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Each week we will be naming an "eBook of the Week" at Fictionwise--and sometimes we will highlight a series of eBooks. Our selections will be discounted until the following Monday at 10 a.m. ET USA.

May 20th eBooks of the Week:
Michael A. Burstein's Broken Symmetry Series--15% off
Mysterious explosions have been reported near the Superconducting Supercollider main ring ... but the failed project was shut down more than ten years ago.

Add this eBook to your cart, then apply this coupon code at the bottom of the Cart page: BRKSYM53 ... Good until May 27th at 10am ET USA.

May 13th eBooks of the Week:
Mike Resnick's A Miracle of Rare Design: A Tragedy of Transcendence--15% off
The 12,000-world Republic of Man sends successful author and notorious thrillseeker Xavier William Lennox to an alien planet on an undercover mission. Disguised as one of the xenophobic natives, Lennox attempts to persuade their leader to grant mining rights to the valuable minerals that lay buried in their vast deserts. When Lennox is rescued ... tortured and barely alive ... the Republic offers him another chance at the job, but with a new body surgically altered to exactly match the hideous natives.

Add this eBook to your cart, then apply this coupon code at the bottom of the Cart page: MIRACLE52 ... Good until May 20th at 10am ET USA.

April 29th eBooks of the Week:
Bud Sparhawk's Sam Boone Series--15% off
Join the intrepid Mr. Boone as he spans the galaxy to resolve disputes, settle conflicts, bring peace to the galactic hegemony, and keep the Court's deadly agent from paying a visit or otherwise becoming involved.

April 22nd eBook of the Week:
Robert Silverberg's The Man in the Maze--15% off
This is one of Robert Silverberg's highest rated eBooks at Fictionwise. Learn more about this brilliant first contact novel.

April 15th eBooks of the Week:
John Norman's GOR series--15% off
Tarl Cabot has always believed himself to be a citizen of earth. He has no inkling that his destiny is far greater than the small planet he has inhabited for the first twenty-odd years of his life. One frosty winter night in the New England woods, he finds himself transported to the planet of Gor, also known as Counter-Earth, where everything is dramatically different from anything he has ever experienced. Discover why John Norman's Gor Series has developed a huge international following!

April 1 eBook of the Week:
Robert Silverberg's Gilgamesh in the Outback--15% off
In Satan's Kingdom, an unhappy Gilgamesh hunts the demonic beasts of Hell alone, without his lifelong friend Enkidu, for they have parted ways following a disagreement. He joins Robert Howard and H.P. Lovecraft, travelling ambassadors for King Henry VIII, to subvert a plot by Queen Elizabeth, who plans to build a fortress at Hell's Exit. (First Publish Date: 1986) Hugo Award Winner, Nebula Award® Nominee

March 25 eBook of the Week:
Damon Knight's To Serve Man and Other Damon Knight Stories Bundle--15% off
This bundle contains the most popular Damon Knight stories currently offered by Fictionwise, including "To Serve Man," which was made into an episode of "The Twilight Zone," "Life Edit," one of Knight's more recent works, and others.

March 11th eBook of the Week:
Robert A. Heinlein's Red Planet--15% off
Young Mars colonist Jim Harlowe leaves his home in South Colony to attend a school at the Martian equator, and brings along his round, furry Martian friend Willis. When the friendly creature is captured and held hostage by the militaristic headmaster, Jim and his buddy Frank mount a rescue operation to save Willis--and stumble upon a terrible secret that threatens the survival of the Red Planet colonies.

March 4th eBook of the Week:
Robert Silverberg's The Second Trip--15% off
Manhattan 2012: Nat Hamlin's brilliant career as an artist came to an end the day he went insane and embarked on a murderous rampage ... his sentence: Total Personality Replacement. Lissa loved Nat for his passion, now she loves him again--but as Paul Macy--for his warmth and kindness. Now each personality wants her help in battling the other, for with her Power, the man she chooses can kill the other. Lissa is terrified. She has to send one of her loves to his destruction. If she chooses the wrong man, the horror will never end.

February 25th eBooks of the Week:
Mike Resnick's Oracle Trilogy--15% off
Mike Resnick's Oracle Trilogy follows the remarkable life of Penelope Bailey, who has the ability of "precognition"--a talent that gives her enormous power but also causes her life-long heartache. Follow Resnick's wonderful characters (Mouse, the Iceman, The Forever Kid, and many more) as they travel the galaxy in these popular sweeping novels.

February 18th eBooks of the Week:
Paul Park's's "Starbridge Chronicles" Series--15% off
Where the seasons last for generations, hard winter makes for hard religion. The worlds of the solar system are the hells through which all souls must incarnate on their journey to Paradise; all, that is, but the Starbridges, nobles who serve to enforce the "divine will." Paul Park's work in this series has received two Locus Poll Award nominations and an Arthur C. Clarke Award nomination.

February 11th eBooks of the Week:
Larry Niven's "Beowulf Shaeffer" Series--15% off
This series of short stories by science fiction legend Larry Niven feature one of his most beloved characters, Beowulf Shaeffer. Not to be missed!

February 4th eBooks of the Week:
Mike Resnick's "Lucifer Jones" Trilogy--15% off
Meet Mike Resnick's funniest and most beloved character, the Right Reverend Doctor Lucifer Jones, as he goes hunting for misadventure across the world. Along the way you'll discover a lost race, an oversexed mummy, the happiest vampire in Africa, a naked white goddess,the yeti, the Club Foot of Notre Dame and other assorted men and beasts. Mike Resnick's Lucifer Jones trilogy established his reputation as a great comic SF writer. These books are laugh-out-loud funny and manage to send up practically every SF/Adventure story ever written.

January 28th eBooks of the Week:
Kage Baker's "The Company" Series--15% off
Kage Baker's "The Company" stories are the eBooks of the Week. Top-rated Fictionwise author brings us a remarkable series of short stories featuring the Immortals of Dr. Zeus, Inc., a for-profit company that gives eternal life to mortals and sends them on historic salvage missions. Be careful, you may get hooked on Baker's "The Company" stories!

January 21st eBooks of the Week:
Greg Bear's Eon Series--15% off
Best-Selling author Greg Bear's hard SF novel Eon and its sequel Legacy are the eBooks of the week. Bear explores the possibilities presented by the asteroid Thistledown, a remnant of a lost human civilization. The Way is a tunnel through space and time that leads to other worlds, some more like planet Earth than Earth itself. It is perhaps the most formidable discovery in Thistledown and with it come disputes as to the nature of the Way and how it should be used. The Washington Post said that EON "… may be the best constructed hard SF epic yet."

January 14th eBook of the Week:
The Genesis Quest, Second Genesis, and The Jupiter Theft, by Donald Moffitt--15% off
Top-rated author Donald Moffitt's three highest-rated eBooks at Fictionwise are the eBooks of the week. Great-reading SF!

January 7th eBook of the Week:
The Man Who Used the Universe by Alan Dean Foster--15% off
No one knows the true motives of Kees vaan Loo-Macklin. He’s a mastermind criminal who gave up his place at the head of the dark underworld to become a legitimate member of Evenwaith’s cities. But soon he was reaching out to powerful enemies--the slimy aliens called the Nuel. Loo-Macklin negotiates an illusory peace agreement and gains precious alien secrets in the process. Is he after peace, power or pure evil? With enemy starships beginning to amass, we won’t have to wait long to find out.

December 31st eBook of the Week:
Moving Mars by Greg Bear--15% off
Sacrifice, revolution, the promise of freedom. These flood into the life of Casseia Majumdar, daughter of the Binding Multiples. Rebelling against her conservative family, the colonists who occupy Mars, Casseia takes part in the brewing revolution sparked by student protests in the year 2171. Meanwhile, her love life is in a very precarious situation, with her beloved Charles Franklin seeking to merge his mind with the most advanced artificial mind. Hugo Award Nominee

December 24th eBook of the Week:
Immortality Bundle--20% Off
Our eBooks of the Week come from the "Immortality Bundle," which features six short fiction eBooks that explore different aspects of humankind's age-old dream. These fascinating works are written by Robert Silverberg (two), Damon Knight, James Patrick Kelly, Mike Resnick, and Michael Swanwick.

December 17th eBook of the Week:
Dying Inside by Robert Silverberg --15% Off
At 41, David Selig's telepathy is beginning to fade. The unmotivated and out-of-work Columbia grad laments the unpardonable sin of wasting his gift on probing minds for his own private amusement, and for reading the intellects of college students so he can imitate their writing styles in the term papers he ghostwrites for $2.50 a page. Hugo Award Nominee, John W. Campbell Memorial Award Winner, Locus Poll Award Nominee, Nebula Award® Nominee

December 10th eBook of the Week:
The Borderland of Sol by Larry Niven--15% Off
[A Beowulf Shaeffer Story] Spaceship pilot Beowulf Shaeffer and certified genius Carlos Wu join Sigmund Ausfaller of the Extremely Foreign Relations Bureau on an investigative mission aboard Sigmund's Extremely Fast and Heavily Armed spaceship, the Hobo Kelly. Eight ships have mysteriously disappeared from Sol System, each winking out of existence as they entered hyperdrive, and the trio's theories for the inexplicable phenomena run from human pirates to hyperspace monsters. When Carlos solicits an opinion from a gravitational expert working on a project nearby, Bey and Sigmund decipher just enough of their technical conversation to realize the gravity of the situation.

December 3rd eBooks of the Week:
SF/F Psychology Theme Bundle -- 15% Off
This bundle contains stories that all have a psychological slant. For example, Silverberg's "Multiples" considers a future San Francisco where people with multiple personality disorders form a subculture. Mary Soon Lee's "God on the Glass Cross" explores the psyche of a little girl with an irrational fear of saying her prayers... or is it irrational? John Kessel's "Every Angel is Terrifying" explores the mind of a criminally insane killer seeking redemption. And more! Psyche yourself out with these mind-bending psychological stories.

November 26th eBooks of the Week:
Robert Silverberg's "New Springtime" novels: At Winter's End and The New Springtime --15% Off
ebooks ebooks
These highly acclaimed and highly rated "far-future" novels by Robert Silverberg are Fictionwise's eBooks of the Week.

November 19th eBooks of the Week:
"It's an Honor to be Nominated" SF Bundle (Volume 2): 20% discount
Have you ever watched the Oscars and seen a movie beat your favorite nominee? Well, any story nominated for a Hugo or Nebula award is likely to be a great read! Here are several stories from our vast collection of award-nominated works that are sure to please you, even if they didn't take home the trophy!

November 12th eBooks of the Week:
ebooks All Ursula K. Le Guin eBooks!
Legendary science fiction author Ursula K. Le Guin has 7 eBooks at Fictionwise, including a number of Hugo and/or Nebula nominated or winning works (e.g., The Day Before the Revolution is a Hugo Award Nominee, Locus Poll Award Winner, and Nebula Award® Winner!) See the Le Guin bundle here.

November 5th eBook of the Week:
ebooks The Astronaut from Wyoming by Jerry Oltion & Adam-Troy Castro
Alexander has a rare deformity that has driven the media into a frenzy. Can he overcome his strange appearance and accomplish more than his parents ever dreamed?

October 29th eBooks of the Week:
Tales Retold Fantasy Bundle. This bundle contains Fantasy stories that retell fairy tales, legends, and other familiar stories, often with a twist.

October 22nd eBook of the Week:
ebooks The Dreaming by Damien Broderick
Respected editor David Pringle selected this work as one of the top 100 science fiction novels of the century! In this story, specially updated for Fictionwise by the author, an anthropologist travels to the central Australian desert to search for the source of an aboriginal myth; he suspects the terrible "Rainbow Serpent" is connected to the sacred Uluru rock formations. The holographic "Gate" he discovers with his nephew explains not just the origin of a legend, but the origin of man, and the true fate of the dinosaurs. (Ditmar Award Winner, John W. Campbell Memorial Award Nominee, Year's Best Science Fiction Pick)

October 15th eBook of the Week:
ebooks ARM by Larry Niven
This Hugo nominated novella is Niven at his best. A murder "whodunit" story with a quantum twist, ARM is a brilliant mix of the science fiction and mystery genres.

October 8th eBook of the Week:
ebooks Widowmaker Trilogy by Mike Resnick
Mike Resnick is a science fiction master as well as a top seller and highly rated author at Fictionwise. His popular Widowmaker series is now in eBook formats!

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