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Seasonal Winds: Winter Wind [MultiFormat]
eBook by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

eBook Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Dark Fantasy
eBook Description: From a distant world, the Seoid have been here for eons, their purpose, to inspire the creators of mankind. When Kai McDonough flees his hounding agent to find solitude in hopes of breaking writer's block, he has no idea what secret lies within the cave he has chosen to explore. The Seoid know him, however. Appearing to him in the guise of five beautiful sisters, each more lovely than the last, they fulfill all his erotic fantasies in a way he never dreamed possible. Rating: Contains explicit sexual content and graphic language.

eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, Published: 2006, 2006
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2007

41 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

Kai McDonough loved the snow. He found solitude in walking through freshly fallen drifts and wonderment in watching the flakes drifting silently to earth, catching one on his tongue. When it snowed, all sound was muted and the air was crisp and clear and pristine. The cold didn't bother him. He reveled in it. His heart soared at the sight of branches laden with white crystals that turned the tree into a fairyland wonder. It was in the winter that he felt the most alive.

Picking his way carefully along the ridge, he glanced down at the immaculate beauty that spread out below him. The warm-brown tint of his sunglasses gave sharp detail and depth as the polarized poly lens killed the glare. He needed that, for as far as the eye could see the ground was covered in a lush, fluffy blanket of snow. The sky overheard was a vibrant, vivid blue and the air carried on it an ozone scent that was sharp to the nostrils. Tall pines, spruce and aspen, were draped with a mantle of snowy white and the lake about a hundred yards east of his property was frozen solid, Canadian geese skating playfully across its mirrored surface.

Muffled in a thick Spanish merino shearling parka with a substantial wool scarf wrapped around his neck, dark hair protected beneath a black watch cap nestled within the ample hood of the parka, his hands encased in cashmere lined lambskin gloves and his feet protected by fur-lined mukluk boats, he was toasty warm as he climbed the gentle slopes that formed the northern boundary of his Black Hills ranch.

He rolled his shoulders, for he had not adequately adjusted the load he was carrying in his backpack. The shoulder straps and hip belt were pinching and for the amount of money he'd paid for the hauler, he was not a happy camper--no pun intended. Inside the main compartment he carried a sleeping bag, spare clothes, food, and various other items that would allow him to spend a night or two in one of the caves to which he was trekking. One of the items was a personal cooking system that weighed a bit more than he would have liked. It added to the discomfort he was experiencing at that moment but just knowing he had an Isobutane canister to prepare his meals had seemed worth it when he bought it.

As he stood there with the cold wind blowing over his chilled face, he could imagine himself to be a hardy pioneer seeing this terrain for the first time. He fancied no human foot had ever stepped upon this virgin ledge and mentally he was claiming it for his own. Had it not been for the communications gear in his backpack--the personal locator beacon with an internal GPS receiver, the Smartphone with its graphics-driven video games, and the laptop computer with two fully charged spare batteries--he might have been able to believe he truly was conquering the wilderness.

Continuing on up the slope, he spied white tail deer scampering down in the meadow amidst a dozen or so wild turkeys. A lone raccoon waddled from beneath a pine to disappear over a small rise. Since he wasn't a hunter and didn't allow poachers on his property, the animals seemed to know he was no threat to him. For the most part, they ignored him. Deer came right up to his back porch, enjoyed the salt block he provided, and there were always turkey tracks and bobcat prints around his woodshed out back. One set of tracks he was fairly sure belonged to a black bear and that was one of the reasons he carried a stun gun as well as a large knife in his gear when he went hiking.

Getting a bit of a headache, hearing his stomach rumbling, he was relieved to spy the cave entrance that he wanted to investigate. It was a few hundred yards farther up the slope and examining the untouched snow on the path between him and the cave, he hoped he wouldn't be running into a hibernating ursine with a taste for horror writers.

"Especially not ones with a severe case of writer's block," he mumbled to himself.

That was partially why he had decided to pull out his backpack, load it up, and strike out for a bit of solitude away from the almost daily phone calls from his agent who was beginning to hound him unmercifully for the next book in his Demon Sired series. That and the not-so-friendly breakup with his girlfriend of five years who had--with a viciousness that stunned him--given him an ultimatum of either fishing or cutting bait where their relationship was concerned, had piled depression on nerves already raw with frustration over not being able to concentrate enough to put word to screen.

So he had struck out that morning for the wilds of the slopes beyond his elaborate log cabin and the solitude he was in such desperate need to find.

Once at the entrance to the cave, he shrugged off the backpack and laid it in the snow, bending down to retrieve the flashlight. Flicking it on, he ducked under the low overhang and ventured inside.

As he knew it would be, the cave was pitch black with only the small shallow arc of daylight flooding into its entrance. As he played the flashlight beam over the walls, Kai realized the chamber was much larger than he would have guessed and that the walls were smooth and not craggy as he would have expected. Frowning, he went over to the nearest surface and ran his gloved hand over it. The face was as slick as a pane of glass and just as reflective as a mirror.

"Weird," he pronounced, moving around the circular room. It almost felt as though the chamber had been bored out with some huge drill turning at super high speed in a one hundred and eighty degree arc. There was a long tunnel off the main chamber that seemed to go on forever, the beam from the flashlight disappearing into inky darkness.

Underfoot, the ground was covered with sandstone clay and silt and chip breakdown consisting of irregular limestone fragments. But walking back toward the tunnel, Kai realized the ground appeared almost to have been raked, for it was much smoother than any cave floor he'd ever seen.

"Really weird," he said with emphasis.

Yet there were no footprints in the soil areas. The sediment under foot did not look as though it had been disturbed for a very long time and Kai breathed a little easier, hoping the cave was not home to something with jagged teeth and a voracious appetite.

In the distance he could hear the plink-plink-plink of water dripping and echoing back through the tunnel. The skirl of bats reverberated back to him also, which seemed odd, as well. Going back for his backpack, he decided there had to be a fair-sized grotto somewhere off the tunnel and he would cautiously seek it out. Holding the flashlight between his knees, hating to strap the backpack on again for his left shoulder felt raw from the rubbing of the strap, he sighed and swung it up, settled it a bit more comfortably on his back this time. When he had it the way he wanted it, he reached down for the flashlight and headed for the tunnel.

Attentive ears pricked at the muffled sound of approach. Keen eyes peered unblinkingly into the darkness. Sensitive nostrils flared at the intoxicating scent hovering just beneath the surface.

"One comes!"

The silent energy thought flew from one eager mind to another until all were aware and they began to gather.

A sniff of the air. A turn of an inquisitive head. Scrutiny.

"Male." That one word flowed like warm honey--sweet and achingly tasteful--among them.

The tunnel seemed to go on forever and with every step he took, Kai became even more intrigued. Above him and to both sides the tunnel was as slick and smooth as the cavern had been and as straight as an arrow. He couldn't shake the feeling that something massive and sharp had cut a swath through the hill. The walls were too uniform in their smoothness, the ground under foot too free of obstruction to believe nature had carved such perfection.

Stopping again to adjust the backpack, he thought he heard furtive movement ahead and stilled, cocking his ear toward the sound but after several moments of intense listening, all he detected was the steady dripping of water. Around him, the flashlight beam sent arcs of illumination on the polished rock and reflected them back at him in a dizzying array of colors.

Continuing on, he realized the air around him was getting warmer. He knew the median temperature range within the cave systems of the Black Hills was 53 degrees but it seemed much warmer than that. The air touching his face was almost humid.

When he'd checked the weather before leaving that morning, it had been 37 degrees in Hot Springs with snow on the way to add to the four inches already on the ground. He shot his arm out to check the time and was surprised to see he'd been gone from his home for nearly two hours.

"How can that be?" he asked aloud and began walking a bit faster.

"Vigorous!" It was perceived with glee.

"Healthy!" Satisfaction came.

"Alone..." The word hung suspended then drifted away on a long sigh.

The energy thoughts wafted on the swirling eddies of the heated air. As one, they moved--touching mind to mind and limb to limb, gathering power.

He felt the slight shifting beneath his feet and looked down, pointing the beam of the flashlight at the cave floor. When the shifting came again, he took a cautious step back.

"What the hell...?"

Those were the last words out of his mouth before the ground opened up and he dropped like a rock through the floor, the loose chip breakdown closing over the opening almost as quickly as it had occurred. A ripple shifted back along the tunnel floor and when it stopped, there was no evidence that Kai McDonough had ever trailed the path.

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