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Romancing the Soul: True Soul Mate Stories from around the World and Beyond [MultiFormat]
eBook by Dorothy Thompson

eBook Category: Spiritual/Religion
eBook Description: Do you believe in soul mates? Romancing the Soul: True Stories and Verse of the Existence of Soul Mates from around the World and Beyond brings together beautiful and compelling stories and verse from people all over the world who have found their soul mates through real-life miracles and chance encounters. A woman lies in her hospital bed and magically envisions her soul mate, whom she has never seen before, then meets him soon after being released--two soul mates lock eyes and feel as if theyíve known each other all their lives--a woman who canít be with her twin soul in this lifetime receives messages from the beyond and learns that the true spiritual bond never dies. From karmic soul mates to twin souls, these powerful and heartwarming stories will not only mystify you, theyíll make a believer out of you. Romancing the Soul: True Stories and Verse of the Existence of Soul Mates from around the World and Beyond not only proves that soul mates exist, they will help you in your quest to find yours! More than sixty authors have banded together to tell their true soul mate experiences in the hope this will be a reference book to all those who are looking for purpose in life--whether it be for relationships, friendships or personal gratification. Promising to be a stepping stone towards understanding the soul mate experience, this book will be touted as the book for the "soul mates of the New Age" and will have a profound difference in your search for your own soul mate.

eBook Publisher: Zumaya Publications, Published: Zumaya Publications, 2004
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2004

Soul mates? I believed it. I knew there was someone out there for me.

It was 1971. I was sixteen years old. I'd only attended school the equivalent of two semesters in the last two years. I was ill with a disease that had no name and no ready cure. Two years of tests--terrible tests--brought me no relief, no answers. My parents' insurance had been cancelled because of the money it took to keep me alive. They mortgaged the house again and again.

I remember lying in the hospital room as my body wasted away. I heard the doctor talking to my parents, telling them the new medications he'd tried hadn't worked. It was only a matter of time. There was nothing they could do.

My skin was gray, and the whites of my eyes were yellow. I was five feet, eight inches tall and weighed one hundred pounds. I was in constant pain, moving restlessly, incessantly, to try to keep from hurting. I only felt relief when they said they were going to take me home and do what they could for me there. They taught my mother to give me injections and sent a home health nurse. I lay in my bed and looked at the ceiling while they checked my vitals and shook their heads.

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