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  • Kathleen Y'Barbo (Mainstream, Romance)
  • Dan Yaccarino (Young Adult)
  • Behzad Yaghmaian (Technology/Science)
  • Ben Yagoda (Reference, Classic Literature)
  • Pamela Yakel (Romance)
  • Tsunetomo Yamamoto (Self Improvement)
  • Philip Yancey (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Xianhui Yang (Mainstream)
  • Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Suspense/Thriller, Historical Fiction)
  • Marilyn Yarbrough (Romance)
  • Steve Yarbrough (Mainstream, Historical Fiction)
  • Cathy Yardley (Romance, Erotica)
  • Susan C. Yarina (Romance)
  • Elizabeth Yarnell (General Nonfiction)
  • Rene Reid Yarnell, Mark / Yarnell (Business)
  • Daniel Yarosh, Ph.D. (Health/Fitness)
  • C. D. Yates (Romance)
  • Chris Yates (Mystery/Crime)
  • David Yates (Science Fiction)
  • Dorian Yates (Travel)
  • Judith Yates (Romance)
  • Louise Yates (Children's Fiction)
  • Maisey Yates (Romance)
  • Richard Yates (Mainstream)
  • Serena Yates (Romance, Erotica)
  • Pamela Yaye (Romance)
  • Jeff Yeager (General Nonfiction, Personal Finance)
  • Selene Yeager (Health/Fitness, Young Adult)
  • Trisha Yearwood (General Nonfiction)
  • Celia Yeary (Romance)
  • Catherine Yee (Romance)
  • Curt Yengst (Fantasy)
  • Raffi Yessayan (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Clarissa Yip (Romance)
  • G. Yip (Erotica)
  • Liao Yiwu (Politics/Government)
  • Sara Yogev, Ph.D. (Family/Relationships)
  • Michael R. Yogish (Mainstream)
  • Steve Yohn (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Kimberly Yorio (Business, Self Improvement)
  • Byron York (Politics/Government)
  • Jillian York (Travel)
  • Kristin York (Erotica)
  • Lucy York (Travel)
  • Rebecca York (Mystery/Crime, Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Sara York (Erotica)
  • Sarah York (Spiritual/Religion, Erotica)
  • Vickie York (Romance)
  • Christy Yorke (Romance)
  • Erin Yorke (Romance)
  • Mike Yorkey (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Cynthia Yoshida, M.D. (Health/Fitness)
  • Shuichi Yoshida (Mainstream)
  • Mako Yoshikawa (Mainstream)
  • Ann Yost (Romance)
  • Amanda Young (Romance, Erotica, Gay-Lesbian Erotica)
  • Brian N. Young (Horror)
  • Brittany Young (Romance)
  • Bruce Young (Health/Fitness)
  • Christine Young (Romance)
  • Daniel Young (Travel)
  • Darryl Young (History)
  • David Young (Mainstream)
  • Don Young (Travel)
  • Donna Young (Romance)
  • Joel L. Young (Mainstream, Romance)
  • Karen Young (Mystery/Crime, Romance, Spiritual/Religion)
  • Lisa R. Young (Health/Fitness)
  • Martha Young (Classic Literature)
  • Michele Ann Young (Romance)
  • Michelle Young (Romance)
  • Pauline Young (Children's Fiction)
  • Robert F. Young (Science Fiction, Spiritual/Religion)
  • Stuart Young (Fantasy)
  • Yolanda Young (People)
  • Michele Young-stone (Mainstream)
  • Charles Yu (Science Fiction)
  • Agnus Yue (Fantasy)
  • S. K. Yule (Erotica)
  • Alia Yunis (Mainstream)

  • Best Selling Authors
    Based on data gathered within the last 20 days.
    1. Viola Grace
    2. Sean Michael
    3. Charlie Richards
    4. Amy Lane
    5. Mary Calmes
    6. Poppy Dennison
    7. Stephani Hecht
    8. Ariel Tachna
    9. Cameron Dane
    10. Terry Towers
    11. Tara Lain
    12. B. A. Tortuga
    13. Selena Kitt
    14. John Norman
    15. J. L. Langley

    Highest Rated Authors
    Based on highest average ratings by at least 5 readers.
    1. Karen Kingsbury
    2. Michelle Sagara
    3. Will Greenway
    4. Deanna Raybourn
    5. Winston Churchill
    6. Nora Roberts
    7. Maria V. Snyder
    8. Cherise Sinclair
    9. Dave Duncan
    10. Marie Sexton
    11. Robyn Carr
    12. Mary Calmes
    13. Robin D. Owens
    14. Suzanne Brockmann
    15. Jane Austen

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