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Zollocco: A Novel of Another Universe [MultiFormat]
eBook by Cynthia Joyce Clay

eBook Category: Science Fiction EPIC eBook Award Finalist
eBook Description: Having escaped from a dying Earth to the solar systems Imekapur, a young woman lands on a planet governed by sentient forests. Despite becoming a preistess of the governing forests, she is hounded from planet to planet by the Toelakhan, an interplanetary corporation always at odd with the forests' stewardship of the planets. What the forests teach her could save the Earth, but only if she escapes the Toelakhan.

eBook Publisher: Oestara Publishing LLC, Published: 2000, 2000
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2006

12 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"The book is so riveting, I almost felt as if I were actually lving these adventures myself."--Kathy Boswell, The Romantic Times

"This book manages to combine science ficiton with a little mythology and a touch of 'moral message' to make an excellent, well-balanced story. This author certainly has an origianl imagination!"--Leslie The Eternal Night

"Totally enjoyable, hilarilously funny in places, utterly original and product of a very gifted imagination indeed"--Jason Avalez, reader

We are aware that a human being has landed in Our berry dell. From Our smallest truffles to Our greatest Haetrist, We are annoyed and indignant. We have forbidden human beings Ourself as a home because all the weak, sniveling things do is get sick and die when they try to adjust to Our life. Every berry, bush, bird, and beast was looking forward to adopting a new, strong creature, which We thought a creature must be if it could fly the great distances between planets. Were We surprised! Humans are inorganic creatures. They fly around in enormous metal cans and eat out of tiny metal cans. Even their babies come out of cans. Disgusting. This one crawled out of its flying house-can this morning; long after Our day creatures had greeted with stretches the rosy-gold sunshine. Our tall stalk-vegetation reports that the human looks just as gray, weak, and sickly as it can be. The grass says the human ate out of one of its little cans and then threw up in the rock basin. At least it has some manners and doesn't puke on Our grass. It smells horribly stale, too, the furry creatures say. Of course it stinks, it has been cooped-up in its flying-can home. Even though this human does look distinctly female, We are of accord not to let it come among Us. We don't want any inorganic creature in Our presence. The tenderhearted moss still has not quite gotten over the trauma of seeing life growing out of a can of chemicals. The dell life is keeping a pretty strict watch on this human. The human is trying to come among Us! Get out of here you sickly wretch! Beat it, you smelly old human! Get back in your can! Go back to your own kind!

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