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What is an RSS News Feed?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a web protocol based on XML that allows web sites to send news of interest to subscribers. When you subscribe to an RSS feed, news or other data is delivered right to your desktop. Hundreds of web sites now offer RSS feeds. The technology is spreading like wildfire and if you have not heard about it before, you will soon!

What kind of information does Fictionwise offer as an RSS feed?
Fictionwise offers feeds of our Top 10 best sellers list, as well as best seller lists for each category (Horror, Science Fiction, Romance, etc.) and even individual author pages. Each category or author page has a link near the top of the page that can be used to retrieve the RSS url (see sample to the right). We also offer RSS feeds from our Big Bargains, News, and other pages on our site. By subscribing to our feeds, you can have information sent directly to your desktop whenever it changes on our site.

What do I need to read an RSS feed?
An RSS feed can be read using free software, or by setting up a My Yahoo account. A good list of free readers can be found at the Yahoo Directory of News Aggregators. Please note that Fictionwise cannot offer support on the use of third party software for reading RSS feeds.

You can also add RSS feeds directly to your "My Yahoo" page and see a summary of news at a glance. Fictionwise offers direct links to add top 10 lists and other feeds available from our site to "My Yahoo".

How do I add an RSS feed to "My Yahoo"?
Simply click on the "Add RSS to My Yahoo" icon (see right) anywhere it appears at Fictionwise.com. If you have a My Yahoo account set up, the rest is automatic.

How do I add an RSS feed to an RSS newsreader program?
Typically, you would click on the "RSS Feed" icon (see right) that you see on our pages. This will open up an XML page on your browser. You then highlight the URL of that XML page in your browser URL area, right-click and select COPY. Then, open your RSS newsreader program and paste the URL into the appropriate place. This will vary from one software package to another, so consult the software's documentation for more details.

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