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Gemstar/Rocket Device FAQ   Downloading eBooks to Your Gemstar/Rocket Device   << Back to Help

Does Fictionwise sell eBooks that work with Gemstar devices?
Yes. Fictionwise currently has over 3,500 unencrypted eBooks that work on Gemstar devices and older Rocket devices. We have tested our content with Rocket, REB1100, REB1150, REB1200, GEB1150, and GEB2150 devices. We believe these titles work with all Gemstar devices.

What if I'm not sure your content will work on my device?
If you are concerned, you can always try it out risk-free by using one of our free eBooks. Click Here for a list of free titles and choose any title that is listed as a Multiformat eBook.  Back to Top

Do all of the eBooks sold at Fictionwise work on Gemstar devices?
No. Currently, only our unencrypted Multiformat eBooks work on Gemstar devices. Our encrypted eBooks do not currently work on Gemstar devices.  Back to Top

How can I tell which eBooks to buy for Gemstar devices?
Almost all (about 99%) of our eBooks marked "Multiformat" work with Gemstar devices. There are just a handful of exceptions (eBooks with detailed diagrams like some of our Chess eBooks). These exceptions are clearly noted on the eBook's description page, and if you miss that there is even a special mark in the shopping cart warning that an eBook does not function on Gemstar/Rocket devices, so you can clearly tell before purchasing an eBook.

You can find a list of all our eBooks that work on Gemstar devices by clicking on the "Gemstar/Rocket" link under the BROWSE heading on the left side of most pages of our site.

You may also use our Advanced Search screen to filter by format and choose "Gemstar/Rocket" format. This will also let you narrow your search by category (Mystery, Thriller, Business, etc.) or by title, author, or keywords.  Back to Top

How do I actually download my purchases from Fictionwise? My device will only connect to the Gemstar site.
For older devices such as the Rocket that allow personal content to be synchronized with the device via a cradle, you simply download your purchase from your Fictionwise bookshelf, then use the Rocket Librarian to upload to your device.

For newer devices that only connect to Gemstar's site using a modem, USB port, or ethernet connection, you can use Gemstar's Personal Content feature to upload your Fictionwise purchases to the Gemstar site, then connect there using your device to get the eBook as you normally would. For detailed instructions Click Here.

If you own a Gemstar device that has a USB connector cable that connects to your PC, you may download a free software application from the Gemstar website that allows you to directly load eBook files from your PC to your device using a USB port. To download this USB upload tool from Gemstar, Click Here.

Fictionwise is currently working to simplify this process.  Back to Top

How long will Fictionwise continue to support the Gemstar devices?
Fictionwise is committed to supporting the Gemstar format as long as there is an economically viable market of customers using it. We anticipate this will be at least several years and possibly much longer.  Back to Top

Will Fictionwise continue to make new releases available in Gemstar format, or will support be limited to the current set of titles?
Fictionwise will continue offering all of our Multiformat eBooks in Gemstar compatible formats, and we are actively seeking to expand our Gemstar offerings.  Back to Top

Why aren't any current best sellers available from Fictionwise for Gemstar devices?
Currently, we do not have the software necessary to encrypt eBooks for the Gemstar devices. Large publishers require their eBooks to be encrypted so users cannot share the files without paying royalties. As of this date, Gemstar has not released the software necessary for us to do this encryption, so we are currently unable to offer these kinds of titles for Gemstar devices. We would love to be able to offer them to our customers, but we don't have the technology necessary to do it at this time.

Will Fictionwise ever be able to offer national best selling titles for Gemstar devices?
Fictionwise is aggressively pursuing some possible options to make this possible, but we cannot guarantee these efforts will succeed. We will announce any progress we make as soon as details are finalized.  Back to Top

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