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Pleasure House [MultiFormat]
eBook by Michelle Hasker

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Fantasy
eBook Description: Kyra loves her husband Miach more than anything, but she's tired of sweet, gentle sex in the dark. She needs more, and watching the Dom at a private club makes her realize exactly what's been missing from her love life. Now, if only she can convince Miach to give it a try, maybe she really can have the perfect marriage.

eBook Publisher: Changeling Press LLC, Published: 2009, 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2009

7 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Shit." Kyra kicked the flat tire on her brand new Mazda Miata and wondered why the entire universe seemed against her today.

When she finally found her cell phone in the jumbled depths of her pocketbook, she flipped it open and saw the low battery warning. "Please, baby. Just one phone call. Just one." As quickly as she dialed Miach's cell, her phone made a chirping noise and turned off. "Shit. Shit. Shit!" She kicked the tire again.

"Can I help you?" The soft feminine voice came from behind her.

Kyra spun around and stared. The woman was dressed in a black leather bustier with matching pants. The outfit was so tight it appeared painted on. Long red curls draped down the woman's shoulders. She was gorgeous. Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Kyra wished she could wear something like that. Wear it while Miach paddled her ass. While he chained her to the wall and fucked her senseless. Okay, maybe the pants would have to go.

"Is everything okay?"

Kyra blinked and realized the woman was staring at her. "Sorry. I really like your outfit."

The woman made a face as she looked Kyra over, from the top of her carefully groomed blonde hair, perfectly applied makeup, down her designer suit to the three hundred dollar killer heels. "I'm sure you do, honey. Is that your car? Do you need to call Triple A or something?"

"Or something," Kyra mumbled as she turned around and looked at her car. She lifted her useless cell in her right hand. "I forgot to charge it again. Miach is gonna be pissed."

"You can use the phone where I work. Management won't mind. Just lock up your car and you can come in and wait in comfort for assistance."

"Thank you very much..."


"Thank you, Cherie. I really appreciate it."

"You say that now. Wait until you see where I work." Cherie waited while Kyra locked up the car and joined her at the curb. "The Pleasure House." Kyra looked up at the sign hanging over the brick building that looked the same as the other businesses on the street. "It looks like an ordinary run-of-the-mill clothing store, but there's a little something extra upstairs, if you know what I mean."

"Pleasure House? Is this... are you..." Kyra lowered her voice, "a working woman?"

Cherie's laugh was a tinkling sound. It was also genuine and made Kyra feel even more comfortable with the stranger. "No, honey. I do work here, but I'm a Domme." Kyra tripped on something she didn't see, but Cherie grabbed her arm and kept her upright. "I see I've surprised you. Is it because you don't know what a Domme is?"

"No. I know what a Domme is." Kyra's cheeks heated. "But I didn't know the town had a place for BDSM."

"Have you been living in a closet?" Cherie shook her head and guided Kyra inside the establishment. "This is our shop where we sell all kinds of items you may want to use to explore the kinkier side of sex. Upstairs we have classes and offer some services. We don't sell sexual services. We teach our clients how to be themselves. Helping someone discover if they are truly a dominant or submissive can be almost freeing for me. I love to help people, and this pays a hell of a lot better than my old nurse's aide job did."

"Sounds like more fun too." Cherie pursed her lips and stared at Kyra until the telltale heat crept up her cheeks. "What?" Kyra shifted nervously from one foot to the other. "If you tell me that guys will pay to have sex with me, save your breath. I get propositioned a lot. I know some guys like the idea of a petite blonde in their bed."

"Actually, I was thinking that you seem awfully interested in upstairs. And you don't even seem embarrassed that we just walked past a dozen twelve-inch steel dildos or the Saint Andrews Cross next to me. Most people gawk at the store, staring at everything as if it is the first time they've seen them."

"Yeah, well, this isn't the first time I've seen them. Have I ever used them? No. I read a lot of eBooks. More specifically, I read a lot of erotic BDSM. I have plenty of time to kill and discovered that those types of stories keep my interest better than any others."

"Reading about them doesn't explain why you aren't staring around the store in either awe or horror."

"I researched a lot of the toys used in the books. I like to picture what I'm reading and it helps if you know a bit about BDSM."

"And you know enough to want to taste it for yourself?"

"Yes. Oh. No." Kyra quickly shook her head. "No. No. Not going to try it."

Cherie laughed again. "You said yes first."

The heat in her cheeks grew hotter as Kyra winced. "Maybe I did. But my husband isn't interested."

"Have you tried asking him to see if he's interested?"

This time it was Kyra who laughed.

Cherie led her up the stairs to the second floor while Kyra regaled her with her most recent attempts at seduction. "It does sound like you've tried to encourage him to release his inhibitions, but have you really sat down face-to-face and talked to him?"

Kyra looked down at her feet. "I'm afraid to. I don't want to hurt his feelings."

"Hon..." Cherie put her finger under Kyra's chin and tilted her face back up. "You have to talk to him. You owe it to both of you. If you aren't happy now, things aren't going to magically happen to change."

"I don't want to hurt him."

"Kyra." Cherie's voice softened even more. "Not telling him is hurting him. How do you think he'll feel one day when you hand him the divorce papers? Or the day he finds you fucking the pool boy?"

"I'd never cheat on my husband. Never!" Kyra shook her head adamantly. "I love him with all my heart."

"I'm only saying that you're a woman with normal needs and desires. It would be natural for you to--"

"No!" Kyra stepped back and looked around hoping no one was close enough to hear them. To her immense relief, they were alone in the hall.

"Not many people are around at this time of the day. We have a few people who come here to take a break from a stressful day at work. Some come on their lunch break and go back to work rejuvenated, but no one is going to be hanging around listening to our conversation."

"I wasn't worried. I'm not doing anything wrong." Kyra held her purse against her chest like a shield. "I just need to borrow your phone to call for help."

Cherie smiled as she opened a door and preceded Kyra into the room. "Then by all means. Here's the phone. I'll be waiting in the hall if you need me." On her way out, she flicked a switch on the wall. A panel moved, and Kyra stared as she realized she now had a view into the room next door. It was set up like a scene in one of her eBooks.

Oh, God. Her knees weakened, and she sat on the edge of the table that held the phone. As she picked it up and dialed Miach's cell phone, she watched a tall man dressed in black leather escort a short woman into the room. Neither glanced her way, so she figured it was safe to assume it was one-way glass.

She immediately went into Miach's voicemail. Not even sure what kind of message she left, Kyra focused on the leather flogger in the man's right hand. He ordered the woman to the ground, his voice deep and commanding.

The woman dropped on all fours and bowed her head submissively. Kyra watched as the woman followed her next set of orders obediently. The sub crawled over to a set of chains that dangled from the ceiling. Quickly and efficiently, the Dom restrained her hands, then knelt on the floor and restrained her feet. As he stood back up, Kyra tried to ignore how fine his tight ass looked in the leather, and focused on how he slid the woman's skirt up and tucked it into the waistband.

The man ran the flogger down the crease of the woman's ass, and dipped it between her legs to tap it against her pussy. A loud moan came through the speaker at the same time a beeping sound penetrated. Kyra hung up the phone and quickly dialed her auto company. While they assured her someone would be out to assist her within the hour, Kyra watched the man flick his wrist again and again, striking the flogger against the woman's backside. Over and over again, he struck her, reddening her flesh while the woman's screams of pleasure echoed in both rooms.

Mesmerized, Kyra tried to ignore the wetness between her thighs as she squeezed her legs together. The sight before her was arousing. One that she wanted to experience in the worst way. Her hand crept to the hem of her skirt before she bunched her fingers in the fabric. There was no way she was going to masturbate in here.

The Dom walked around the woman, telling her what a beautiful slut she was. How much he liked listening to her screams. This Dom was telling his sub things that Kyra wanted to hear from her husband. She wanted Miach to talk dirty to her. She wanted Miach to slap her ass while he fucked her doggy-style. She'd kill for him to go down on her and eat her out. Knowing that wasn't likely to happen, she wondered if she could somehow sneak down on him and see if he would grow to like the idea if she already had his thick cock in her mouth.

A scream ripped from the sub's mouth as the Dom flicked his wrist, the flogger striking her backside again. Kyra's fingers shook with desire as she tugged up her skirt and slipped her finger under the plain white cotton panties Miach loved. It was a good thing she liked to wear old-fashioned stockings, instead of tights. It made it easier to gain access. She rubbed her finger over her swollen lips, wondering at how aroused she was by watching the couple. Maybe she should try to get Miach to watch porn at home. Would he freak out if she bought a DVD and left it in the player?

Kyra listened to the sound of the woman's moans and leather hitting flesh as she slid her finger into her wet pussy. Tingling desire spread through her midsection as she spread her legs, giving herself better access to her aching core. With a shift of movement, she slid to the end of the table and pushed her finger into her pussy. Her inner walls clamped around it, but it wasn't enough. She needed her toys. She needed Miach to develop the same tastes as the Dom in the other room.

Bringing her finger to her clit, she spread her moisture on the swollen bud, gasping as a shiver raced up her spine. Who knew voyeurism could turn her on like this. Maybe it was because she'd read so many stories that felt like voyeurism so she was more comfortable with it.

As the woman screamed and hung her head, Kyra fingered herself to a short orgasm that left her hungry for more instead of giving her the quick release she'd sought. With a whimper of regret and frustration, Kyra fixed her clothes and fumbled in her purse for a wet wipe. She always kept one or two handy in case her nieces got sticky when they were out and about. Today it was going to come in handy for a different reason.

When she threw out the wipe in the trashcan, a sudden thought occurred to her. They probably had a video camera trained on her at this moment. She glanced around the room, but didn't sigh in relief when she didn't spot a camera. Just because she couldn't see it didn't mean there wasn't one. Had Cherie watched from outside? No. The woman had no idea Kyra would decide to masturbate while watching a flogging.

Whether anyone else could tell or not, she was embarrassed by how strong the desire to pleasure herself had been. The ache of need to take that woman's place had been overwhelming. Ashamed of her weakness, Kyra opened the door and looked around for Cherie.

"Did you make that phone call?"

"Yes!" Her voice came out in a squeak as she jumped.

"Why are you so jumpy?" Cherie's eyes narrowed. "And flushed?"

"You know. You opened that panel before you left the room. You knew the Dom was going to beat his sub and you wanted me to watch it. I know what your game is. Hook the woman in and get her to join the club. Maybe she'll let some unsuspecting visitor watch her being flogged by a stranger in a mask."

"We're very reasonably priced, Kyra. We have memberships as simple as someone who wants to come in once in a while and watch, and as complex as those who want to participate in a session. Either as student or instructor, or someone who needs a person to give them what they need. Some men and women--like you--have trouble finding someone they trust enough to give them what they desire. Or in some cases they can't find anyone with the same interests as them. This is a safe place. One where they can feel free enough to allow others to give them what they need."

"What I need I'll be getting from just my husband, thank you very much."

"No offense, hon, but sexual tension is radiating off you in waves. It was bad when I met you outside and it's worse now. There's no reason to feel embarrassed about liking what you saw. I only opened the panel because I like you, Kyra. I wanted you to see what you could have. I wanted to give you the courage to say something to your husband. You know, you could sign both of you up and bring him here to help him see what you desire is normal and healthy."

Kyra froze, her thoughts narrowing in on the idea of bringing Miach here. Yeah, that was so not happening. He wouldn't make it past the twelve-inch steel dildos. Hell, he'd probably turn and run at the flavored lube. "What if I sign us both up and he doesn't like it?"

"If he comes here and gets the basic tour and decides he won't give it a try, we'll suggest he watch some of our instructors perform. If he doesn't like that either, we'll simply refund the money. But that doesn't mean you need to get a refund. We guarantee anonymity here. The money we remove from your account each month will be done by our bank, not our business name. That way he won't know if you're coming here or not. He can think you wrote out a check for a charge card or something."

"I'm not going to cheat on my husband."

"Watching someone else flog his sub is not cheating. It's like renting porn and watching it at home. That doesn't make you a cheater."

Kyra both hated and loved that the woman made sense. Her watching the scene she'd just witnessed wasn't cheating on her husband. No, it definitely wasn't.

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