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Series List - Check back often, new series are added on a regular basis.
Author Name:

Science Fiction

  • Stephen Almekinder's Winterhold Series
  • Hal Annas' Cosmic Reckoning Series
  • Ellen Anthony's Syran Series
  • Piers Anthony's Man and Manta Series
  • James Axler's Deathlands Series
  • James Axler's Outlanders Series
  • Eugen M. Bacon's Muntu Series
  • Darrell Bain's Pet Plague Series
  • Darrell Bain's and Jeanine Berry's Sex Gates Series
  • Darrell Bain's Strange Valley Series
  • Arthur K. Barnes' Gerry Carlyle Series
  • Harry Bates' The Interplanetary Adventures of Space Hawk Series
  • Lindsey Bayer and Michelle O'Neill's AEssyrian World Series
  • Greg Bear's Eon Series
  • M. D. Benoit's Jack Meter Case Files Series
  • Elena Dorothy Bowman's Legacy Series
  • Elena Dorothy Bowman's Sarah's Landing Series
  • David Brin's Uplift Series
  • F.M. Busby's Rissa Kerguelen Saga
  • Stuart J. Byrne's Flannigan Trilogy
  • Stuart J Byrne's David Duqayne Series
  • John W. Campbell's Battle of the Infinite Trilogy
  • Nathan Cardwell's Rendering Nirayel Series
  • Jeffrey A. Carver's Star Rigger Series
  • Jeffrey A. Carver's Changeling Star Series
  • Mark Clifton's Hilarious Misadventures of Ralph Kennedy Series
  • J. D. Crayne's Captain Spycer Series
  • C. K. Crigger's Gunsmith Series
  • J. Crispin-Ripley's Adornments of Glory Series
  • Ray Cummings' Light Country Trilogy
  • William C. Dietz's Pik Lando Series
  • William C. Dietz's Sam McCade Series
  • J. M. Dubry's Tales of the Kiiyahkihn Series
  • Raymond Z. Gallun's Demi-Gods Series
  • Geoff Geauterre's Eyes of Light Series
  • Alexis A. Gilliland's Rosinante Habitat Series
  • Teel James Glenn's The Exceptionals Series
  • Edmond Hamilton's The Two Thousand Centuries Series
  • Henry Hasse's Chronicles of the Six Worlds Series
  • Christopher Hinz's Paratwa Trilogy
  • Rex A. Horne's Nord Chronicles
  • Ed Howdershelt's 3rd World Products Series
  • Ed Howdershelt's In Service to a Goddess Series
  • J. Richard Jacobs' Twisted Tails Series
  • Paula Downing King's The Cloudships of Orion Series
  • David Kuzminski's Censored By Earth Command Trilogy
  • Mercedes Lackey's Shipscat Series
  • Mercedes Lackey's Elemental Masters Series
  • Michelle Levigne's Sunsinger Chronicles
  • Michelle Levigne's Chorillan Cycle Series
  • Larry Maddock's Agent of T.E.R.R.A. Series
  • Donald Moffitt's Genesis Series
  • Christine W. Murphy's Highlord of Darkness Series
  • John Norman's Telnarian Histories
  • Andre Norton's Solar Queen Series
  • Andre Norton's Time Traders Series
  • Philip Frances Nowlan's Original Buck Rogers Series
  • Nina M. Osier's Exile Series
  • Nina M. Osier's Farthinghome Series
  • Paul Park's The Starbridge Chronicles Series
  • Emil Petaja's The Cosmic Kalevala Series
  • Peter W. Prellwitz's Shards Series
  • Ross Rocklynne's Hallmeyer, Destroyer of Worlds Series
  • Roxanne Smolen's Anneliese Thielman Series
  • Roxanne Smolen's Colonial Scouts Adventure Series
  • Mary Ann Steele's Science Fiction Series
  • Mary Ann Steele's To Find and Not to Yield Series
  • Mary Ann Steele's Master of My Fate Series
  • Richard J. Sutcliffe's The Interregnum Series
  • Sally Swanson's Soul Desire Series
  • I. M. Tillerman's Herbert Trilogy
  • Terence West's Fallen Angels Series
  • Terry White's Bride of the Condor Series
  • Sonny Whitelaw's Sanctuary Series
  • Christopher W. Wilcox, Sr.'s Aethereal Series
  • Rolf A. F. Witzsche's The Lodging for the Rose Series


  • Kenneth Baker's Earth Cleansing Series
  • Margaret L. Carter's Dark Changeling Series
  • Paul Ernst's The Weird Exploits of Dr. Satan Series
  • Rex Miller's Chaingang Series
  • Will Molinar's Torment Series
  • Will Molinar's Restless Series
  • Matthew L. Schoonover's Arbiter Series
  • Jory Sherman's Chill Series
  • David Wellington's Monster Trilogy
  • Terence West's The Office of Paranormal Research (OPR) Series


  • Darrell Bain's Medics Wild Series
  • Charles F. Myers' The Hilarious Adventures of Toffee Series


  • Piers Anthony's Pornucopia Series
  • Piers Anthony's ChroMagic Series
  • Alastair J. Archibald's Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster Series
  • Jennifer Armintrout's Blood Ties Series
  • Jennifer Armintrout's Lightworld/Darkworld Series
  • Catherine Asaro's Aronsdale Series
  • Michaela August's House of the Rose Series
  • Various Authors Darkover Series
  • Keith Baker's Eberron: The Dreaming Dark Series
  • Keith Baker's Thorn of Breland Trilogy
  • Laraine Anne Barker's Search for Earthlight Trilogy
  • Leslie Barringer's The Neustrian Cycle Series
  • Robert Beers' Wells End Chronicles
  • Robert Beers' Milward Chronicles
  • Clare Bell's Named Series
  • Jeanine Berry's Dayspring Series
  • Rhyannon Byrd's Blood Runners Series
  • Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy Series
  • Leslie Roy Carter and Margaret L. Carter's Aetria Series
  • P. C. Cast's Partholon Series
  • James Clemens' The Banned and the Banished Series
  • Allan George Cole's Timura Trilogy
  • Marcia Colette's Alexa Wells Series
  • Louise Cooper's Time Master Trilogy
  • Elaine Corvidae's Lord of Wind and Fire Series
  • Elaine Corvidae's Moon, Sun, Star Series
  • Elaine Corvidae's Shadow Fae Trilogy
  • K. Allen Cross' WolfHeart Series
  • Kirby Crow's Scarlet and the White Wolf Series
  • Christine Davidson's Trial of Cyrhision Series
  • Dana Davis' Teadai Prophecies Series
  • Aliette De Bodard's Obsidian & Blood Series
  • John DeChancie's Castle Perilous Series
  • Rachel DeFriez's Rath Haven Chronicles
  • Dan Donoghue's Red Queen Series
  • Dave Duncan's Seventh Sword Series
  • Dave Duncan's Man of His Word Series
  • Dave Duncan's A Handful of Men Series
  • Jac Eddins' The Minstrel's Song Series
  • Ru Emerson's Nedao Series
  • Karen Fainges' Shayton Chronicles
  • Alan Dean Foster's Journeys of the Catechist Series
  • JennaKay Francis' Blood Bred Series
  • A. P. Fuchs' Axiom-man Saga
  • Lazette Gifford's The Dark Staff Series
  • Laura Anne Gilman's Retrievers Series
  • Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link's Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet Series
  • Will Greenway's Reality's Plaything Series
  • Will Greenway's Savant's Blood Series
  • Stephan Grundy and Melodi Lammond-Grundy's Falcon Dreams Series
  • Deborah Hale's Umbria Series
  • Michele Hauf's Changelings Series
  • Carol Hightshoe's Chaos Reigns Saga
  • Chuck Kelly's Legend of Otherland Series
  • David Kuzminski's An Age of Heroes Series
  • Mercedes Lackey's Diana Tregarde Series
  • Mercedes Lackey's Vows and Honor Series
  • Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar Series
  • Mercedes Lackey's Five Hundred Kingdoms Series
  • Mercedes Lackey's Martis Series
  • Rachel Lee's Ilduin Series
  • Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and Gray Mouser Series
  • Fritz Lieber's Fafhrd and Gray Mouser Series
  • Anne Logston's Shadow Series
  • Elizabeth Lynn's Tornor Trilogy
  • R. A. MacAvoy's Lens of the World Trilogy
  • Laurie J. Marks' Elemental Logic Series
  • Gail Z. Martin's Chronicles of the Necromancer
  • Sheri L. McGathy's Elfen Gold Series
  • Tee Morris' Billibub Baddings Series
  • C. E. Murphy's The Walker Papers Series
  • John Norman's Gor Series
  • Patricia Duffy Novak's Robes Series
  • Robin D. Owens' Summoning Series
  • Nick Pollotta's Bureau 13 Series
  • Thomas M. Reid's Empyrean Odyssey Series
  • Sarah Reinke's Chronicles of Tiralainn Series
  • Adrian Rogers' An Alternative History Enacted as a Trilogy
  • Ru Emerson's Night-Threads Series
  • Michelle Sagara's Chronicles of Elantra Series
  • Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Series
  • Kate Saundby's Nublis Chronicles
  • Christine Scheel's Talesian Narratives
  • Alyx Shaw's A Strange Place in Time Series
  • Maggie Shayne's Twilight Series
  • Susan Shwartz's Heirs to Byzantium Series
  • Lisa Smedman's Lady Penitent Series
  • Jeri Smith-Ready's Crow Series
  • Maria V. Snyder's Study Series
  • Catherine Soto's Temple Cats Series
  • Nancy Springer's Book of Isle Trilogy
  • Jennifer St. Clair's Shadows Trilogy
  • Jennifer St. Clair's Jacob Lane Series
  • Jennifer St. Clair's Karen Montgomery Series
  • John Taff's Oas Cycle
  • Charles R. Tanner's Tumithak series
  • Richard Tuttle's Demonstone Chronicles
  • Joe Vadalma's The Books of Retslu Series
  • Jack Vance's Lyonesse Trilogy
  • Rachel Vincent's Werecats Series
  • Marc Vun Kannon's Flame in the Bowl Series
  • Janet Lane Walter's The Jewels of Earda Series
  • Elisabeth Waters' Fate Series
  • Lawrence Watt-Evans' The Lords of Dus Series
  • Patrick Welch's Westchester Station Series
  • Patrick Welch's Brendell Series
  • Terence West's Brimstone Conspiracy Series

    Dark Fantasy

  • L. A. Banks' Crimson Moon Series
  • Charlotte Boyett-Compo's WindDemon Trilogy
  • Kalayna Price's Kita Nekai Series
  • Patrick Vaughn's Curse Series


  • C. M. Albrecht's Steve Music Mystery Series
  • Jerol Anderson's Jessica Tyson Mystery Series
  • Brenda Boldin's Alex Masters Series
  • Stephanie Bond's Body Movers Series
  • Sigmund Brouwer's Nick Barrett Series
  • Rita Mae Brown's Mrs. Murphy Mystery Series
  • Lynn Bulock's Gracie Lee Series
  • Helen Chappel's Hollis Ball and Sam Westcott Series
  • Arline Chase's Jack and Jill Mystery Series
  • J. D. Crayne's Lt. Mark Stoddard Series
  • J. D. Crayne's Lucky Pierre Series
  • Elizabeth Dearl's Taylor Madison Mystery Series
  • Marie Dees' Casadega Mystery Series
  • J. U. Giesy and Junius B. Smith's Semi-Dual Astrological Mystery Series
  • Jordan Gray's Blackpool Mystery Series
  • Dorien Grey's Dick Hardesty Mystery Series
  • A. R. Grobbo's Gloria Trevisi Mystery Series
  • Robert L. Hecker's Benjamin Roan Series
  • Victoria Heckman's Katrina Ogden Mystery Series
  • Angela Henry's Kendra Clayton Series
  • Murdoch Hughes' Rick Sage Mystery Series
  • Sharon Kull's Sunset Investigations Series
  • Wendy Laing's Inspector Jane Doe Series
  • J. T. Langdon's Lady Davenport's Slave Series
  • Robert Legleitner's Kydon Chronicles
  • J. R. Lindermuth's Daniel 'Sticks' Hetrick Murder Mystery Series
  • Bob Liter's Nick Bancroft Mystery Series
  • Lee Martin's Deb Ralston Mystery Series
  • Byron McAllister and kay McAllister's Nudist Series
  • Ed McBain's 87th Precinct Series
  • Marilyn Meredith's Tempe Crabtree Mystery Series
  • Sam Merwin, Jr.'s Amy Brewster Mystery Series
  • Robert B. Parker's Spenser Series
  • Marta Perry's Three Sisters Inn Series
  • Lora Roberts' Liz Sullivan Mystery Series
  • Pauline Rowson's Marine Mystery Series
  • S. E. Schenkel's Acey Tapp Mystery Series
  • T. K. Sheils' Alias Hunter Knox Mystery Series
  • T. K. Sheils' Pendragon and Pendragon Mystery Series
  • Katherine Smith's Danny Haase Mystery Series
  • Christine Spindler's Inspector Terry Mystery Series
  • Erica Spindler's Stacy Killian Series
  • Erica Spindler's Kitt Lundgren Series
  • Serita Stevens and Rayanne Moore's Fanny Zindel Mystery Series
  • Jennifer Sturman's Rachel Benjamin Mystery Series
  • Betty Sullivan La Pierre's Hawkman Series
  • Louise Titchener Toni Credella Mystery Series
  • Louise Titchener's Baltimore Historical Mystery Series
  • Robert Wallace's Phantom Detective Series
  • Billie A. Williams' Candlelight Series
  • George Worts' Gillian Hazeltine Court Room Mystery Series


  • J.S. Bradford's Broken Covenant Series
  • J. Crispin-Ripley's The Image of Christian Series
  • Joel L. Young's With Pen in Hand Series


  • Cherry Adair's T-FLAC Series
  • Toni Andrews' Mercy Hollings Series
  • Eve Ashbury's One Hot Summer Series
  • Various Authors' Legacy of the Celtic Brooch Series
  • Various Authors' Whiskey Shots Series
  • Various Authors' Montana Mavericks Series
  • Various Authors' Dynasties: The Elliotts Series
  • Various Authors' Family Secrets Series
  • Various Authors' Wayback Texas Series
  • Various Authors' Dinner at 8 Series
  • Eileen Dunn Bertanzetti's Katie Shelton Series
  • Jennifer Blake's Master at Arms Series
  • Jennifer Blake's Louisiana Gentlemen Series
  • Diana Bold's Lords of Scandal Series
  • Charlotte Boyett-Compo's WindLegends Saga
  • Barbara Donlon Bradley's A Portrait in Time Series
  • Pamela Britton's NASCAR Series
  • Sage Burnett's Rodeo Cowboy Series
  • Rhyannon Byrd's Primal Instinct Series
  • Stella Cameron's Court of Angels Series
  • Stella Cameron's Bayou Series
  • Candace Camp's Mad Morelands Series
  • Candace Camp's Lost Heirs Series
  • Candace Camp's Aincourt Series
  • Candace Camp's Matchmaker Series
  • Robyn Carr's Grace Valley Trilogy
  • Robyn Carr's Virgin River Series
  • Beth Ciotta's The Chameleon Chronicles
  • Barbara Clark's Sons of Earth and Wind Series
  • Lynne Connolly's Richard and Rose Series
  • Lynne Connolly's Secrets Trilogy
  • Linda Conrad's Night Guardians Series
  • Lori Copeland's Brides of the West Series
  • Janet Dailey's Americana Romance Collection
  • Natalie Damschroder's Brook Hollow Trilogy
  • T. L. Davison's Love's Legacy Series
  • T. L. Davison's Love's Imposter Series
  • Cindy Dees' Medusa Project Series
  • Sherry Derr-Wille's Birdsinger Series
  • Sherry Derr-Wille's Over the Hill Series
  • Doranna Durgin's Sentinels Series
  • Anna Dynowski's Full Circle Series
  • Jayme Evans' Eternity Series
  • Stephanie Feagan's Whitney "Pink" Pearl Series
  • PG Forte's Oberon Series
  • Lori Foster's Buckhorn Brothers Series
  • Jacquelyn Frank's Nightwalkers Series
  • Jena' Galifany's ShadowsForge Series
  • Heather Graham's Flynn Brothers Trilogy
  • Kimberly Grey's Hunter Series
  • Diana Hart's Wild Wyoming Series
  • Michele Hauf's Bewitching the Dark Series
  • Michele Hauf's Network Series
  • Emily Hendrickson's Wedding Series
  • Vicki Hinze's War Games Series
  • Jannifer Hoffman's Douglas Family Series
  • Hannah Howell's MacEnroys Series
  • Hannah Howell's Camerons Series
  • Hannah Howell's Murray Family Series
  • Brenda Jackson's Westmoreland Series
  • Brenda Jackson's Madaris Family Series
  • Maddie James' Matchmaking Chefs Series
  • Joan Johnston's Hawk's Way Series
  • Brenda Joyce's de Warenne Dynasty Series
  • Brenda Joyce's Masters of Time Series
  • Donna Kauffman's Men of Courage Series
  • Kelly Kirch's Marriage Series
  • Susan Krinard's Fane Series
  • Linda Ladd's Fire Trilogy
  • Carolyn Lampman's Meadowlark Trilogy
  • Allison Lane's Seabrook Trilogy
  • Allison Lane's Three Best Friends Series
  • Allison Lane's Bird Series
  • Allison Lane's Jack Caldwell Series
  • Jo Leigh's In Too Deep Series
  • Nikki Leigh's Misty Cove Series
  • Michelle Levigne's Faxinor Chronicles
  • Michelle Levigne's Bainevah Series
  • Maureen Mackey's Francie and Sam Series
  • Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove Series
  • Debbie Macomber's The Knitting Books
  • Debbie Macomber's Dakota Trilogy
  • Debbie Macomber's Heart of Texas Series
  • Roberta Olsen Major and Sara V. Olds' Letters From the Attic Series
  • Susan Mallery's Million Dollar Catch Series
  • Susan Mallery's Buchanans Series
  • Susan Mallery's Keyes Sisters Series
  • Wendy Markham's Tracey Spadolini Series
  • Kat Martin's Heart Trilogy
  • Kat Martin's Paranormal Series
  • Kristy McCaffrey's Wings of the West Series
  • Barbara McCauley's Secrets! Series
  • Shirlee McCoy's Sinclair Brothers Trilogy
  • Gracie C. McKeever's Sisters of Emsharra Series
  • Lindsay McKenna's Morgan's Mercenaries: Heart Series
  • Lindsay McKenna's Destiny's Women Series
  • Jennifer McKenzie's Divine Intervention Series
  • Kasey Michaels' Sunshine Girls Series
  • Kasey Michaels' Becket/Romney Marsh Series
  • Lissa Michaels' Captive Hearts Series
  • Patrice Michelle's Scions Series
  • Linda Lael Miller's Stone Creek Series
  • Linda Lael Miller's McKettrick Series
  • Linda Lael Miller's Montana Creeds Series
  • Kim Murphy's Promise & Honor Trilogy
  • Carla Neggers' U. S. Marshals Series
  • Carla Neggers' Texas Rangers Series
  • Miriam Newman's Chronicles of Alcinia
  • Kathleen O'Reilly's Red Choo Diaries
  • Kathleen O'Reilly's Those Sexy O'Sullivans Series
  • Diana Palmer's Long, Tall Texans Series
  • Sue Perkins' Sky Castles Series
  • Jewels of the Quill's Tales From The Treasure Trove Series
  • Tonya Ramagos' Stockland Firefighters Series
  • Deborah Raney's Brighton Series
  • Deanna Raybourn's Lady Julia Gray Series
  • Emilie Richards' Shenandoah Album Series
  • Gayle Roper's Amhearst Series
  • Sharon Sala's Cat Dupree Series
  • Lara Santiago's The Wives' Tales Series
  • Lara Santiago's Tiburan Duet Series
  • Jan Scarbrough's Bluegrass Reunion Series
  • Kate September's La Belle Epoque Series
  • L. Shannon's Eagle Clan Series
  • Lauren N. Sharman's McCassey Brothers Series
  • Lauren N. Sharman's McCassey Cousins Series
  • Jennah Sharpe's Shifting Sideways Series
  • Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld Series
  • Gena Showalter's Atlantis Series
  • Christina Skye's Code Name Series
  • Catherine Snodgrass' Out of the Ashes Series
  • Catherine Snodgrass' Foggy Nights Series
  • Catherine Snodgrass' Texas Brides Series
  • Sydney Somers' Shadow Destroyers Series
  • Catherine Stang's Finding Home Series
  • Sabra Brown Steinsiek's Epic Romance Series
  • Janet Tronstad's Dry Creek Series
  • Anita Verkerk's Legends of the Low Lands Series
  • Rebecca Vinyard's Destiny's Dreamers Trilogy
  • Elizabeth Neff Walker's Fielding Medical Center Quartet
  • Susan Wiggs' Calhoun Chronicles
  • Susan Wiggs' Lakeshore Chronicles
  • Emma Wildes' Brothers of the Absinthe Series
  • Caitlyn Willows' Star Series
  • C. J. Winters' Moon Night Series
  • C. J. Winters' Cranky Otter Series
  • Sherryl Woods' Sweet Magnolias Series
  • Susan C. Yarina's TimeRider Series


  • Alex Archer's Rogue Angel Series
  • Various Authors' Athena Force Series
  • Suzanne Brockmann's Tall, Dark, and Dangerous Series
  • Jason Elam and Steve Yohn's Riley Covington Series
  • J. T. Ellison's Taylor Jackson Series
  • Michelle Gagnon's Kelly Jones Series
  • T. C. Jilke's Amber Circle E-Soap Series
  • Paul Johnston's Matt Wells Series
  • Alex Kava's Maggie O'Dell Series
  • John Klawitter's Hollywood Havoc Series
  • Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins's Left Behind Series
  • John Lutz's Frank Quinn Series
  • Margaret Marr's Grave Keeper Series
  • Gerald W. Mills' James Foster Adventures Series
  • Carla Neggers' BPD-FBI Series
  • Mel Odom's NCIS Series
  • Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan: The Executioner Series
  • Don Pendleton's Stony Man Series
  • Jason Pinter's Henry Parker Series
  • Cliff Ryder's Room 59 Series
  • Karen Wiesner's Incognito Series
  • Kate Wilhelm's Barbara Holloway Series
  • Christopher Wright's Matt Rider Detective Thriller Series


  • Karen Kingsbury's Sunrise Series
  • Karen Kingsbury's Redemption Series
  • Kathleen Paul's Karen and Melanie Series
  • Karen Rispin's Anika Scott Series
  • Francine Rivers' Lineage of Grace Series

    Children's Fiction

  • L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz Series
  • Steven Fisher's Merryvale Series
  • Margaret Pearce's Jumping Into Trouble Series
  • Margaret Pearce's Altar of Shulaani Series
  • Eleanor Porter's Glad Series

    Historical Fiction

  • Jen Black's Dark Pool Series
  • Daniel J. Boorstin's The Americans Series
  • Chet Cunningham's Pony Soldiers Series
  • Sherry Derr-Wille's Double M Series
  • Beverly Jennings' Maria Series
  • William W. Johnstone's Ashes Series
  • William W. Johnstone's Mountain Man Series
  • William W. Johnstone's The Last Gunfighter Series
  • Cameron Judd's Overmountain Men Trilogy
  • Debra Kemp's House of Pendragon Series
  • Carolyn Lampman's Cheyenne Trilogy
  • Dusty Rhodes' Longhorn Series
  • Francine Rivers' Sons of Encouragement Series
  • S.K. Smith's Samantha Matijevic Chronicles
  • Annette Snyder's Travis Pass Series
  • Laura Mazzuca Toops's Harold Gilbert Series
  • Patricia Lucas White's Legend of Lejube Rogue Series
  • Terry White's Chesapeake Series

    Self Improvement

  • Richard Pace's Pace Yourself Series

    Classic Literature

  • Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan Series

    Young Adult

  • Carolyn Ann Aish's Frencolian Chronicles
  • JennaKay Francis' The Guardians of Glede Series
  • Rachel Hawthorne's Dark Guardian Series
  • George W. J. Laidlaw's Large Adventures of the Incredible Smalls Series
  • Roberta Olsen Major's Royal Pains Series
  • Terry Piper's Ozark Trilogy Series
  • Val Thame's Witches Series
  • Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers Series


  • Melodee Aaron's Flights of Fancy Series
  • Melodee Aaron's Ike Payne Adventure Series
  • Alexandra Adams' Order of the Black Lily Series
  • G.A. Aiken's Dragon Kin Series
  • Richard Alexander's The Monica Chronicles
  • Ford Allen's First Encounters of the Fourth Kind Series
  • W. G. Ames' After the Change Series
  • Liz Andrews and Lena Matthews' Redemption Series
  • Liz Andrews' Essence of Life Series
  • Angelique Anjou's Dragonshifters Series
  • Anonymous Lady Harpur Series
  • Camille Anthony's Werewulf Journals
  • Celeste Anwar's Carnal Desires Series
  • Vivian Arend's Granite Lake Wolves Series
  • Lyn Armstrong's Celtic Series
  • Mechele Armstrong's Blood Lines Series
  • Mechele Armstrong's Settler's Mine Series
  • Morgan Ashbury's Magic and Love Series
  • Various Authors' Collector Series
  • Various Authors' Midsummer's Night Steam Stories
  • Various Authors' Incognito Series
  • Various Authors' Halloween Heart-Throbs Series
  • Various Authors' Destination Pleasure Series
  • Various Authors' At Your Service Amberpax Collection
  • Various Authors' Siren Adult Fairy Tales
  • Various Authors Celtic Love Knots Series
  • Various Authors' Blue Moon Magic Series
  • Various Authors' Handcuffs and Lace Series
  • Various Authors' Simply Decadent Series
  • Various Authors' Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe Tales
  • Various Authors' Feral Attraction Series
  • Various Authors No Holes Barred Series
  • Various Authors Torrid Teasers Series
  • Various Authors The 7 Deadly Sins and Virtues Series
  • Various Authors Fantasy Games Series
  • Various Authors' Blue Silver AmberPax Series
  • Various Authors' Binding Ties Series
  • Various Authors' Hot For Teacher Series
  • Barbara Baldwin's Anywhere, Anytime, Anyway Trilogy
  • Maya Banks' Falcon Mercenary Group Series
  • Maya Banks' Colter's Legacy Series
  • Melinda Barron's Desires of the Lamp Tales
  • Melinda Barron's Tygers Series
  • Melinda Barron's Tales of the Magician Series
  • Buffi Becraft-Woodall's Blue-Collar Werewolf Series
  • Dana Marie Bell's Halle Pumas Series
  • Tina Bendoni and Michelle Hasker's Synchronicity Series
  • Sharon Maria Bidwell's Swithin Chronicles
  • Laura Billingsley's McGillis Family Chronicles
  • Mychael Black's Hearth and Home Series
  • Paul Blades' Maddy Saga
  • Paul Blades' Slave to the Emir Series
  • Destiny Blaine's Winning Virgin Series
  • Brit Blaise's Cave Creek Cowboy Series
  • Rachel Bo's Strength in Numbers Series
  • Rachel Bo's Wolf-bound Series
  • Theolyn Boese's Ta'e'sha Chronicles
  • Charlotte Boyett-Compo's Wyndmaster Series
  • Charlotte Boyett-Compo's Windtorn Series
  • Charlotte Boyett-Compo's Seasonal Winds Series
  • Gabriella Bradley's Minharian Chronicles
  • Tabitha Bradley's The Misadventures of Alex T'Kayn, Treasure Hunter Series
  • Leah Brooke's Desire, Oklahoma Series
  • Leah Brooke's Dakota Heat Series
  • Brenda Bryce's The Society Series
  • Brenda Bryce's Going Nowhere Series
  • Jade Buchanan's Felidae Series
  • Elizabeth K. Burton's Everdark Wars Series
  • Evie Byrne's Faustin Brothers Series
  • Kendra Mei Chailyn and Jae-Lynn McKnight's Sacrifices and Second Chances Series
  • Celine Chatillon's Brandi Whyne Series
  • C. S. Chatterly's Uniform Behavior Series
  • C. S. Chatterly's Sons of Olympus Series
  • Catherine Chernow's Bride's Inn Series
  • Lynne Connolly's Department 57 Series
  • Astrid Cooper's Starlight Series
  • Cathryn Cooper's Five Minute Fantasies Series
  • Jamie Craig's The Master Chronicles
  • Jamie Craig's Calendar Boys Series
  • Lynn Crain's Santa's Elves Series
  • Camryn Cutler's Calthraca Series
  • Bianca D'Arc's Dragon Knights Series
  • Bianca D'Arc's Sons of Amber Series
  • Bianca D'Arc's Resonance Mates Series
  • Tymber Dalton's Triple Trouble Series
  • Adrianna Dane's Argadian Heart Trilogy
  • Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow's Ghost Trilogy
  • Penny Dawn's Carman Chronicles
  • Morgana de Winter's Bordeaux Trilogy
  • Delphyne DeRouge's The Women of Maison D'Estelle Series
  • Doreen DeSalvo's Thief of Hearts Series
  • Judith Devere's The Island of Madam Sin Series
  • Charles Devereaux's Venus in India Series
  • Delilah Devlin's Lone Star Lovers Series
  • Leigh Ellwood's Dareville Stories
  • Barbara Elsborg's Trueblood Series
  • Karen Erickson's Playing With Fire Series
  • Kris Eton's Arctic Heat Series
  • eXtasy Books' Tarot Series
  • Charlotte Featherstone's The Watchers Series
  • Felicia Forella's Class of '93 Trilogy
  • Jaide Fox's Shadowmere Series
  • Jaide Fox's Intergalactic Mayhem Series
  • Stormy Glenn's Lovers of Alpha Squad Series
  • Viola Grace's Champions of Terra Series
  • Viola Grace's Warders Series
  • Viola Grace's Halfblood Series
  • Viola Grace's Sisters of Silverwood Series
  • Amber Green's Huntsmen Series
  • Scarlet Grey's Pheromones and Groans Series
  • Sedonia Guillone's White Tigers Series
  • Marie Harte's Circe's Recruits Series
  • Treva Harte's Alpha Series
  • Treva Harte's Time Series
  • Treva Harte's Queen's Rules Series
  • Michelle Hasker's Witchy Woes Series
  • Morgan Hawke's Interstellar Service & Discipline Series
  • Morgan Hawke's Shounen-ai Series
  • Stephani Hecht's Archangel Series
  • Peggy Hunter's Diamonds are Forever Series
  • Peggy Hunter's Bachelor For Sale Series
  • Lorelei James' Wild West Boys Series
  • Lorelei James' Rough Riders Series
  • Aurora Jamison's Elements of Time and Sex Series
  • Kayla Janz's Right Man... Right Now Series
  • David Jewell's Enslaved in Minnesota Series
  • David Jewell's Bound and Determined Series
  • David Jewell's Puerto Vallarta Duology Series
  • David Jewell's My Wife, My Slave Series
  • Cat Johnson's Studs in Spurs Series
  • Jules Jones' Lord and Master Series
  • Clemency Jopling's Mrs. Smith's Academy Series
  • Summer Jordan's Wives R Us Series
  • Crystal Kauffman's Guardian's Realm Series
  • Anna Leigh Keaton's To Serve and Protect Series
  • Kiernan Kelly's In Bear Country Series
  • J. T. Langdon's Siobhan Donahue Mystery Series
  • T. J. Lazier's Swordmage Cycle Series
  • Lynn Lorenz's Common Powers Series
  • Fawn Lowery's The Witch and the Vampire Series
  • Jeigh Lynn's Moon Series
  • Carol Lynne's Cattle Valley Series
  • Carol Lynne's Good-time Boys Series
  • Carol Lynne's Campus Cravings Series
  • Brenna Lyons' Kegin Series
  • Savannah Madanelle's Midnight Dream Girls Series
  • D. J. Manly's Wolf Saga
  • D. J. Manly's Eternal Souls Series
  • D. J. Manly's Amusing Amanda Series
  • D. J. Manly's Brandon Archer Series
  • D. J. Manly's Brennus' Witch Series
  • ZA Maxfield's St. Nacho's Series
  • Donna McAteer and Catherine Stang's Bliss Society Series
  • Gracie C. McKeever's The Matchmaker Series
  • Alison McKenna and Rod Harden's Slave Girls Trilogy
  • Bruce McLachlan's Slaves of the Theocracy Series
  • Toni Meilleur's Cimmerion Series
  • Sean Michael's Velvet Glove Series
  • Sean Michael's Personal Best Series
  • Sean Michael's Jarheads Series
  • Bobby Michaels' Jock Dorm Series
  • Trista Ann Michaels' Entwined Fates Series
  • Rae Monet's Wolf Warrior Series
  • Linda Mooney's Runner's Moon Series
  • Linda Mooney's Thunder Series
  • Shelby Morgen's Northlanders Series
  • Rex Morgenthal's Space Angels Series
  • Marie Morin's Atalantium Trilogy
  • Jet Mykles' Dark Elves Series
  • Jet Mykles' Heaven Sent Series
  • Rhiannon Neeley's Ravens Revisited Series
  • Kaitlyn O'Connor's Cyberevolution Series
  • Willa Okati's The Brotherhood Series
  • Willa Okati's In the Strangest Places Series
  • Chris Owen and Jodi Payne's Deviations Series
  • Brynn Paulin's Circle of Three Series
  • Brynn Paulin's Redemption Series
  • Jenny Penn's Sea Island Wolves Series
  • Christy Poff's Eyes of Darkness Series
  • Christy Poff's Internet Bonds Series
  • Terri Pray's Celeste's Captivity Series
  • Terri Pray's Dangerous Pleasures Series
  • Terri Pray's Slave For Hire Series
  • Beverly Rae's Cannon Pack Series
  • Tonya Ramagos' Heroes of Silver Springs Series
  • Marty Rayne's Dragon Riders Series
  • M. L. Rhodes' Draegan Lords Series
  • M. L. Rhodes' Never Let Go Series
  • Stone Richards' Interlude Series
  • Mimi Riser's Reunion Series
  • T. B. Robertson's Aluminum Roses Series
  • Moira Rogers' Red Rock Pass Series
  • Mandy M. Roth's Project Exorcism Series
  • Rebecca Royce's Westervelt Wolves Series
  • Melissa Schroeder's Harmless Series
  • Scott and Scott's Romentics Series
  • M. C. Scout's Southern Legacies Series
  • L. Shannon's Anom'tan Series
  • L. Shannon's Tascryn Royals Series
  • Cherise Sinclair'sMasters of the Shadowlands Series
  • Sydney Somers' Pendragon Gargoyles Series
  • Trixie Stilletto's Scarecrow and Betsy McGee Series
  • Katrina Strauss' Eldritch Legacy Series
  • Katrina Strauss' Blue Ruin Series
  • Julia Talbot's Thatcher Series
  • Charlene Teglia's Take Me, Lover Series
  • Dee Tenorio's Rancho Del Cielo Series
  • Susan Valent's Amazons Series
  • Susanna Valent's Queen's Slavewoman Series
  • Cheri Valmont's Cajun Erotica Series
  • Sindra van Yssel's Bondage Ranch Series
  • Eve Vaughn's Blood Brothers Series
  • Emily Veinglory's Eclipse of the Heart Series
  • Emily Veinglory's Maewyn's Prophecy Series
  • Saskia Walker's Loving on the Edge Series
  • Shiloh Walker's Grimm's Circle Series
  • T. S. Walker's Dark Guardian Series
  • N. J. Walters' Jamesville Series
  • Angelia Whiting's Trigon Rituals Series
  • Emma Wildes' Sinful Gentlemen Collection
  • Emma Wildes' Dangerous Beauties Series
  • Emma Wildes' Reformed Rakes Series
  • Emma Wildes' Improper Ladies Series
  • Caitlyn Willows' Into the Heart Series
  • Linda Winfree's Hearts of the South Series
  • Sheri Lewis Wohl's Necuratul Series
  • Annabel Wolfe's Starlight Chronicles
  • Zena Wynn's True Mates Series
  • Tianna Xander's The Chosen Series
  • Drew Zachary's Freighter Flights Series
  • Drew Zachary's On Fire Series
  • Cora Zane's Werekind Series
  • Kimberly Zant's The Sex Philes Series


  • Winston Churchill's Second World War Series
  • Robert Vaughan's The American Chronicles Series

    Erotic Romance

  • Tracey H. Kitts' Lilith Mercury Werewolf Hunter Series

    Gay-Lesbian Erotica

  • Stormy Glenn's Tri-Omega Mates Series
  • Marie Harte's Dawn Endeavor Series
  • Carol Lynne's Refuge Shifters Series
  • Tonya Ramagos' Rock Hard Seduction Series
  • Amanda Young's Reckless Series
  • Amanda Young's Series

    Paranormal Erotica

  • Vivi Andrews' Serengeti Series
  • Bianca D'Arc's Tales of the Were Series
  • Mary Hughes'Biting Series
  • Brynn Paulin's Cruentus Dragons Series
  • Mia Watts' Faerily Imperfect Series

    Menage Erotica

  • Madison Layle's Pleasure Club Series

    Erotic Science Fiction

  • Viola Grace's Sector Guard Series
  • Loribelle Hunt's Delroi Connection Series
  • Michelle Marquis and Lindsey Bayer's Siren Warrior Series

  • Best Selling Series
    Based on data gathered within the last 20 days.
    1. John Norman's Gor Series
    2. Allan Cole and Chris Bunch's Sten Series
    3. Viola Grace's Halfblood Series
    4. Jet Mykles' Heaven Sent Series
    5. Piers Anthony's ChroMagic Series

    Highest Rated Series
    Based on highest average ratings by at least 5 readers.
    1. Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: The Original Series Series
    2. Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: The Next Generation Series
    3. Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: S.C.E. Series
    4. Various Authors Darkover Series
    5. Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: Special Editions Series

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