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Marrick's Promise [MultiFormat]
eBook by Kim Dare

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: A Thrown to the Lions Tale Marrick thinks that being thrown to the lions will be the ultimate adrenaline rush, and he's not disappointed. But his plan is to try everything life has to offer once. He has no intention of visiting the lions again. Blaine and Luther don't expect to give any of the human sacrifices they share another thought once they leave the den. This man's different. They have no intention of letting this one go. The only question is, while they are willing to share Marrick with each other, are they willing to share each other with a human who could become as important to each of them as they are to each other?

eBook Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC, Published: 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2010

87 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

* * * *

As far as Marrick Powell was concerned, there was only one thing better than one naked man pressed intimately against his skin, and that was two naked bodies, completely surrounding him with a solid wall of heat and strength.

Lions...the very thought of the shifters had kept him hard ever since the guys at the pub had first put him, bound and blindfolded, in the back of the limo. The reality of it was so much better than any of the possibilities his imagination had managed to cook up--especially since there seemed to be a fantastic buy one get one free offer on werelions that night.

Rough gravel bit into Marrick's feet as he wriggled between the two shifters, but that wasn't important. His squirming informed him that the guy behind him was just as hard as he was. Sore feet couldn't compete with that sort of knowledge. Arching his back, he explored the other man as best he could while his hands were still bound behind his back.

The man...the lion...the...whatever the hell he should be called, was all gloriously hard muscle. Marrick pushed his arse back in encouragement as the tip of the other guys cock nudged against the cleft between his buttocks.

Someone purred in his ear. Rough palms slid down his arms. Another set of equally demanding hands slid up his chest, exploring him as if it was their right--as if he'd given them that right when he agreed to be their human sacrifice for the night. Marrick grinned blindly into the night air as an extra shot of adrenaline raced through his veins as the truth of his situation sunk in. He redoubled his efforts to explore the other men in return.

Great builds, equally impressive cocks--there were some things he was soon certain of. But the men could still have been twins for all Marrick was able to tell them apart through his blindfold. They moved around him, caressing and assessing him, changing places with each other until he had no idea which man had originally been where.

A tiny part of him cared which man was which. Most of him really didn't give a damn. It wasn't as if he was ever going to see their faces, as if he'd ever meet them again. The pure anonymity of it all made his heart race faster, his body arch into their touch even more eagerly.

Bungee jumping had been a rush. White water rafting better than he'd ever imagined it could be. But, in that moment, Marrick knew that being thrown to the lions was easily going to be the best thing he'd ever tick off the extensive list of things he was determined to squeeze into his life. Even the whips wielded by the local doms couldn't compete with the endorphins just being close to the lions sent swirling through him.

One of Marrick's soon to be lovers purred his approval against his neck as Marrick managed to force his restrained hands into a position where he could wrap his fist around the shifter's cock.

He was just like a very well hung human--except for the fact his whole body was hotter than any man Marrick had ever known. The cool air that blew across the driveway didn't seem to worry either shifter. Caught between them, Marrick found himself content to let the party start wherever the hell they wanted it too.

Gravel marks on his knees probably wouldn't be that much more painful than carpet burns, and if the sharp little stones broke the skin, Marrick gave a mental shrug--he knew he'd enjoy looking at the scars when the blindfold came off.

"Inside--all of you!"

The voice didn't come from either of his new friends. Disorientated from the lions' inspection of him, Marrick could only assume it originated from inside the house. He moaned his disapproval as the other men slipped away from him, leaving him with nothing more than their hands gripping his arms as they led him forward.

He stumbled along between them, into the mild warmth of one room, then into the heat of another. The softness of a rug under his feet tempered his silent curses a little. He'd had gravel rash a time or two when his faith in his mountain biking ability wasn't matched by his actual talent--it hadn't been a particularly erotic sort of pain. A rug would probably be more fun. Besides, they had the whole evening. No point staying out there the whole time and catching a chill...

The hands on Marrick's arms remained long after they came to a halt. It didn't take him long to realize that all three of them were facing someone else now. Marrick tried to get a sense of the room and who might be studying him and his new friends.

He had the distinct impression he was being inspected, but it was nothing like feeling a voyeur's gaze traverse his skin--he'd felt that often enough in the clubs. The gaze felt more like the way he imagined a betting man might judge the worth of a boxer about to step into the ring. It was impersonal, practical, and had a strange way of making a man hope it would declare him up to scratch for the bout.

"I take it there's no need to ask if you two are interested in him." The voice was deep and rich, and whoever it belonged to wasn't making any attempt to hide his amusement. Marrick grinned, guessing the other two men were still just as hard as he was.

"Yes," someone said to his left. The man on his right said nothing. Marrick could only hope that was because he'd offered up a silent nod instead.

"He'll probably enjoy himself far more if you leave his arms in working order." A hint of seriousness crept into the voice facing them.

The hands on his arms instantly eased their grips. Behind the blindfold, Marrick frowned. They'd felt pretty bloody good as they were. The grips didn't tighten again, but the men's hold did alter as he felt someone step in front of him. Barely a fraction of a moment later, the other man's hand slid against his skin and Marrick felt the second shifter move behind him.

"Manners, Luther," the deep, serious voice bit out.

The lion in front of Marrick pulled back a little as he seemed to hesitate. "If you say 'sword', we have to let you go." The words were little more than a rough purr.

The still un-named lion behind Marrick lined his body up against him, pressing a hard shifter-cock against his arse. "If you don't say it, we can do whatever we want with you." His voice was harsher, and dominant enough to send an expectant thrill down Marrick's spine.

He waited impatiently for one of the men to move. The entire room seemed to hold its breath, waiting with him. A full minute passed.

"They won't do anything until you give them your answer." That was the deeper voice again.

Marrick blinked in the darkness behind the blindfold as he realized they weren't waiting with him, but for him. "I understand. Safe word's sword. Got it."

The words before hadn't been a purr. The noise the shifter in front of him made as he brought their lips together was a purr. The vibrations shot down Marrick's spine and rushed straight to his cock, making him moan as he parted his lips and invited the other man to deepen the kiss.

Once more surrounded by naked skin as the shifter behind him pulled him closer, Marrick rocked his hips rubbing his arse against one lion, his cock against the other, and any bit of skin he could, against any available portion of the other men's bodies.

Tugging at the bindings around his wrists, he tried to work out if he could squirm his way out of the cuffs. The blindfold was fair enough. Anonymity--a few hours stolen away from the real world where a man could do whatever the hell he liked and never have to face the other guy, or guys, in the morning. He was all on board for that. The blindfold was hot. The cuffs were just bloody well annoying.

Either the lions didn't notice that he was trying to get rid of them, or they didn't care. The lion in front of him, the one called Luther, broke the kiss. A moment later Marrick's face was turned, his mouth captured by another eager pair of lips.

A rough tongue thrust into his mouth demanding to taste him. Marrick's tongue stroked against the shifter's, eagerly sparring with him as he tried to explore the other man's mouth in return.

The lion slid his hands into Marrick's hair as they fought each other for control of the kiss, but the shifter's grip on him provided scant advantage, especially when he kind of liked the way the guy tugged at the short black strands.

Marrick was almost as good at controlling a kiss as the other guy--almost. Pleasure rushed through him as the other guy wrangled control from him and refused to give any scrap of it back.

As one kiss was broken and the other lion took his turn possessing Marrick's mouth, one of the shifters wrapped his fingers around Marrick's cock. His grip was strong, his strokes rapid, but at the same time, he could tell the other man was holding back on him, gentling his touch when he could easily have been rougher.

Sod that. There was no way he was going to stand for being treated like some fragile little princess. That wasn't what he'd signed up for. He could hold his own in the best leather clubs in the city, and he'd be damned if he wouldn't do the same in the lions' den too. Shrugging his shoulders, shaking off the lion behind him, he leaned up and blindly fought for control of the kiss from the shifter before him.

Luther seemed a little startled, it took him a second to catch up and try to snatch control back from him. His grip tightened around his cock. The lion behind him caught hold of him, as if he sensed the change in his attitude too. Sharp points, like the tips of claws, caught at his skin biting into his sides.

Marrick moaned his approval against the other lion's lips as he pictured the marks they might leave on him if they really were claws. The second's distraction was all Luther needed to regain dominance of the kiss. A second later, Marrick felt them all being lowered onto the rug. His knees hit the floor with a bump.

Hands stroked down his back, pushing him forward, toward Luther. Two lions had to mean there were only four hands exploring his body.

It felt like more. There was no way a simple little threesome--even a threesome with an audience--should be able to make him so hard, so desperate to come. As Marrick's head was pulled around for another kiss from the man behind him, he felt two mouths caress his lips at the same time.

The lions' lips met and for a second, he was forgotten about. Marrick gasped for breath, wishing the leather blindfold away, just for a few moments, just for long enough to see the kiss. Muscular bodies pinned him between them, as hands slid past Marrick and found their way onto the lions' skin instead.

Perhaps he wouldn't mind sneaking a peak at some bits of the lions other than their mouths if he ever got the chance...

His fumbling hands managed to wrap around the cock behind him. One of the lions purred into the kiss but it was impossible to tell which one. They pulled each other closer, trapping him, making it almost impossible for him to draw breath.

Lowering his head, Marrick found a lion's shoulder with his lips. He pressed a kiss against the lion's skin and butted his head against the other man's shoulder, trying to push him far enough away that he could kiss his way down to the shifter's cock.

It took the lion a lifetime to realize what he was trying to do. He pulled away. Marrick didn't waste any time. He'd had enough of cocks rubbing against him. He needed to taste one. Blindly sensing the lion's retreat, he leaned forward and down, mouth already open as he licked his lips in anticipation.

The lion behind him caught his hips just in time to stop him falling face first into the rug. Another pair of hands settled on his shoulders, steadying him perfectly.

Leaning further, Marrick finally found the tip of the other man's shaft. He wrapped his lips around it, murmuring his satisfaction as he felt pre-cum leak onto his tongue.

One of the hands on his arse disappeared for a moment. Off balance already, Marrick felt the entire weight of his torso fall into the hands of the man in front of him. The guy seemed strong enough--and he was about to get a very good blow job. All things considered, Marrick decided not to feel too guilty for letting the other guy bear his weight for a little while.

Slicked fingers slid down between his arse cheeks. He immediately pushed back against them, encouraging the shifter behind him as he let Luther feel the full vibrations of his pleasure.

The first touch against his hole was gentle, cautious, as if the lion half expected him to freak out from nothing more than a few fingers. Marrick groaned his frustration, desperate to tell him to hurry the hell up, but not wanting to let the cock in his mouth slip away for long enough to get the words out. Finally, his mumbled demands seemed to get through to the lion. A rapidly increasing number of digits thrust into him, hard and fast, preparing him as quickly as possible.

The fingertips rubbed against his prostate, making him squirm and suck the other man's cock more deeply into his mouth. Just as they found the perfect spot, they disappeared altogether. The tip of a cock pressed against him in their place. A lifetime had passed since he was ready to feel the shifter's cock plow into him, but it was still just a fraction too soon for a red flag not to go up inside his head.

He pulled back from the cock between his lips. "Condom."

"What?" The shifter behind him asked.

"Condom," Marrick repeated, unable to stop himself running his tongue up the other man's shaft the moment the second syllable had left his lips.

"We don't need--"

"You do if you want to screw me." It was hard to sound determined and unswayable, while also trying to gasp for breath and simultaneously lick cock, but Marrick did his best.

The lion behind him let out a frustrated little snarl, obviously not impressed. But Marrick felt the shifter pull away, and heard him scrambling around for something. A moment later, the sound of a condom wrapper tearing made it to his ears. He shuffled his knees a little further apart on the rug in praise of the other man seeing sense.

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