What is an eBook?

cover eBooks are real books. Books aren't paper, print and binding. They're the inspiration and perspiration; the ideas and concepts; the love and labor of people who have to communicate with others. Paper is nothing more than the way many of those books are packaged and delivered.

Although the fundamental reading experience between an eBook and a conventional paper book is the same, there are special benefits of eReader.com eBooks not found in paper books.

What do I need?

handheld computer / PDA You need one of the following mobile devices: Palm OS, Windows Mobile Pocket PC (Professional), Windows Mobile Smartphone (Standard), Symbian Series 60 or Symbian UIQ. You can also read eBooks on a Windows PC/Notebook, Apple Macintosh or an OQO Ultra Portable Computer. eReader eBooks are carefully prepared to maximize the reading experience. Because we believe that the convenience and portability of an eBook should match or exceed that of the conventional paper medium, we continue to focus on the mobile devices (sometimes called a PDA or smartphones) as the best choice for eBooks.

What are the benefits of eBooks

It's always convenient to carry your handheld computer with you. Whenever you're at the dentist office, waiting at a café, on a weekend getaway, even at home -- you can open your book and pick up where you left off.

Want to read that book on your Windows or Macintosh computer too? Well, of course you can.

What do you do if your paper book was ruined because Johnny spilled his milk all over it, or because Rover suddenly decided it was his new toy? Since eReader.com maintains your personal library on our servers, you can always reinstall your eBooks without charge at any time.

Have you had much success with those small lights that attach to a book? What a pain. However, your handheld computer has a built-in backlight so you can be engrossed in your eBook instead of fiddling with the position of a teeny tiny book light.

Storing multiple eBooks on your Mobile Device or PDA doesn't make it heavier or bulkier! Whenever you wish to take a short break from The Power of Positive Thinking in Business, just open up the latest Stephen King novel -- your personal favorites are always with you.

How do you read an eBook?

Once your eBook is open on your Mobile Device, PDA, Windows, or Macintosh computer, you read it as you would a paper book. It's intuitive and natural.

eBook Reading Options
When you wish to read a book, you need to "open" it. That's exactly what you do with an eBook. First launch the eReader. If you had an eBook previously opened from your last reading session, then that specific book is opened and the page where you were last reading appears on your screen. Want to open a different book instead? It's easy. Go to the menu and select "Open." Select a book from the list. Now you're reading a different book. And if you change your mind and go back to the first book again, the eReader opens up the book to the correct page.

Books have pages. So do eReader eBooks. Turning to the next page can be achieved in several different ways; it depends on a combination of your personal preference and your hardware device. You can tap on the screen with your stylus. You can press the up-down rocker switch on your hardware device. The Sony Clie (Palm OS) comes with a "Jog Dial" on the side for turning pages. And for those who prefer hands-free scrolling instead of turning pages: yes, you can do that too.

To learn more about other special features of the eReader, please consult the guide, Using eReader.

What content is available?

online store

BOOKS, MAGAZINES, REFERENCE. With thousands of titles available at our store, there's something available for everybody, from contempory fiction to essential reference tools to business guides. Here's a small selection of our categories:

• Action/Adventure
• Business & Technology
• Classics
• Espionage & Thrillers
• Health & Medicine
  • History
• Investing & Money
• Reference
• Science Fiction
• Travel

and much more. Feel free to browse or search for specific authors or titles.

How do I buy an ebook?

Buying an eBook from eReader.com is much like making any online purchase.

Select a book while browsing or from a search result. All the important details are presented for your book selection: synopsis, author name, publisher, pricing, etc. A link to an excerpt is usually available for you to read a passage from the book online.

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