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Pussy Whipped [MultiFormat]
eBook by Heather Lynx

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: He Learned the Meaning of the Term--The Hard Way! Shelby Pendragon is a beautiful woman who wants power and control in her marriage. From the way that Shelby manipulates him, her husband Carter acknowledges that he is pussy whipped. But he's not complaining. Shelby seduces her husband, and gets him to agree to try some bondage. Having physical control of him, she offers him the option of a threesome if he agrees to her condition that she is in charge of what they do, what he wears and their sex life. When he does, she introduces him to a special friend Jorja, a mistress who is encouraging Shelby to explore her dominant nature and needs. With Mistress Jorja's guidance and the use of her submissives, Shelby also discovers the rush of whipping pussy and expressing some sadistic needs she didn't know that she had. Consequently, she looks forward to expanding both hers and Carter's understand of what being pussy whipped is all about.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2008

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

Shelby Pendragon examined herself in the mirror. The black leather corset had cinched in her waistline. Her milky white breasts overflowed the cups of the corset. The sheer black stocking attached to the garters and her black high heels made her legs appear long and lean. With her firm body and well-proportion hourglass figure, she really didn't need a corset to emphasize her natural beauty. However, tonight, she was wearing one for its erotic and sensual effect.

Shelby's father named her after the Shelby Ford Mustang GT. Like the GT, she was fast and sleek with incredible curves. And just like the GT, she caught the admiring glances of men and women wherever she went. She was also aware that the women often gave her an envious look as well and for good reason. With her body, she was a threat to them. Over the years, she had stolen more than one boyfriend while in high school and college.

Her exceptional looks and charm had made it easy for her to twist her dad around her little finger. When she matured, she used her looks and charms to get what she wanted in high school and college from men and women alike. Like the Shelby Ford Mustang GT, she was a dominant force and a force to be reckoned with. She liked the influence that she could exert over others. She was always pleasantly amazed at what she could get with just the bat on an eyelash.

With all kinds of men vying for her attentions, she had finally married Carter Pendragon. He had touched her heart with his love and devotion, a special kind of love and devotion that set him apart from the rest of the herd. She had fallen in love with him. And she appreciated his ability to satisfy her in so many ways. On top of it all, he was handsome, very handsome, with a well-tone athletic body.

Carter Pendragon was successful beyond his childhood dreams. He had made a small fortune in the technology revolution. His company was now on the cutting edge of the latest communication technologies. The future looked bright. With his money, he loved showering his wife with gifts and any luxury that she desired. In reality, he was twisted around her little finger and there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for her. When he woke up every morning and watched Shelby sleeping next to him, he felt incredibly blessed to be married to her. Her body was awesome to behold. Their sex was fantastic. Her beauty mesmerized him. Even though his strengths as an entrepreneur were evident in the success of his business, he was different at home. He found himself easily persuaded by Shelby's charms. He knew some thought that he was pussy whipped. Maybe he was. He didn't mind. He loved her and wanted her to be happy.

After putting on a black lace thong, Shelby stepped into the short black leather skirt and fastened it around her waist. "Mmm," she moaned as the material of the black silk blouse moved over her skin as she put it on. She only buttoned the bottom three buttons before tucking it into her skirt. She wanted him to see lots of cleavage along with the black leather corset. She looked at herself in the mirror and made herself wet. She smiled a devilish smile. Even though she had everything her heart desired, there was one more thing that she wanted. She wanted more than just material things. She knew she could use her charms and beauty to get anything she wanted. That fact had been a part of her life since day one. But she wanted to be more than just an awesome looking woman, who could manipulate those around her. That was far too shallow for her. What she wanted was respect as the complex woman that she was. After all, she was educated and intelligent. Besides, she had some new, interesting and intense needs. She was going to get what she wanted and needed. Tonight, things were going to change. She checked her makeup in the mirror. She knew who it was when she heard the doorbell. She felt her heart flutter. She answered the door. "Hi, Jorja."


"Come on in." After she did, Shelby closed the door. Then she took Jorja into her arms. She held her close. She loved how Jorja's augmented breasts felt pressing against her. She kissed her and lightly moved her tongue over her full, red lips.

"Mmmm," Jorja purred. Her tongue darted out and gave Shelby an erotic jolt as always when it touched her tongue.

"Ahhhh," Shelby purred.

When they stepped back from their embrace, Jorja looked Shelby over. "Wow, you look awesome and so sexy."

She smiled. "Thanks. You look great yourself." She took Jorja by the arm. "We have time for a drink."


Jorja and Shelby seemed to be opposites. Jorja had had plastic surgery on her breasts, her nose and lips while Shelby was a poster girl for the natural look. Jorja's hair was short, permed and dyed platinum blond while Shelby took meticulous care of auburn locks that gracefully fell over her shoulders down to her shoulder blades. Jorja had sparkling medium blue eyes while Shelby's were brown and sensual. However, there were similarities. They were the same age, twenty-nine. They both worked hard to keep their bodies firm. Their legs were long and lean, their skin was soft and sensual, and their eyes were expressive. They loved wearing provocative clothing and having others look them. And they both loved each other's company and the intensity of feelings and sexual satisfaction they could enjoy with each other. They had been lovers for nearly three years.

"Red zin?"

"Yes," Jorja answered. She sat down on the sofa while Shelby went to get their wine. Her Columbian blue skirt rode up and exposed most of her thigh when she crossed her legs. She softly moved her hand over her navy blue stocking as she admired her legs. After her breasts, she thought her legs were her best asset. She was braless as usual and her prominent nipples were visible in her sheer white gauze blouse.

Returning with two wine glasses, Shelby smiled when she saw Jorja's legs and the dark blue garters attached to her stockings. She knew Jorja's wasn't wearing any panties. She rarely did. "You look awesome," she said and handed Jorja a glass of wine.

"Thanks." She waited for Shelby to set down next to her. "Here's to a wonderful friend," she said as the rims of their glasses touched.

"Yes, to a very special friend." Along with Jorja, Shelby took a sip of wine. "Tonight is going to be special."

"Yes, I've been looking forward to it ever since you shared your idea with me." Jorja paused. "Are you sure you want to go through with it?"

Shelby smiled. She took a sip of wine. "Yes. Why?"

"Just checking."

"I'm ready for some changes around here."

"I'll say." She smiled. "I'm glad I'm going to be part of it."

"Well, you are a special friend. It's time that Carter found out just how special." She sipped her wine. "He'll be here soon. You can stay out of sight until I get him thinking with this penis rather than his brain. Then you can join us." She gave Jorja an evil smile.

"Okay. And the way you're dressed, I'm sure it won't take long."

Shelby smiled. "He's home," she said when she heard the garage door open. "You can wait in the guest bedroom."

"Okay." When they both stood up, Jorja embraced Shelby and kissed her. "Thanks for letting me be a part of this." Picking up her glass of wine, she walked towards the guest bedroom.

Shelby watched Jorja walk down the hall. She loved how she moved. She walked into the kitchen to greet Carter as soon as he came into the house. "Good evening, hon."

Carter stopped in his tracks when he saw his wife. His eyes moved to her breasts and the leather corset. "Wow! You look great."

"Thanks." She battered her eyelashes. She held him close when he took her into his arms. She eagerly kissed him when their lips met. She flicked out her tongue. She knew it drove him wild.

"Mmmm." He held her tight and appreciated the feel of her breasts against his chest as the mere touch of her tongue made his penis began to respond. "Damn, you feel you good."

"So do you," she whispered. She kissed him deep and long. She felt his passion and it excited her. Her hand moved to his crotch. She felt his growing penis. "Glad to see me?"

"Yes," he quickly agreed. He flinched when she toyed with the glans. "Very glad to see you." With the blood flowing to his member, he was already starting to think with his penis. He cupped her breast and kissed her.

"Mmm," she moaned into his mouth. She knew her nipples were rock hard from his touch. Her tongue probed deep into his mouth.

Kissing her and holding on to her firm ass, he pulled her close and worked his hardening penis against her. "Mmm," he moaned as her tongue continued to give him some pleasurable sensations. He sucked on her tongue while moving the tip of his over the tip of hers.

"Mmmm," She felt his hardness against her. She prided herself on being able to give him an almost instantaneous hard-on. She seductively moved her pelvis and further stimulated him. When his hand moved under her skirt and started to massage the tight skin of her ass left exposed by her black thong, she broke away from their kiss. "Why don't you shower first? You know how much I love you squeaky clean."

"I want you now," he shared. He held her close and ground his erection against her. When he felt her garters, his penis flexed with desire.

"I know." She kissed him. She found and played with his erection. She looked him in the eyes and smiled one of her killer smiles. "I want you, too." She kissed him. "But I want you clean so I can enjoy every inch of you." She wet her lips with her tongue and stroked his shaft. "You will shower for me, won't you?" she asked as she started down the road that would give her what she really wanted and needed.

He quivered. "Yes, I'll do anything for you," he shared as he was easily persuaded by her charms.

She wasn't surprised when he acquiesced to her request. It happened all of the time. But tonight, she was going to get more than just acquiescence to her charms, her beauty, her unadulterated sensuality and her raw sexuality. She was going to get respect for the complex woman that she was and she was going to express and satisfy her special needs. "Good. Enjoy a long, hot shower and I'll be waiting for you when you get done."

He smiled at her. He looked over her body with pure lust in his eyes. "I love you."

"I love you, too." She saw the lust in his eyes and the bulge in his pants. She knew he was already thinking with his penis. She smiled to herself. She watched as he walked away frustrated but so eager to please her. Shelby picked up the bottle of wine and walked into the guest bedroom as soon as she heard the shower running. She filled Jorja's glass.

"Thanks. He is eager."

"Yes, he is." She set the bottle down.

"It sounded like he wanted to jump your bones right now."

"He did. He was hard in nothing flat and wanting to get it on. I love how I can get him to think with his penis so quickly." She flashed an evil smile.

"I can tell. Just listening to you made me wet," Jorja confessed.

"You are going to get a lot wetter." She kissed her. "A lot wetter."

"I like that idea. And I'm looking forward to helping you tonight."

"I know and so am I. And he is in for a few surprises." She gave Jorja a wicked smile.

"I'll say." She took a sip of wine.

"It sounds like he's finished with his shower. I need to get him ready for us." She held Jorja close and kissed her.

"He's not the only one who wants you."

"I know."

Jorja touched one of her hard nipples as she watched Shelby leave. "Mmmm."

With a towel wrapped around him, Carter walked into the bedroom. He paused when he saw his wife standing in the middle of the room. He eyes moved from her eyes to her breasts and the leather corset and finally to her legs. "You are beautiful."

"Thank you, my love." She flashed him a sensuous smile.

He walked over and took her into his arms. "Mmm" he moaned as her curves pressed into his body. He held her close. He liked the feel of cool leather against his skin. He could smell the soft delicate smell of Intuition, her favorite perfume, on her soft skin. When he leaned down to kiss the tops of her breasts, the towel feel to the floor. He kissed her breasts and then buried his nose and mouth between them. "Mmmm" he moaned as he inhaled her perfume. He held her ass and pulled her close as he lifted up and kissed her full lips.

"I do like you squeaky clean," she said. She reached down and found his semi-erect penis.

"Oh," he breathed as her touch quickly make him rock hard again.

"And I like you hard," she added when she felt him respond so quickly to her soft caresses.

"I like what you do to me." He kissed her again. His tongue touched and moved over hers.

"Mmmm" she purred. She could feel his and her own arousal. She broke away from their kiss. She held him close. "Would you like to eat me?" she whispered in a soft voice that oozed with sex.

"Yes," he breathed. He kissed the tops of her breasts. His hand moved over the side of her corset and over her hips as he knelt in front of her. He held her close with his head turned to one side and his ear pressed up against her abdomen. He loved how firm and tight her ass felt and how flat and firm she kept her tummy. He sat back on his heels as his hands moved down her hose-covered legs. He loved the feel of her silky stockings. He moved his hands slowly up her legs and under the hem of her skirt. He felt the soft smooth skin above the tops of her stockings. He smiled as he made the hem of her skirt move higher and higher as he hands moved towards her ass.

"That feels good," she purred as his hands lightly slid over her ass. She saw his eyes riveted on the rising hem of her skirt. She ran her fingers through his damp hair.

With the hem of the skirt above her hips, he kissed the silky material of her thong. He inhaled her scent. "You smell so good," he breathed. He pressed his mouth against her pussy and could feel her trimmed pubic hairs brushing against his lips. His penis hovered parallel to the floor, fully erect and oozing precome from the tip. He flexed his cock as his tongue moved over the crotch of her thong.

"Oh, yes," Shelby breathed as she enjoyed the soft flicks of his tongue on her mons pubis. She cupped and pushed her breasts together. She knew that beneath the leather corset her nipples were like his cock--rock hard. 'Mmmm."

With the crotch of her thong saturated with her juices, he could taste her. He loved her taste. It was so sweet. He pressed firmly against her as he licked her slit. He inserted his fingers into the waistband of her panties and started to pull them off her hips.

Shelby grabbed his hands and stopped him. When he looked up, she saw the question in his eyes. "There is something different that I want to try before I let you get into my panties."

"What?" He inhaled her scent that seemed to be getting stronger.

"I was reading a story where a woman tied up her husband before they had sex. It made me so wet and so horny." She smiled. "So if you want to get into my panties and eat me, I want to tie you up first. Are you game?" She cocked her head to the right, raised her left eyebrow and waited for his answer. Her heart was pounding in anticipation. When he hesitated, she pulled his face into her crotch and seductively rubbed her pussy on his mouth. She could feel him licking her. 'Yeah, I like that." She pushed his head back. "Do you want to get into my panties?"


"You will have to let me tie you up first," she said in a firmer tone.

"Okay." He knew he was pussy whipped. He didn't care he needed to eat her and much more.

"I'm going to enjoy this so much and so are you." She smiled. "Get on the bed."

With the door cracked open, Jorja listened to her friend. She reached under skirt and discovered just how wet she was. "Ohhh," she purred as she pressed her fingers against her slit and massaged her clit. "Mmm," she moaned as she licked her fingers and tasted herself. She was eager to join her friend.

Shelby quickly used the ropes she had attached to the frame of the bed and tied her husband spread eagle on his side of their king-sized bed. She felt an incredible rush as she took control of him in a new way.

Carter lustfully looked at his wife as she tied him to the bed. Being tied up was giving him some new erotic sensations. His cock remained fully erect. He licked his lips while he watched her remove her blouse and skirt. "You are so beautiful."

"Thank you. You like me leather, don't you?"

His gaze fell to her corset. "Yes, seeing you in leather is very exciting."

"I like how it looks and feels myself." She pushed her breasts together. "Tying you up has made my nipples so hard," she shared. She lowered and removed her thong. She touched herself. "And it's made me so wet."

He looked at her pudendum. "Let me eat you."

"Yes, you would love to eat me." She looked directly into his eyes. "Ask me nicely to let you," she said as she expressed her dominant needs.

He looked at her. He considered his situation-his helplessness, his need. "Please let me eat you?" He felt awkward in asking. It was a first for him.

She smiled. She liked how having this kind of control felt. She climbed onto the bed and straddled his face. She kept her pussy just out of his reach. Using her hands, she spread the lips of her pussy open. "Beg to eat me."

He looked at her pussy that was so close and yet so far away. He looked into her eyes and saw new a new intensity in them. It was an intensity that communicated a different kind of power than just using her charms and sensuality to get her way. He was confused because it unnerved him and at the same time excited him. He looked back at her moist pussy that was just begging him to eat it. "Please let me eat you. Please."

"Yes, you can eat me," she said. She lowered her pussy to his mouth. "Yeah, eat me."

He eagerly obeyed. "Mmmm," he moaned as her pussy surrounded his mouth and he tasted her sweet juices. His tongue moved up and down her slit and probed into her dripping hole. He gathered the nectar he found there. He savored its unique taste and swallowed.

She pressed more firmly against him as she rode his mouth. "Yes. Oh, yes, eat me," she demanded as his tongue located her swollen and sensitive clit.

He pulled against his bonds. He wanted so much to hold her hips, press his face firmly into her crotch and devour her pussy. Again, his feeling of frustration and excitement over being restrained confused him. He focused his attentions on her clit.

"Make me cum," she was demanding a few moments later.

He sucked her clit into his mouth and vigorously massaged it with his tongue. "Mmm," he moaned as she rode his mouth.

"Yes! Yes! God, yes!" She convulsed and her whole body shook as she climaxed.

He felt her ejaculate into his mouth. He continued to eat her as she wantonly rode his mouth and took her pleasure from him. He swallowed as her juices continued to flow into his mouth.

When her climaxed ended, she lifted up and massaged her pussy. "That was awesome."

"I'll say."

"Tying you up made me so wet and so needy," she confessed.

"No kidding." He watched as she licked her juices from her fingers.

She looked deep into his eyes as if penetrating to the very core of his being. "Would you like to fuck me?"

"Yes!" He pulled against bonds. If his hands were free, he would have pushed her back and quickly impaled her on his raging hard-on.

"You would love to feel my tight, wet, hot pussy sliding over your hard cock. Wouldn't you?"

"Yes." He anticipated his cock sliding into her pussy when she moved her body down towards his hard cock. "Oh," he moaned when he felt her pussy on the tip of his penis.

She moved up and prevented him from penetrating her pussy when he arched up. "Not yet."

"Please," he begged hoping that it would get him what he wanted and needed. He strained against his bonds and made the ropes cut into his wrists.

She was surprised over how great it felt to hear him beg for her favors. "Have you ever thought about having two women at the same time?"

He looked at her. His cock was screaming for her to take him. Of course, he had fantasized about being with two women. What red-blooded American boy hadn't? "Sure," he said with some hesitancy.

She smiled. "Would you like to be with two women tonight?"

His eyes widened. "You mean right now?"

"Yeah. I have a friend waiting in the spare bedroom. She is very anxious to join us."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm very sure." She engulfed his cock with her pussy. She moved up and down a few times before taking him all the way inside of her.

"Ohh, you feel so good," he moaned. He pulled against the ropes holding him captive in a vain attempt to grab her and make her finish what she had started.

She looked at him. "Do you?" She felt his cock flexing inside of her as she sat on top of him. At that moment, she knew he was thinking only with his penis. It was exactly what she wanted.

"Yes," he breathed.

She flexed her vaginal muscles making him jump and moan. "You can have both of us." She paused. "But only if you agree to my conditions."

He looked back at her. "Ohh," he moaned as she lifted up and down a few more times. "Conditions? What conditions?"

She was well aware of his compelling need to cum. She would use that to her advantage. "You enjoy being the boss at work, don't you?"

"I do." He grunted as she worked her clit on the base of his cock.

"From now on, I want to be the boss at home. Whatever I want, I get."

"I give you everything already."

"Yes, but I want more than just material things. I want power and control over you and all that we do." She saw the wheels turning inside of his head. "I want to be the big dog in our relationship."


"I have needs-lots of needs and I want the freedom to satisfy them." She continued to work her pussy on his hard shaft.

"Like what?"

"Like having another woman join us for some raw, uninhibited sex."

"And what else?" he asked for further clarification.

"Whatever I want. Maybe another man ... maybe another couple to compliment my sexual urges and needs." She paused. "Of course, it's not all about sex. I want power to control things and you." She looked deep into his eyes.

"Control me?"

"I will make the decisions about what you can do after work, what you will wear and what you will do please me. I want to control every aspect of your life except what you do at work. That will be your little domain." She saw the puzzled look on his face. "That's what it'll take to have another woman join us tonight. I know you would love that. My friend is awesome looking and very horny," she said to sweeten the pot.

Jorja's nipples were rock hard as she listened to Shelby. "God, I hope he agrees," she said while toying with her right nipple and pinching it slightly.

"What to do you think? Are you going to let me be in complete control at home?" When he didn't answer right away, she said, "I'll help you make up your mind." She slowly lifted up so that just the tip of his penis was in her pussy. Then she slowly moved down, all the way down, his shaft. "Just say yes to my conditions and my friend will join us. You'll be eating pussy and getting fucked at the same time. And that'll only be the beginning of what I want for us."

"Oh, god, that feels good," he said as she continued to move slowly up and down his shaft. His penis became his brain.

"What do you say?" she asked as she worked her pussy on just the tip of his penis.

"Yes, I'll do whatever you want. You can be the boss."

"Good. I knew you would see things my way." She lifted off.

"Are you going to finish what you started?" he asked. His eyes were soft with need.

"Yes, I'll finish giving you what you want when I am ready," she said as she assumed her new role as the dominant partner in their relationship. "Don't you want to meet my friend first?

"Sure, I want to meet her. I'd love to cum, too."

"All in due time. First things first. I'll get my friend."

"Okay." He looked at his wet cock. He wished his hands were free to masturbate. He knew if he came, his load would bounce off the ceiling.

"That went well," Jorja said as Shelby walked into the bedroom.

"Yes, it did." Shelby smiled a wicked smile. "Now we need to make sure he realizes that he made the right decision."

"I'll do my part. I can't wait to get my hands on him."

"I know. You have been so eager ever since I suggested a threesome."

"Well, from what you said, your husband is a stud. And I'm ready to find out for myself what kind of stud he is."

"You won't be disappointed." She embraced Jorja and gave her a kiss. "I'm ready if you are."

"Let's go," Jorja said. She was filled with anticipation of living out one of her fantasies--having sex with Shelby and her husband.

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