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Fictionwise: Kindle FAQ

Which eBooks From Fictionwise Work on My Kindle?

All of our MultiFormat eBooks work on Kindle, other than a small number marked "Limited MultiFormat". Check the Available eBook Formats section of any Multiformat eBook description page to be sure. As of December 2007, over 15,000 MultiFormat titles are available for Kindle.

Which Format Do I Download for Kindle?

Select "Kindle Compatible (MOBI)" in the download menu in your bookshelf for any MultiFormat eBook. You may either download to your computer first and use the USB cord to upload to your Kindle (see Kindle documentation), or you may also register your Kindle email address at Fictionwise and have eBooks uploaded directly from your Fictionwise bookshelf to the Kindle. A 10 cent charge from Amazon.com applies in this case.

How Do I Set Up Direct Email To Kindle from My Fictionwise Bookshelf?

In order to enable email from your Fictionwise bookshelf directly to Kindle, you must do a couple of one-time setup steps. After that, any MultiFormat eBook displayed in your bookshelf will have a new button marked "EMAIL TO KINDLE".

Initial setup only takes a minute. Simply perform these steps:

  1. Find Your Kindle Email Address, and White-List kindle@fictionwise.com

    Go to Amazon's Kindle page (that link pops up a new window so you don't lose your place here) and click on MANAGE YOUR KINDLE which is under the CART button in the upper right.

    Make a note of your Kindle email address in the YOUR KINDLE(S) area. If you have more than one, note that currently only one can be registered at Fictionwise at a time for using the direct email feature. You could still use the USB method for other Kindles you own.

    While you are on this screen, add kindle@fictionwise.com in the section called YOUR KINDLE APPROVED EMAIL LIST. If you do not do this, Amazon won't let Fictionwise send ebooks to your Kindle using email.

  2. Register your Kindle Email Address At Fictionwise Click Here to pop up a window, or go to "EDIT MY PROFILE" in your Fictionwise bookshelf and scroll down to the Kindle section. Fill out your Kindle's email address in the form and click SUBMIT.

That's all there is to it! At this point you will see a button, EMAIL TO KINDLE, appear next to every MultiFormat eBook in your Bookshelf. Clicking on that button emails it to your Kindle.


  • Amazon.com charges you 10 cents for each eBook you email to your Kindle. You are responsible for this charge in your Amazon.com account. If you do not wish to pay this charge, then download first to your computer, then use the Kindle USB cord to upload the eBook to your Kindle.
  • It may take some time for your eBook to appear on the Kindle. Do not click more than once. You can get a status on your Kindle upload progress from the Amazon Kindle page. We will warn you if you recently sent the same eBook and ask you to confirm.

Can I Use the Kindle Experimental Browser to Access Fictionwise.com?

We don't suggest it. Limitations on the Kindle screen make it difficult for complex web sites like Fictionwise.com to operate effectively. We are investigating ways to support a simplified version of Fictionwise on the Kindle browser.

Why Doesn't Fictionwise Sell All Titles for Kindle?

We would love to, but Amazon.com has made a business decision that keeps any other eBook retailer from selling Secure eBooks that require DRM encryption for Kindle. Unless Amazon changes this policy, we can offer our Multiformat eBooks but not our Secure eBooks for Kindle.

I Have Seen Blog Articles On Methods That Allow DRM Mobipocket Books To Work On Kindle. Can I Use That Method On Fictionwise Secure Mobipocket eBooks?

We do not support the use of such methods to transfer Fictionwise Secure Mobipocket eBooks to Kindle. For one thing, Amazon could take steps at any time to disable such methods from working. So you might purchase a book thinking it will work on your Kindle when it does not. We have to pay the publisher as soon as you download the eBook, we can't refund you if this transfer method doesn't work.

It is also not clear whether such methods violate your Amazon Kindle terms of service, which might mean you could void your Kindle warranty by using such methods.

Our Kindle-compatible Multiformat eBooks are in unencrypted Mobipocket format and the Amazon Kindle documentation expressly allows those kinds of file to be used on the Kindle. However, the Amazon Kindle documentation specifies that encrypted Mobipocket eBooks cannot be used on the Kindle.

For these reasons, Fictionwise strongly discourages the use of any such methods, and we will provide no support for them. Fictionwise only supports our MultiFormat eBooks for use on Kindle, not our Secure (DRM) Mobipocket eBooks.

All pages of this site are Copyright © 2000- Fictionwise LLC.
Fictionwise (TM) is the trademark of Fictionwise LLC.
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