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Duel of Souls [Unworldly Sexual Encounters] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour) [MultiFormat]
eBook by Cherie Amour

eBook Category: Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: [Menage Amour: Fantasy Menage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M] Collecting souls is an arduous job, but Belinda, a demon, has been doing a damn good job so far thanks to the help of Sebastian, a powerful demon who can morph and multiply himself. He is her friend and lover who can satisfy all her sexual demands, especially for threesomes. But all that is about to change thanks to Avgar, a ruthless demon, who is her new apprentice on a mission to steal Christopher Columbus' soul. He knows she is hiding something and will do anything to find out what it is. If her secret were ever revealed, she and Sebastian would be banished to the deepest depths of Hell. If that weren't enough, Amato, a guardian angel, is sent to protect Christopher Columbus. He knows her secret and is infatuated with the beautiful enchantress. Whenever they make physical contact, Belinda feels an electrical shock of rampant arousal. Can she tame her sexual urges for the angel or will her mission be jeopardized and her big secret be revealed? [Erotic Fantasy Menage a Quatre Romance. Warning: Contains graphic sexual content and adult language.]

eBook Publisher: Siren-BookStrand, Inc./Menage Amour, Published: 2009, 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2010

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"5 CUPS: Duel of Souls is the beginning of a new series by Ms. Amour, and what a way to start it off! The first page will grip you with its steamy sex scenes and secret identities. However, it is the great storyline and unique look into Hell that will keep you captivated. With a backstabbing tattle-telling demon, a female demon that kicks some royal booty, a guardian angel with a voyeuristic attitude, and a demon that is kept a secret even from Satan himself, this tale will keep you guessing, and with an ending that has such a huge cliffhanger, you will be begging for more!" -- Danielle, Coffee Time Romance & More

* * * *

Chapter 1

Avgar inhaled deep, trying to tame his urges. He stood ready to knock outside Belinda the notorious soul collector's chamber. But he couldn't quite bring himself to do so. The sighing and moaning coming from the other side of the door had captivated his sense of hearing and his imagination.

Oh. The wicked images of her naked body slapping and caressing that of her delicious female demon servant danced in his head. His cock stood erect and waiting. Drool ran down his dry-skinned chin as desire turned his brain to mush.

He had yearned to be with the beautiful vixen Belinda for far too long. All the male demons in Hell did. Yet she rejected each and every one of their advances. She had interests only in her job.

Maybe this was the reason, Avgar surmised, why she became Satan's favorite soul collector. That and because she had been so successful in collecting the souls of the most important and prominent male figures in history. Her reputation was legend.

Whatever the reason, it didn't matter. She would never couple with him and he had to deliver an important message to her.

Trying to shrug off his arousal, he knocked. Sweet giggling from the other side tickled his ear. "Who is it?" came a laughing female voice.

"It is Avgar. I have a message."

After several minutes, he heard, "Come in."

Opening the massive door, the heat and delectable female scent of arousal hit him, as did the sexy, lustful vision of a partially nude Belinda covered only in a white sheet on a sofa with her hair undone and spread out above her on the pillow. His eyes would have popped out of his head if it were not for the double lining membrane of his eyelids, serving to protect his eyes from the heated depths of Hell.

Her servant stood with a bath towel around her torso and rubbed a lotion on her shoulders. Turning her gaze to Avgar and seeing his hard-on through his pants, which he knew he still hadn't gotten under control, she smiled and licked her lips.

He let his mouth fall open. By Satan, he wanted to have her lips lick him now. He also wished Belinda would change her mind and ask him to join them in their frolicking. It had been a week since he indulged in a threesome. But after a few moments, he realized that would never happen with these two, not now, not ever.

He cleared his throat and addressed Belinda. "I have a message from Satan. He would like to see us in his chamber in an hour."

He knew he must leave them now that Satan's message was delivered, but he couldn't bring himself to do so quite yet. His feet remained planted in place while he kept ogling them.

Belinda's servant walked to the door and shooed him away with her hand. "Go on now, Avgar." She pushed him out quick, closing the door in his face.

When the door slammed on his nose and pain shot though his face, his feet and body finally began to work and he walked away in a fury. He heard the ladies laughing and cursed them both. Thank Satan he had an hour before their meeting. He needed to take a cold shower to tame his rampant urges and calm his anger.

Taking one final glance over his shoulder at their closed door, he groaned. In due time, they both would pay for demeaning him in such a way. He just had to wait for the perfect setting. In all his years of existence, he had learned that revenge was sweetest when aged.

* * * *

Smirking, Sebastian dropped the bath towel and turned to Belinda, morphing back into his male form. "Did you see the look on his ugly face?"

Belinda stretched out from under the sheet, pulling it lower, thus exposing her pert left nipple. "Yes, that was close. If he had entered without knocking, he'd have uncovered your secret."

He shook his body and head in revulsion. "That demon is vile. The way he looked at us with such lust made my stomach turn over."

"His lust isn't what worries me. His ambition does. He's been here for only a short time and already has built a ruthless reputation. I've seen him at work and he will do anything to get what he wants. Trust me, if he ever found out that you are really Sebastian Cole and were banished from this level of Hell centuries ago, he would use it against us both."

She rolled sideways and rested her head on her hand. "All that I have done will mean nothing, then. Satan will not spare us. His wrath will be great."

Sebastian stared at her exposed nipple. "Don't worry about him, Belinda. Avgar is too dumb to be any danger to us. He thinks with his cock first and foremost."

His brow lifted and a sly smirk spread over his face. "And speaking of 'cocks,' mine is screaming it wants in your delectable chasm." He fell onto the sofa, making it shake vigorously. Belinda's plump breasts jiggled with the movement and his desire mounted.

With gentleness, he pulled her long, luscious legs apart and then slid his fingers lightly over her soft, olive skin. Goosebumps formed under his touch and Belinda stared at him with want. It was obvious her passion ran as deep as his did at this moment. But he didn't want to copulate, at least not just yet. Foreplay was an appetizer that if served before dinner would open one's palate to savor the main course, sex, fully. And with Belinda, the 'appetizer' was as much fun as the 'main course.'

Bending to place his lips on her hot skin, he kissed and licked his way from her ankle up to her upper thigh. Belinda moaned and brought her hands up to her breasts to fondle herself. He smiled up at her and proceeded to do to her other leg what he just did to her right one.

She widened her legs when he got to the top wanting him to continue higher. She smelled of her arousal and their previous mating. What an exquisite scent it was.

He pushed open her legs even wider, and starting at her anus, he worked his probing tongue up to her swollen, wet, hot lips, making circles around them as he went. She sat up to grab his hair and pulled him closer to her.

He pushed his tongue further in, parting her lips and making her juices, mixed with his saliva, fall onto the sheet. "Oh, Sebastian, we don't have time for such foreplay. Please, take me now. I can't take any more of this."

He lifted his body up to kiss her lips, thus making her taste herself. Smiling and staring deep into her eyes, he declared, "Your wish is my command, Mistress."

He brought his engorged penis to her opening and rubbed it back and forth to tease her some more. A stern look came over her, telling him she was getting annoyed. Then she opened her legs wider and grabbed his buttocks and squeezed hard, pushing him closer to her.

That worked all right. His excitement rose and he plunged into her then deep and fast. Her tight passage hugged him to perfection and he pushed in and out of her hungrily. She matched his rhythm movement for movement while she kissed his neck, nipping his ear from time to time.

He quickened his pace to please his and her mounting hunger, pumping faster and deeper in her with each thrust until the walls around his cock tightened and convulsed with her climax.

The rush of pressure rose in him, as well, and spurted out a few seconds later inside her.

He slipped off her panting and drained. "That was amazing. You're amazing."

She laughed as she got up. "Thank you."

Perplexed, he looked at her. "Where are you going?"

Heading for the lavatory, she turned. "To meet with Satan. He wants to see me, remember?"

He laid his head back on the soft, feather-filled pillow. "Oh, I forgot. You have that effect on me, you know."

She giggled, disappearing behind the closed door.

Sebastian closed his eyes, sated and content. He began to imagine what wild, lustful things they would do next once her meeting was over and he could have her all to himself again. He smiled due to his lewd fancy.

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