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buywise club super promoBuywise Super Promo FAQ

What Is the Buywise Super Promo?

Simply put: pure eBook insanity. An offer like no other in the eBook world as we know it.

Imagine another dimension of reality in which you get 100% Micropay rebates on every eBook in our store when paying by credit or Paypal transaction. You buy an eBook, or two, or twenty, and you get back 100% of the purchase price as a store credit, to spend on any other titles you desire, up to $300 total value of Micropay Rebates.

Impossible? No.

Insane? Probably.

No way? Way.

Some will say we have taken complete leave of our senses. And they may be right. But there you have it. We have made this dream-world, this e-Nirvana a reality. We have opened a portal to this brave, new dimension for all Five-Year Buywise Club subscribers, or those who choose to become one.

How Does it Work?

Any Fictionwise Buywise Club member whose subscription expires five years or more in the future qualifies for this promotion. In other words, if you are a Buywise Club member, and your club expiration date is later than November 1, 2014, then you are transported into the Buywise Super Promo Universe for a limited time.

statisticsHow Can I Tell How Much Time I Have Left On My Membership?

Login to your bookshelf and look on the left side of the page, down a bit, and there is a box labeled "Statistics/Profile". If you are a Buywise Club member, your Club Expiration is listed near the bottom in YYYY-MM-DD format. That date has to be greater than 2014-11-01 in order to qualify.

What If I'm Not Currently a Buywise Club Member?

Then you can morph into one by purchasing a five-year membership by clicking here. You not only get the incredible Buywise Super Promo benefits for a limited time, but you also enjoy all the other benefits of the Buywise Club for five full years. And what could be better than that?

What If I'm a Buywise Member with Fewer than Five Years Remaining in My Subscription?

Then simply purchase enough membership years to get to the magic five-year mark and you're Golden. For example, let's say your current membership has 2 years and 1 month remaining. You will need to buy a 3-year membership in order to get over the 5-year threshold.

How Do I Actually Get the Micropay Rebates?

Assuming you are a Buywise member with at least five years left on your subscription, you get the Super Promo rebate automatically during the promotional period. You will see an added line in your cart that says Buywise Super Promo Rebate with the applicable amount. You can buy as many times as you want until the offer expires at end of day November 16, 2009. It doesn't have to be a single transaction.

How Long Does This Deal Last?

The 100% Rebates on Every eBook promotion runs through November 16, 2009. All of your other Buywise benefits of course last until your membership expires.

Do My Other Buywise Benefits Combine With This Offer?

You don't get the Large Transaction Rebate along with the Super Promo Rebate on the same purchases. And, if you use your Free Book coupon(s), of course you don't get a rebate on that one item, since you didn't pay anything for it. No other rebates of any kind combine with these 100% rebates.

But, your 15% Buywise discount does combine with this offer, and other Buywise Benefits do apply.

What Other Restrictions Are There?

The rebates are only for eBooks. They do not apply to Buywise Memberships, Subscriptions, MicroPay, or other non-eBook items.

The maximum total rebate amount you can receive from this offer is $300. So, if you bought $400 worth of eBooks during this promotion and you qualified as a five-year Buywise member, you would get a $300 Super-Promo rebate.

If you cancel your Buywise membership early, any Buywise Super Promo rebates you received will be deducted from your pro-rated cancellation refund. So none of this funny business of signing up for five years, pocketing tons of rebates, then trying to cancel. That's dirty pool.

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