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Fictionwise Frequently Asked Questions

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Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Fictionwise.com.

  • Macintosh-Specific Issues

  • ATTENTION: Internet Explorer 5.5 users with SP1 (Service Pack 1): Microsoft introduced a bug with Service Pack 1 that prevents downloading normally. They promise a fix but do not say when. This is our solution for now:


    • Go to your Bookshelf, select the format you want to download in, then click on Download Now.
    • Next, instead of clicking of "Save this file to disk" SELECT "Open this file from its current location" ... (some people have to do this twice), then Save it.
    • This should then download correctly.

    Bulk Download:

    • Go to the Bulk Download page, select the format you want to download in, then click on Download Now.
    • Next, instead of clicking of "Save this file to disk" SELECT "Open this file from its current location" ... (some people have to do this twice), then Save it.
    • This should then download a file called "my-eBooks.zip" which you can unzip and save to your hard drive (we recommend using WinZip 7.0).

  • When I try to download, I only get .htm files, and they are often named "mw.htm"

    You may be using an older browser, such as Netscape 3.x or IE 3.x. If so, all you have to do is change the file name with the proper extension and it will download fine (e.g., change "mw.htm" to "BeggarsInSpain.pdb" or whatever the story name and file type you were downloading).

  • How do I read my eBooks?

    To read your stories on Palm Devices, WIN CE Devices, or Computers you MUST have reading software installed. Pocket PCs and Rocket eBook Readers already have the needed software. Many of these reading softwares are excellent and free. Go to our Reading Devices Page for more info and links.

  • How do I move my eBooks to my Palm Device?

    You do this the exact same way you would move any application to your Palm. Since there are so many different versions of Palm, the best way to proceed is to open your Palm software program on your desktop, click on help, and search for "Install" instructions. It's very easy! Of course,the same holds true for transferring files to your Pocket PC or Rocket eBook Reader: use the help instructions that is available on the desktop software that comes with those devices.

  • How do I change my personal information?

    Log in, go to your Bookshelf, and click on "Update Profile" in the orange tab under the "Bookshelf" title. Enter the new information, click "Update" at the bottom of the screen, and you're done!

  • I'm a Mac user, and I'm having trouble logging in.

    On the Macintosh, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, AOL 5.0, and Netscape 4.5 and later work with our site. If you're having trouble getting to your bookshelf, verify your browser's version, then upgrade if you need to.

  • I'm a Mac user, and I'm having trouble downloading .pdb files.

    If you get a dialog box with choices available as to what to do with the unkown file type, and you are using Hotsync Manager to transfer your eBooks to your handheld device (Palm OS), you can assign it as the helper application for .pdb files; the .pdb file will then open in Hotsync Manger and will be ready to install on your handheld.

    In the dialog box, choose Application (Internet Explorer) or Pick App (Netscape) and browse to your Hotsync Manager. Select it and click Open. Hotsync Manager will now always open .pdb files for you and place them in the Install folder for you to transfer to your handheld device.

  • "Bulk download" isn't working for me. What's up with that?

    Macintosh users: The Bulk Download feature works most reliably in Netscape 4.7 and Internet Explorer 5.0 for the Macintosh; users may get a dialog box with choices available as to what to do with the unkown file type. If you have Aladdin's Stuffit Expander (free) or another unzipping utility then you may choose that utility as a "helper application:"

    In the dialog box, click Application. Browse to your unzipping utility's folder, select the application and click Open. Your unzipping utility will now (and from now on) unzip the file -- they will be in a folder, named the same as the .zip file.

    PC Users: We are finding that Winzip 6.2 and earlier and Netzip do not work with Bulk Download ZIP files. We recommend that you use Winzip 7.0 or later to unzip Bulk Download files. And, of course, you can always download your eBooks one at a time from your Bookshelf.

  • Why so much Science Fiction?

    Our first set of major story acquisitions are in the SF genre mainly because a lot of people who have personal computers, Palm Pilots, Rocket eBooks, and related devices tend to enjoy SF. Also, the founders of Fictionwise.com are big SF fans and just couldn't resist having a job where they got to speak to the biggest names in the genre. But please note, we've made great progress on adding many stories in other genres like mystery, horror, fantasy, and alternate history. New stories go up every week!

  • Am I allowed to email an eBook to a friend of mine?

    Sorry, that is not allowed by law. These stories are copyrighted. If you email a file to a friend, you are making a copy of it. You would be committing a crime. The file is licensed to you and you alone. It's not like a physical book that you can loan to a friend. When you purchase and download an eBook from Fictionwise.com, you alone are authorized to read it. You can download it onto multiple devices, for example a Palm and also your home PC. That's allowed by your personal license. But you cannot send copies to any other person.

    Besides being illegal, making an unauthorized copy of a work deprives the author of their fair royalty, and makes it harder for us to acquire more content in the future. If we catch a violator, we will prosecute him or her to the fullest extent of the law, which can include heavy fines and even imprisonment. So please don't do it. We charge reasonable prices, don't steal from us and our authors.

All pages of this site are Copyright © 2000- Fictionwise LLC.
Fictionwise (TM) is the trademark of Fictionwise LLC.
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