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The Making of a Legend [Vows and Honor Series: Oathblood] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Mercedes Lackey

eBook Category: Fantasy
eBook Description: Tarma and Kethry came to town looking for a meal, something cold to drink, and a chance to rest from their travels in the summer's heat. For the "bard" Leslac, however, this wasn't nearly heroic enough for his next ballad. And the town had a Wicked Overlord, so surely his heroes would want to do something about that--wouldn't they?

eBook Publisher: Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust, Published: Sword & Sorceress 6, 1990
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2006

63 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Viden? Oh, hell--" Kethry replied in disgust, rolling the sleeves of her buff sorcerer's robe a little higher. "It would be Viden. I was hoping for a bath and a bed."

"What's wrong with Viden?" Tarma asked. To Kethry's further disgust she didn't even look warm; there was no sheen of sweat on that dark-gold skin, and that despite the leather tunic and breeches she wore. Granted, she was from the Dhorisha Plains where it got a lot hotter than it was here, but--

Well, it wasn't fair.

"Viden's overlord is what's wrong," she answered. "A petty despot. Lord Gorley; hired a gang of prison scum to enforce things for him." She made a sour face. "He manages to stay just on the right side of tolerable for the Viden merchants, so they pay his fees and ignore him. But outsiders find themselves a lot lighter in the pocket if they overnight there. Doesn't even call it a tax, just sends his boys after you to shake you down. Hellfire."

"Oh, well," Tarma shrugged philosophically. "At least we were warned. Figure we'd better skirt the place altogether, or is it safe enough to stop for a meal?"

:For a short stop I misdoubt a great deal of trouble with me at your side.: the lupine kyree trotting at Ironheart's side mindspoke to both of them. Kethry grinned despite her disappointment. Seeing as Warrl's shoulders came as high as Tarma's waist, and he had a head the size of a large melon with teeth of a length to match, it was extremely doubtful that any one--or even three--of the Viden-lord's toughs would care to chance seeing what the kyree was capable of.

"Safe enough for that," Kethry acknowledged. "From all I heard they don't bestir themselves more than they can help. By the time they manage to get themselves organized into a party big enough to give us trouble, we'll have paid for our meal and gone."

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