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The Hollister School for Girls: Education in the Classic English Tradition of Punishment [MultiFormat]
eBook by Powerone

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: From the Bestselling Author of Teaching the Au Pair to Submit! The Hollister School for Girls is a private school for wayward daughters of the very wealthy and aristocratic. New to the school from England is Headmaster Michael, who brings with him long abandoned yet successful methods for disciplining troublesome young ladies. His expertise and knowledge of the ways of corporal punishment is precisely why he was hired on by Chancellor Meredith. In this spellbinding novel you will follow the journey of some of the school's "scholarship girls" as they navigate their way through a maze of discipline and submission to emerge better citizens and model young women. Come visit The Hollister School for Girls where pain and pleasure are one and the same, where humiliation by and submission to male authority is the only path to graduation. Here is another unique excursion into the world of B&D from the award-winning author Powerone.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/SIZZLER, Published: 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2005

249 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

The Job Interview

How could he have known? Danielle was a bright, attractive student who had been brought before Michael, the Headmaster of the small English college, many times. She had an obstinate streak in her, most likely learned from her very wealthy parents and she was often sent to the Headmaster's office for infractions ranging from disrupting the classroom, to smoking and slipping off the campus on the weekend. Harbor College, located in rural England was a small, expensive all-girls college, attended by the children of the very wealthy. The children were usually not bright enough nor mature enough to get into England's very prestigious universities that the rich required of their children. Harbor was a stepping stone, a place where wealthy youth were prepared to fit into the rigors of the elite universities.

She was bent over his desk, her skirt pulled up over her waist, the blue plaid material lying along her back. Her head was resting on the hard, cold wood, her face framed in the tears running down her cheeks, her big blue eyes now searching for relief from the caning she was receiving. Her blonde hair sat matted on her forehead, the sounds of her sobbing broken only by the swish of the cane and the smack as it tore her flesh.

Michael moved behind her red-streaked thighs, the flexible rattan cane having left its indelible marks on her young flesh. At eighteen, her tight thighs were soft and sensitive, just right to receive the maximum pain from the unrelenting cane. "You're going to have to learn, Danielle, that you are to obey the rules. We will have many more sessions like this until you do. Maybe a little humiliation will teach you to obey. Now hold still." He let his hand run down over the cute white panties that were now spread so tightly over her ass cheeks. He felt her body flinch as he touched her, then quickly, his palm hit the panty-covered cheek. "Hold still or it will be the cane again." He continued fondling her taut buttocks, her sobs increasing, the humiliation of being so openly fondled overcoming her senses. "Spread your legs open, Danielle," his foot nudged one of her ankles. "Obey me," he ordered her.

She cried louder, embarrassed as the Headmaster fondled her naked flesh. While she did smoke and had left the campus, she was a virgin and his abuse of her was both frightening and humiliating. Boys had kissed her and some even tried to paw at her breasts, one actually slipping his hand between her legs before she tightened her powerful thighs, stopping him instantly. She was saving herself for her prince, the man that would sweep her off her feet and give her the life she often dreamt about. Now she had been beaten on her thighs, the cane biting into her sensitive flesh, drawing cries of pain that rocked the room.

But the Headmaster didn't care, he seemed to relish her screams, each blow hitting even harder than the last, working to drive a louder scream from her throat. At least he had stopped beating her with the cane, now forcing her to accept the fondling of her virgin flesh. She was not sure which was worse. Danielle sobbed as his hand explored her butt, his fingers moved all over her panty-covered flesh as she trembled in fear and humiliation. Now the order to spread her legs, his foot insisted on compliance, banging painfully into her ankle until she obeyed and shuffled her legs wider and wider until he seemed to be satisfied at the obscene position she was placed in. She could only imagine how she looked from behind. Her panties were pulled tightly over her butt, her legs spread almost to the corners of the ornate desk she was bent over, her butt arched up higher as if offering her posterior to him. She could feel the cool air of the room between her legs, knowing that the gap between her thighs was greatly exaggerated by the spread of her legs.

"Now that is how a naughty girl should be positioned for her punishment," his hand moved down over her taut buttocks, slide down lower, as she gasped in embarrassment as his fingers touched her pussy, snuggled securely in her tightly stretched panties. "That should teach you some manners, forced to suffer my fondling of your flesh." He let his fingers move between her thighs, tickling the tender flesh almost at the vee of her legs. He slapped her ass when she began to move. "Hold still I said! I won't tell you again!" The Headmaster punctuated his order with another sharp slap to her ass cheek, rewarded with another cry of pain from her lips. His fingers returned, tickling her sex before lightly tapping against her pussy from behind, feeling her body shudder. He moved his fingers to both sides of the tiny band of panties stretched across her pussy, slipping under the band, pulling up on the material, away from her body, catching quick glimpses of her naked pussy below.

Her panties were pulled out tightly, the Headmaster's fingers moving the material back and forth until it was drawn between her pussy lips now pushed outside the thin material with the rest of her panties between her ass cheeks, buried from sight. His fingers returned to her flesh, this time his calloused digits finding naked flesh to touch.

Danielle shuddered with shame as he touched her naked sex, along her closely shaved pussy and back, his palm rubbed sensuously over her naked buttocks. She had never even let a boy touch her as the Headmaster was doing; now she was bent over submissively, her naked flesh harshly rubbed by an older man, under fear of further punishment if she protested.

Michael looked at her naked ass hidden only by a tiny strip of material pushed between her cheeks, her pussy lips split uncomfortably by her panties. Maybe next time she would learn not to break the rules. He loved the feel of her ass, her muscles tightening when he touched them. She would learn to relax her cheeks, allow him complete access to the split between them and the tight little anus he knew was nestled inside. It would require some pain on her part, but he would enjoy teaching this one to submit.

He moved behind her again, the small, flexible cane in his hand, the shocked look on her face making his cock harder. "Yes, you will now feel the pain of the cane on your naked flesh. I'm going to start with the top of your tender thighs and slowly work my way up your ass cheeks. You will stay in position," he ordered her.

She screamed and sobbed as he beat her ass with the cane, deep red marks showing on her previously white, unblemished skin. He stopped, her crying louder now, her ass a burning mass of pain. "Please, no more," she begged, her face soaked in her tears, her head hanging submissively down on the desk. But she had stayed in position, her ass thrust up, her legs spread wide, fearing an even more dreadful punishment if she disobeyed.

Her body flinched as he ran his hands over her striped ass cheeks, igniting fresh pain in her body. "Put your legs together. I want to slip your little panties off you," he whispered to her. His hands reached up to the waist of her white panties, waiting for her to comply.

"Why?" she begged, but closed her legs, his hands slipped under her body, urging her ass to arch up higher. She sobbed louder, the humiliation of being stripped before him now too much to bear, the thought of how she would look from behind once he completed his cruel task of completely embarrassing her. She felt his breath on her ass cheeks as he knelt behind her, his face only inches from her as she felt the panties slowly inch down, the thin material pulling from between her cheeks, the front of the wet garment pushing apart her pussy lips. She clenched her cheeks-a slap to her caned ass cheeks forced her to relax her muscles-a loud sob accompanying her humiliation at being stripped.

Michael watched as the panties slipped down, his hand moved underneath her, pushing against her abdomen, forcing her to arch up higher as her pussy was slowly revealed from behind. "Higher, Danielle," forcing her on her toes, her ass submissively stretched out, her sex now completely exposed from behind as her panties slipped from between her thighs to fall on the floor behind her. "Step out of them," each leg moved up to step out of them, her pussy pulling open. "Good girl, now spread your legs again, Danielle. Real wide, to the corners of the desk. I want your ass cheeks parted and your pussy lips separated by the spread of your legs. Show me all of your intimate charms, Danielle."

Whimpers accompanied each shifting movement to the side, farther and farther until they reached the sides of his ornate desk. Her body went limp, the sheer exhaustion of the beating and the extreme humiliation of being forced to strip and expose her charms taking a toll on her young body.

* * * *

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