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Now you can pre-order soon-to-be-released eBook titles from Fictionwise!

Q: What is a pre-ordered eBook?

A: Sometimes publishers of eBooks schedule a title to be released on a certain date in the future. In these cases Fictionwise may offer the title for sale on a pre-order basis, before it can be downloaded. When you purchase a pre-order eBook, the title moves to your bookshelf immediately, but cannot be downloaded until the "live" date is reached (because the eBook file is not yet available from the publisher). Your credit card is immediately charged when pre-ordering an eBook, then the eBook becomes available for download from your bookshelf when it officially goes on sale.

Q: Why would I want to buy a pre-order eBook?

A: It can be more convenient to order an eBook when you see it rather than have to wait for the "live" date. Also, in many cases Fictionwise may offer special discounts or rebates if you purchase during the pre-order period, so you may be able to save money.

Q: How do I know which eBooks are pre-order items as opposed to eBooks that are available for immediate download?

A: Pre-order eBooks are clearly marked in several different ways to distinguish them from eBooks that are immediately available for download. For one thing, there is a note like this next to the title in your cart and in all search/browse/informational pages that describe the eBook:

Example of Pre-order Button

[PRE-ORDER ONLY: Available: Nov 04, 2003]

Also, instead of an "Add to Cart" button on the right side of the screen, there is a "Pre-order this eBook" button to make it clear you are adding a pre-ordered item to your cart.

Q: How do I pre-order an eBook?

A: You simply add it to your cart and checkout as usual. The pre-ordered eBook's title will appear in your bookshelf immediately after purchase, but instead of a DOWNLOAD button there will be a message indicating the expected availability date when the eBook goes "live" and can be downloaded. Once the "live" date is reached, the message is replaced by the usual DOWNLOAD button.

Q: Am I notified when the pre-ordered eBook is available for download?

A: Yes, you will receive an email notification when the pre-ordered eBook is "live" and available for download (assuming you have a valid email address registered in our system.)

Q: Do I pay for a pre-ordered eBook immediately even though I can't download it until the availability date?

A: Yes, you must pay for the pre-ordered eBook immediately, using either Micropay or a credit card transaction. The reason is, Fictionwise never stores credit card numbers (for security reasons) and there is no way for us to charge you at a later date.

However, you may return a pre-ordered eBook at any time before it goes "live" and receive a full refund of the purchase price, less any rebates you received for purchasing the pre-ordered eBook of course.

Q: How do I return a pre-ordered eBook?

A: A link will appear in your bookshelf next to each pre-ordered eBook that has not yet reached its "live" date. This link brings you to a screen that has a button that allows you to return the eBook and receive a Micropay credit for the purchase price less any rebates you received when you purchased the pre-order. If you originally purchased the eBook by credit card as opposed to Micropay, then you will also see a link that tells you how to return the pre-ordered eBook and get a credit applied back to your charge card account.

These return options are only available before the eBook goes "live". Once the eBook goes "live" it is only returnable via the Fictionwise Support system, and only if you have not yet downloaded it.

Q: Can I give a pre-ordered eBook as a gift using the Gift Certificate feature?

A: Yes you can. When the person who receives the gift certificate redeems it, the pre-ordered eBook appears on their bookshelf. If they redeem it after the availability date they can download it immediately, otherwise it works the same way as if they had purchased the pre-order themselves (they see the expected availability notice instead of a download button).

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