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Rapid Rebate Program FAQ
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Fictionwise's Rapid Rebate Program is designed to encourage members, through rebates to their Micropay Account, to purchase new eBooks soon after the titles are posted on the Fictionwise website. In general, here is how it works:

  • Each week, typically on Monday mornings around 10 a.m. Eastern Time, USA, Fictionwise puts its latest eBooks online. [The list of recently posted eBooks is always available on our New This Week page.]
  • These new eBooks are discounted up to 15% until the following Monday at 10 a.m. ET USA. This discount will continue as it is now.
  • Rapid Rebate: Now there is an additional way to save. Through the Rapid Rebate Program, you can earn a 5% rebate on any new eBook purchases, but only if you complete that purchase DURING THE REBATE TIME PERIOD. We will always post when this time period will end on the New This Week page -- but expect it to be pretty short, typically a few hour time period immediately after the new eBooks are made available at Fictionwise.
  • Multiple rebates on an eBook cannot be combined. So our system allows applies the highest rebate.
  • Rebates Go Into Your Micropay Account: When you purchase new eBooks during the Rapid Rebate Time Period, 5% of those purchases are returned to you into your Micropay Account. You can then use your Micropay to purchase additional eBooks! Learn more about Micropay here.
Rapid Rebate Example: Here is an example of how the Rapid Rebate program could work for you:

  • Fictionwise posts new eBooks at 10 am ET USA. On the New This Week page, it says you can receive a 5% Rapid Rebate if you purchase any of the new eBooks by 12:30 pm ET USA that day.
  • You purchase new eBooks during this Rapid Rebate time period!
  • After the purchase is completed, 5% of the purchase price of the "new eBooks" will be added to your Micropay Account.

NOTE 1: Micropay dollars added via the Rapid Rebate Program cannot be redeemed or refunded in cash -- they can only be used for eBook purchases.

NOTE 2: The Rebate Time Period is based on our "server clock" -- which could differ from your clock! Don't cut it close, try to COMPLETE your purchase well before the time period ends.

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