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Nick Of Time [MultiFormat]
eBook by T. A. Chase

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Dark Fantasy
eBook Description: Gryphon's in trouble. Captured and tortured by humans, the ancient vampire is dying. The humans gave him enough blood to continue his torture, but not enough to heal or free himself. He's on the brink of death when a meal is tossed into his cell.

Nick knows all about the monsters lurking in the dark corners of the world. Unfortunately for him, it's the human ones who try to kill him. Broken and bloody, he's thrown into a cell with a vampire. Knowing he's dying, Nick offers his blood to the vampire, willing to sacrifice himself to save the tormented man.

Gryphon accepts Nick's offer and the first drink of blood will bind them together through a life-changing adventure. The worlds of human and supernatural collide, catching Nick and Gryphon in the middle...

Genres: Gay / Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Werewolf / Shapeshifter / Suspense / Thriller / Series

eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, Published: 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2010

195 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"...This book starts out strong and has some of the most awesome scenes I've ever read...Strong characters, riveting action, believable paranormals...Perfect...The plot is intricate and intense. Hot sex, chase scenes, a strong sense of humor, and a developing mythology keep your attention fixed...A great read. I loved it. It has humor, it has explicit sex, it has a great plot..."--Carole, Rainbow Reviews

"5 Nymphs!...The storyline is a well-written, fast-paced erotic romantic thriller. Each chapter inserts a layer of intrigue and suspense, maintaining the reader's interest from beginning to end. Nick and Gryphon are a compliment to each other, both having the same moral principles. The secondary characters, at times, have teasing attitudes that works as a tension reliever...The detailed love scenes are incredibly sensuous. T. A. Chase's creative Nick Of Time is an exciting and superbly pleasurable installment of this amazing series. I can scarcely wait for the next addition."--Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

"...Picks up...with a looming threat to the supernatural community...Strong, scarred, protective Gryphon is a typical vampire in many ways...However, he is willing to look at things with an open mind, a good trait considering how many werewolves and others he ends up working closely with. Nick is smart and adaptable, a trait he needs as a new life is thrust upon him near the beginning of the book. The attraction between Gryphon and Nick is sudden and hot...Nick and Gryphon must undertake a dangerous journey in an attempt to prevent the destruction of all preters...It's fun and interesting. Readers who can immerse themselves in Chase's paranormal world will enjoy Nick Of Time...It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger.."--Cassie, Joyfully Reviewed

"5 Angels!...A fantastic paranormal story about second chances, moving past prejudice beliefs and discovering inner strengths...Nick is your geek turned hero. Regardless of his book smarts, he still has enough street smarts to help him survive. Vampire Gryphon has kept his distance from humans, but his attraction for Nick is too strong to deny. They have a steamy relationship where passion erupts with a glimpse. It was fun watching the men learn each other, and come to terms with their feelings...T. A. Chase merges action, suspense, and tantalizing erotic moments with supernatural characters to make a winning combination."--NeNe, Fallen Angel Reviews

The door slammed and they were alone. Gryphon tugged at the chains holding him to the wall. A dragging sound came to his ears right before a hand wrapped around his ankle. He barely managed to stop from kicking out.

"How far can you lean down?" the dying man asked.

Gryphon cleared his throat. It had been weeks since he'd done anything except scream. "My chains are long enough for me to kneel."

"Then do it. You're starving and I'm giving my blood freely." The man pulled on Gryphon's leg.

"But the hunger in me is fierce. I might kill you," he warned even as he knelt.

"I'm dying. They broke something inside me during the beating. I can't feel my legs. I know they haven't given you anything but animal blood. Maybe my blood will give you the strength to escape."

A cool hand brushed his stomach and then his shoulder. "Can you help me lean against the wall?"

"Yes." He used his hands to settle his willing sacrifice next to him. "My name is Gryphon."

"I'm Nick. You'll have to bite my wrist. The chains don't allow you to reach my neck."

Nick seemed rather calm for a man on his way to being a vampire meal. Maybe it was shock.

"How do you know what I need?"

"I spent years studying the paranormal, which is why Abramson seduced me." Nick laughed. "Such a fucking, naive idiot, thinking he wanted me because he liked me."

"I'm sorry." Gryphon wasn't sure why he apologized.

"Not your fault. A geek like me should've known better." A slight breeze told Gryphon that Nick had waved a hand. "Doesn't matter now, but if I can help you escape, it'll be the best revenge."

"You'll need to help me, Nick. I can't see very well. They damaged my eyes with one of their torture devices and without human blood, I couldn't heal." Gryphon reached out and touched the hand Nick held out to him.

"Will my blood heal you?" Nick's hand was small and fragile.

"Enough for us to get out of here and to safety."

He'd made the decision to take only enough blood to regain his strength. Once that happened, he could teleport them to safety and someone who might be able to help Nick.

"Don't worry about me. I never thought I fit in this world, you know?" Nick's voice faded.

The pulse under Gryphon's fingers weakened. He raised the thin wrist to his mouth. Before he bit, he said a silent prayer for control to any of his gods who might be listening. He didn't want to be caught up in the thirst and drain Nick. He wanted to try to save this man who offered his own life's blood to a monster.

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