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Fictionwise Money Saving Tips
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Fictionwise members can save a lot of money on our eBooks. Here is a quick overview:

  • New This Week: We post a new set of eBooks every Monday, which are discounted 15% until the following Monday at 10am ET USA. You can receive Alerts when new titles in your area of interest become available.
  • Rapid Rebates: An additional discount of 5% is applied to new eBooks purchased during the Rapid Rebate time period. Rapid Rebate dollars are added to your Micropay Account.
  • Member Discounts: The more you buy, the more discounts you earn. These are updated every few weeks. Simply log in to see your member discounts or check the link in your Bookshelf.
  • Site Discounts: Check the Member and Site Discounts link in your bookshelf regularly for updated discount information.
  • Buywise Club: For $29.95, you get one free eBook of your choice (up to $10) plus 15% off all eBooks for a year (this 15% is in addition to other discounts!) and even more discounts for large purchases. There is also a two year membership! This program has quickly become very popular with members.
  • Monthly Give-Aways: If you sign up to receive a Fictionwise newsletter, you are automatically entered into our monthly drawings. We give away $100 of eBooks to one lucky member each month -- and we also give away hundreds of coupons (up to 50% off!). We also announce coupon discounts on specific eBooks or authors on the front page from time to time. To receive our newsletters, click here.
  • Author Spotlight: When we spotlight an author, we also discount his or her work by 20%! Check our front page or see announcements in our newsletters.
  • eBook of the Week: Check out our "eBook of the Week" page to see our latest featured title, which is also discounted 15%.
  • Friend to Friend Coupons: Did you know you can send coupons to your friends? On every eBook in your Bookshelf is a link for you to send such a coupon -- and if your friend uses it, you get 10% of their total purchase back into your own Micropay Account. We have groups of friends sharing coupons! Help Fictionwise grow by trying this program. See your Bookshelf for more information.
  • Micropay Account: When you purchase stories at Fictionwise, you have the choice of using a credit card for each purchase or setting up a Micropay Account. Micropay allows you to quickly purchase short stories without submitting your credit information every time, and also avoid a per-transaction fee of 50 cents for purchases under $5.

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