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The Fictionwise Buywise Club can no longer be renewed and new subscriptions are no longer available. All existing Buywise Club members may continue to use their benefits until their memberships expire.

- The Fictionwise Team

Buywise Club Basics
Joining the Buywise club is easy! For a yearly, bi-yearly or five-year membership fee, receive many great benefits and discounts.

The fees are: Buywise Club Benefits
  • Receive one free eBook of your choice for free for each year of membership (up to $10, see more details below).
  • Receive a 15% discount on all Fictionwise eBooks for the entire length of your membership. This discount is ON TOP OF all other promotions, coupons, and other discounts!

    For example, if you buy an eBook in its first week of sale at Fictionwise it's automatically 15% off. You may have a 20% off coupon that you use to further reduce the price of this eBook. After all those other discounts are applied, your Buywise Club discount still kicks in for another 15% off the already discounted price.
  • Quantity Purchase Rebates. You will receive a micropay rebate for large credit card transactions. Again, these rebates are above and beyond all other discounts that apply to the sale:
    • Orders over $100 and under $200 will receive a 10% micropay rebate.
    • Orders over $200 will receive a 15% micropay rebate.

    Example 1: as a member if you place a credit card shopping cart order for ten novels totalling $60 after your discounts, and you add another $50 of micropay for a total sale price of $110, you will receive an $11 rebate (10% of $110) into your micropay account.

    Example 2: if you placed a credit card order at Fictionwise with a total sale price of $200, you would receive a micropay rebate of $30 (15% of $200).

  • Special promotions and discounts. Buywise Club members will additionally receive special promotions and discounts throughout the year, which will not be available to non-club members. We will typically run one of these special promotions about once every two months.

  • Library Access. Buywise Club members are automatically enrolled in the Fictionwise Lending Library. Only Buywise members can access this library.

How do I get my free eBook(s)?
When you join the Fictionwise Buywise Club, you will automatically receive an email confirming that purchase. In that email, there will be a Fictionwise Coupon Code (one for a one year membership, two for a two-year membership, and five for a five-year membership) which can be used to obtain your free eBook(s). To use the Coupon Code, first add eBooks to your Cart. On the Cart Page (click on the View Cart button to get there), add the Coupon Code into the text field at the bottom of the page marked "Coupon or Gift Code" ... then press the Apply Code button. This will automatically make the HIGHEST PRICED EBOOK in your cart FREE up to a $10 limit!

*Special Note:* You can only use ONE COUPON CODE at a time. Therefore, to get two free eBooks (for a two year subscription, five for a five-year subscription), go through the check out process completely -- as described above -- using the first code. Then repeat the process with your second Coupon Code to get your next free eBook. Each Coupon Code can be used once during the entire year of your Buywise Club membership, so you do not have to rush to get your free eBook(s).

Who Should Join?

The more you buy at Fictionwise, the more worthwhile it is to join. Assuming you join for one year and use your free eBook coupon for a novel that costs around $7, that already covers almost one quarter of the purchase price of the Buywise Club membership! In this case, if you believe you will spend more than about $100 to $150 over the next year at Fictionwise, you would then cover the rest of the cost of your membership through the 15% extra discount you get on every eBook purchase and other special offers you'll receive throughout the year. And, it's even better if you use your free eBook coupon for a higher priced eBook, or if you join for two years and receive two free eBook coupons.

If you spend $100 or more in a single transaction (perhaps buying micropay dollars to use throughout the year) then you can recoup your membership fee very quickly. For example, if you join for one year and then immediately buy $100 in micropay plus a $7 novel using your free eBook coupon, then you're certain to recoup your entire membership fee. (You'd be getting a $7 novel, plus $10 in a micropay rebate. Assuming you spend all your micropay dollars within a year, you'd get 15% off of $110 worth of purchases ($16.50) for a total savings of $33.50, which is already more than your cost of membership. Add to that savings on special offers you take advantage of as a Buywise member over the course of a year.)

Can I give a Buywise membership as a gift to another person?
Yes! Just go to our Gift Certificate Page and choose either the One or Two Year Buywise Club Membership gift pack! Fill out the rest of the gift certificate form, submit it, and check out. Your gift recipient will enjoy all the benefits of the Buywise club!

What else should I know?

  • This is a non-refundable transaction (i.e., once you join the Fictionwise Buywise Club we can not refund the membership charge and/or cancel your membership).
  • Your Buywise Club membership cannot be transferred to another person.
  • In your Bookshelf, in the yellow box titled "Statistics/Profile", you will see the expiration date of your Buywise Club membership.
  • You will see your Buywise Club 15% discount only when you add an eBook to your cart. Once in the cart, you will automatically receive the discount (the discount will be shown in red like this: Club Price: $x.xx).
  • Your 15% club discount is only for eBook or magazine subscription purchases. It does not apply to Gift Certificate purchases, Micropay purchases, donations, or other items besides eBooks. You may use either Credit Card or Micropay to buy the eBooks and receive the 15% extra discount.
  • Your free eBook coupon(s) only work on single, individual eBooks, not on bundles. Your free eBook coupons make the most expensive single eBook in your cart free.
  • Your free eBook coupon(s) do not work on magazine subscriptions. Again, this is because a magazine subscription signs you up to receive multiple eBooks over a period of time and not a single eBook. Your 15% club discount does apply to magazine subscription prices, though.

How do I join?

To join the Buywise club, click on one of the two links below to add the membership to your cart, then check out as usual.

NOTE: Renewals by existing Buywise members are added to your current expiration date, you do not lose any membership time by renewing early.


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