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Read Anywhere is the first electronic book publisher to offer contemporary fiction and non-fiction books and magazines for reading on handheld computers including Palm OS Handhelds, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, Windows Mobile Pocket PC/Professional, Windows Mobile Smartphone/Standard, Nokia Smartphones, Symbian Series 60/80 devices, as well as Windows Desktop PCs/Laptops and Apple Macintosh computers. Discover new reasons to carry your handheld while you work, play, and travel.

Please see our Help Section for more information on how to use our e-books and to learn more about their benefits and applications. Feel free to try one from our Free Books list.

Our selections include contemporary books from many publishers and out-of-print works from popular authors. We're already offering a limited selection of magazines and plan on expanding this soon. And when you're on a trip, you can pack electronic travel guides.

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