he'd finished up with her big toe.

"I'm loving you, babe," he smiled as he released her right leg and picked up her left. "I'm loving every inch of this luscious body of yours. I'm not gonna' stop until I've made you come a dozen times in ways you never dreamed you could!"

Rachael purred contentedly at that notion, her clit pulsing with life as he started sucking the little toe on her left foot. She squirmed on the soft bedspread beneath him, reveling in the wicked, naughty things his lips and tongue were doing to her naked body. He took his time, licking and sucking each toe, then ... slowly ... he kissed his way up each of her calves to the backs of her knees!

"Mmmmm, the main course at last!" he whispered when he had at last had his fill of feasting on the surprisingly sensitive skin behind her knees. He slowly kissed her along the flesh of both thighs all the way up to her sexual center.

She felt just the very tip of his limber tongue trace its way around the fluted folds of her vulva. It danced lightly across her clitoris then down the other side of her tiny lips.

"Ohhhhhh! Oh, that feels so wonderful!" she whispered.

"How about this?" he teased her, lightly sucking at her clitoris and running his tongue all around it's throbbing surface quickly before releasing it. "How does that feel, my darling Rachael?"

She was unable to answer as a sharp, intense orgasm ripped through her! She tugged wildly at his hair and writhed beneath him, her hips jerking and rolling upward in an attempt to push the exploding bundle of sexual nerve endings back into his mouth once more.

"L-Lick me!" she pleaded. "Oh, God! I'm coming ... please ... suck me!"

"Coming? Sweetheart, you haven't even started to come yet!" Todd smiled and shoved a finger deep into her seething pussy slit, then once more sucked her clit into his lips.

Rachael screamed. He was hungrily nursing at her clit, his tongue batting gently at the spasming nubbin. His finger plowed steadily in and out of her clasping pussy sheath in perfect time with his hot sucking.

"Ohhhhhhh! So hard!" she managed to gasp. "You're making me come so damned hard!"

Todd gave her a throaty chuckle, never missing a beat on her rapturous clit. He snaked his free hand up her body and found her left nipple between his skilled fingertips. As he tweaked her excited breast bud, he nipped lightly at her clit with his sharp teeth.

She had not known until that instant that it was possible to accelerate an orgasm! Her lover's experienced mouth and fingers ignited a fresh flurry of contractions that seemed to vibrate from her wildly throbbing clitoris, up her spine and through her nipples, then back down into her gripping pussy, gathering power as they rippled on and on.

"Ohhhhhh, sweet Gawwwwwddddd!" she shrieked, her body twisting and wriggling out of control beneath her lover's hot caresses. "Oh, oh! You're making me ... you're making me ... Agghhhhhh!"

Rachael couldn't manage another word or coherent thought. Her pussy was on fire, her nipples jerking frantically with the power of her climax. She had never expected to come like this, never imagined such intense release was even possible! She heard herself screaming, babbling ... sobbing with joy!

Time seemed to stop. For what seemed like forever, there was nothing but the exquisite sensations racing through her body, the feel of the handsome boy's hungry mouth on her orgasming clit, the sound of her own ecstatic exhortations, and the mind-boggling feeling on her part that the next fiery climax was somehow going to manage to top the last one!

Ever so slowly, Rachael drifted back downward from Heaven. She felt Todd give her pussy a long, loving kiss and finally pull his mouth from her over-stimulated clit. He released her nipple from his grasp and slid back up the bed, where he pushed up onto all fours then sat back on his knees, smiling down knowingly at her.

"You are some hot little number, lady," he whispered, struggling to catch his breath. "I love the way you come! I don't think I've ever had a woman climax for me as hard as you just did, and we've barely gotten started!'

Rachael's mind reeled at that thought. Barely gotten started? I feel like I've just run two marathons back-to back! But she soon saw what Todd was alluding to because at that moment, she watched him move off the bed and onto his feet and slowly begin unbuttoning his shirt...

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